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Ukiah Pomos To Start California’s First Tribal Marijuana Operation


indoor marijuana gardenLate last year the Obama Administration issued a memo stating that the federal government would not intervene if a Native American tribe wanted to grow and sell marijuana on tribal lands. Some tribes quickly expressed that they would not be doing so, while others came out and stated that they would explore the idea. It appears that one tribe in California is going to officially start an operation. Per the Press Democrat:

A Ukiah Indian rancheria will soon be the site of what is likely California’s first tribe-sanctioned, large-scale indoor medical marijuana cultivation and distribution operation.

The 250-member Pinoleville Pomo Nation revealed Thursday it has entered into a contract with Colorado-based United Cannabis and Kansas-based FoxBarry Farms to grow thousands of marijuana plants on its 99-acre rancheria just north of Ukiah.

It’s the first of three such operations planned in California by United Cannabis and FoxBarry, a sign that marijuana cultivation is making headway in its voyage from being an illegal backwoods venture to a mainstream business. The locations of the other two have yet to be revealed.

Construction on a 2.5-acre indoor marijuana-growing facility will begin within a month and operations are expected to be underway in February, according to a spokesman for the tribe.

I’m curious to see how this works out for the tribe. The operation involves growing marijuana and selling it to dispensaries in California. Hopefully it results in a lot of revenue and jobs for the tribe, and that leads to more tribes following suit. There are few industries that can come in and help every tribe in America straight out the gate. Marijuana is of course one of those industries.


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  1. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    kickapoo indian medicine company invites the Ukiah nation to share in our families recipes and methods free as we practice the open hand many of your tribal family know of me and my work the NICWA and the RRPIC. Kickapoo Indian medicine man one of the last Kickapoo indian medicine men alive recipes and methods of organic medicine form the 1800’s

  2. Lots of tribes .Councilwoman
    Fillthepipe opposes cannabis cultivation thats like saying cheech and xhong opposes recreational cannabis

  3. Right. And it’s the greed of those who promote “medical” marijuana at the expense of everyone else’s freedom that is one of the biggest greed problems of all.

  4. That’s probably b/c the dispensaries are an ALL CASH business! That just BEGS for crime! Makes the industry ripe for FRAUD by the business owners. But can you blame them? They’re UNABLE to hold a bank account.

    Hopefully, that little 60 Minutes piece Sunday on “CO, 1 year after legalization” will bring these issues to light. They’ve gotta have somewhere to put their money instead of a 10 Ton Safe!

  5. That’s why I said”in states where it’s legal. As soon as one tribe takes the opportunity the other tribes will follow,just like the Casinos. I say more power to them!

  6. The Seattle City attorney has Ok’d vaporizer/edible rooms and cafes in Seattle area. Pretty much the same idea you’re discussing without the tribal vibe (which would be cool). They.should be open in early spring this year.

  7. There has been a rash of robberies in North Seattle breaking into medical dispensaries. Maybe they got high and watched an episode about doing it on the Ray Donovan Showtime series.

  8. Intra-state commerce laws come into play nationally, but selling within state borders, who knows?

  9. Patent the idea! ;-) Shark Tanks a good option but chances of getting to TALK to the “Sharks” are SLIM. They get thousands of applications. But there are some very stable, investment capital companies investing in the marijuana industry that you’d be more likely to get the idea in front of.

  10. That MIGHT be done for Security reasons as well. There’s a lot of RIPPERS out there. Why put yourself in a position where someone COULD lose their life over a little weed. I can see them taking that into account definitely. I mean they’ve got 99 acres they’re gonna use. Outdoors, an “UNETHICAL” Dispensary owner or just a “STREET Dealer” (I KNOW, I KNOW, That’s HIGHLY unlikely in the marijuana industry. ETHICS run rampant in this industry) came out and STEAL say 2lbs. Now the tribe will NEVER miss it but you’ve now put 2 lbs. of high grade marijuana into a Dispensary or in the black market where it didn’t cost EITHER a penny! I can definitely see that as A factor.

  11. Whohoo! We’ll be rich, stoned and famous! Well, at least stoned. I’ll take a look at Shark Tank.

  12. Your idea is excellent and potentially worth millions…have you considered contacting Shark Tank for an opportunity to present this idea to them and maybe come away with a bundle of cash to get it off the ground?
    Not only would it be ground breaking for the tribal communities, but also for the Sharks since this issue is slowly moving into the mainstream.
    I’ll be looking for you on TV later this year…

  13. Whoops. Who let the greedy grower in? Only those kind of “marijuana people” work so deceptively at trying to convince marijuana consumers to vote against their own freedom. They are selfishly only focused on maintaining their quasi-monopolies and outrageously high prices.

    It’s vitally important to end ALL aspects of the fraudulent marijuana prohibition. It is the first step toward peeling away the monstrously destructive stigma that will continue to dog marijuana consumers long after we re-legalize.

  14. What if the Tribes produced AND processed
    the MJ and sold directly to the public in states where it’s legal?They could corner the market in no time,no added taxes!

  15. Yet another reason California residents will most likely not legalize in 2016. There is no need. Legalization is great for parties but not so good for medical patients. Replacing incarceration and no resulting criminal record with a $100 state fine accomplishes basically the same thing as legalization. All without all of the ensuing headaches, over-regulation or destroying California’s independent medical dispensary system. I hope Washington’s Coastal tribes soon follow suit. Sounds like smart policy to me. I do wonder how the generational growers in Humboldt feel about a KANSAS company acquiring that contract? That seems odd.

  16. I’m just a little disappointed about the indoor grows. It’s not like I boycott indoor grown weed, I just was hoping the tribes would keep it natural.

  17. Cancer patients need access to Marijuana to help them tolerate Chemotherapy, for palliative care, and to use high dose Medical Marijuana oil therapy in combination with Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy to increase their effectiveness and in situations where conventional therapies have failed.

    The best solution is to legalize Marijuana in all 50 states immediately, especially for medical use.

    In the meantime, Indian tribes can make a real difference for Cancer patients by making Marijuana therapy available to them until Marijuana is removed from Schedule 1.

    For Cancer patients in states without other ways for Cancer patients to get Medical Marijuana it can make the difference between life and death.

  18. I wish they would try a “cannabis resort” on a reservation, where you could smoke in lounges while listening to live music, in the hot tubs,etc. etc.

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