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United States Government Could Change Medical Marijuana Program Location


Federal immigration bill hatch marijuana growingThe federal government has been growing marijuana for a long time for medical purposes at a university in Mississippi. It’s always been something that activists have pointed to as an example of federal marijuana policy hypocrisy. The federal government’s official position for when marijuana policy applies to the rest of society is that marijuana has no medical value. But of course when it applies to the federal government, marijuana has a lot of medical value, which is why there is, and has been for decades, a medical marijuana program at the University of Mississippi.

The contract between the federal government and the University of Mississippi has been renewed a lot of times, but with an expiration of the contract coming up soon, people are pointing out that times are changing. Will we see the federal government shake things up? Per Marijuana Business Daily:

The United States government has for decades run a marijuana farm at the University of Mississippi, but now it seems that the contract to run the farm is up for grabs.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) “could choose to move the farm elsewhere” after the contract with the university expires on Sunday, according to the International Business Times.

Until now, the university’s contract has been renewed like clockwork every half decade, and the Times grants that it could very easily happen again. But on the other hand, there are now cultivators in numerous states who are in a position to give the university a run for its money.

The federal medical marijuana program’s very existence is a slap in the face to every medical marijuana patient in America, because the program highlights just how illogical federal medical marijuana laws are. Where is the compassion for the suffering? We should have a system that helps patients get their hands on medicine so that they can get better – ALL patients. They should be able to grow it themselves, or designate someone to do it for them if they aren’t able. And if they don’t have any options to cultivate it, they should be able to purchase quality medicine at a quality price from a retailer. Period.


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  1. Hazel Osterhout on

    I honestly wish I would be able to be included in that I have fibromyalgia muscle weakness leg spasms bilateral leg pain final arthritis this is the only thing that actually works

  2. OK, so it would take an attorney who is already wealthy enough and doesn’t need cash until the massive payoff a class-action provides. And I guess the patron saint of attorney’s hasn’t come forward yet. That makes sense. Wish I could be that guy. (not wealthy, not an attorney, guess that stands in the way huh?)

  3. area 51 wouldnt be able to do it because its basically a huge government weapons testing area that is high in radiation do to testing uranium bomb and also does high area of damage testing. so growing weed on that land is a bad idea or a really good one if you are researching cancer causing in marijuana as a lie to keep it against the law

  4. the fact we need an extreme amount of money to pay for lawyers and bribes that cost higher then the anti marijuana and population control lawyers

  5. Yeah, I’ve been trying to get some Trinidad Scorpion chilis, which NMSU popularized. They’re supposed to be the most picante by far–way,way more than haberneros.

  6. I wish NMSU could get it. They have brought more strains of chile into this world than anywhere else, and helped make it world famous too. While Northern Calif was breeding weed, they’ve been breeding peppers. Imagine what they could do with this new kind of crop. Go Aggies. http://www.chilepepperinstitute.org/

  7. We’re all idiots for not immediately filing a class action lawsuit against the government and suing for the billions in damages to lives. Keeping medication away from patients, kidnap and ransom and wrongful imprisonment. Seems it’s very easy to follow the money trail. What is stopping us from taking action? Anyone?

  8. If Mississippi (the state) wants to keep the farm then it should legalize across the board pronto to provide a more compatible atmosphere. Otherwise, CO, WA, AK, OR and DC might have legitimate claims. Come to think of it, the idea of moving it to Georgetown sounds appealing; more academic clout.

  9. They probably want to move it to area 51 or some other secret location so no one will be able to see the egg on their faces. This and the Governments patent on marijuana for neuroprotective proposes (Medical) evidence presented to the supreme court should result in the marijuana schedule1 law being null and void. The US Supreme Court should clearly see that the government is being duplicitous.

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