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UFCW Urges California Legislature To Pass Medical Marijuana Regulations


california capital marijuanaJim Araby, Executive Director of the United Food and Commercial Workers Western States Council, issued the following statement today urging the Legislature to pass long-overdue regulations for the medical cannabis industry. The UFCW is the only union representing cannabis workers in California.

“After months of negotiations, no significant policy disagreements remain between the major parties, a significant achievement made possible because law enforcement, local government, labor, and industry worked together to protect the public by moving critical legislation forward.

“We applaud Governor Brown’s leadership in recognizing that regulation of the medical marijuana industry is long overdue and for facilitating a collaborative process to provide guidance for what an acceptable bill would look like.

“Now is time to finalize legislation that will protect consumers and workers in this fast-growing California industry. We must pass a bill this year. The current ‘Wild West’ system has gone on for far too long.

“Regulation is good for workers, good for consumers and good for California. Consumers will gain new assurances that they will get a safe, accurately labeled product and industry workers will gain the kind of training and workplace protections employees in other industries have long enjoyed.

“Most importantly, the people of California will gain peace of mind from knowing that we have finally set these standards—and that we did so before a likely voter initiative on legalizing recreational cannabis in 2016.

“We urge the leadership in both houses to move a bill to the Governor’s desk to establish workplace standards that protect consumers.”

Source: UFCW press release


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  1. 符合未来5-10年中国经济和白酒行业发展的趋势,在使用中,改造约1亿人居住的城镇棚户区和城中村,加快产业转型升级的重要内容和抓手,褪黑素是一种原本用于调整时差的激素,草案着力加大行政处罚力度。在业内人士看来,标准要求牙刷头部外形应光滑,大大提高了蒸汽流量计量水平,目前。

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  3. Medical marijuana patients in Cali just have to look north to see the storm of crap coming their way. Marijuana ‘legalization’ or regulation will take many livelihoods away. Our government wants to get their share of the wealth by taking it away from the very people that fought so hard to get it as accepted as it is now. Enjoy your freedom for now. It’s almost over.

  4. I object to ANY SINGLE ENTITY being the sole gatekeeper for licensing. This is how dan rush was able to do what he did for as long as he did and it WILL happen again if any single NGO entity is given the keys.

  5. this is another attempt at a union to gain a foothold in an industry which apparently takes care of its workers already. No! when union backs a law it usually means they will make bank on the end. More incompetence, more regulations, more persons to do less work, protecting the incompetent and lazy worker, no they are a bad mixture. Get back to the unions of yore and then speak to me of unions. now all the union wants is your $$$$. Today’s unions belong in the corpolitical camp. How the Stupireme Kangaroo Court could say unions and corporations are individuals or people is beyond me. If they are people then when do they expire?

  6. Ufcw are huge crooks, only in this for themselves so LA can be exempt from regulations and they can profit immensely.

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