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United States House Passes ‘No Welfare For Weed’ Bill


marijuana reform bill legislature session legislative billsApparently the United States House of Representatives thinks there is an epidemic of people using welfare money to buy recreational marijuana. I personally haven’t heard of anyone doing it in Washington and Colorado. Welfare money is always a hot-button issue in Washington D.C. and throughout America. Late yesterday the House of Representatives passed a bill that would make it harder for people to use welfare money to buy marijuana. Per ABC News:

The House passed a bill Tuesday that could make it a little harder for people to use government welfare payments to buy marijuana in states where the drug is legal.

Supporters call it the “no welfare for weed” bill.

The bill would prevent people from using government-issued welfare debit cards to make purchases at stores that sell marijuana. It would also prohibit people from using the cards to withdraw cash from ATMs in those stores.

A 2012 federal law already prevents people from using welfare debit cards at liquor stores, casinos and strip clubs.

The bill is limited in that it only prevents someone from withdrawing money or making a direct purchase at a marijuana store. To get around the law, all someone has to do is withdraw money from an ATM that is not located at a marijuana store. I have a much more solid way to ensure people aren’t using welfare money to buy recreational marijuana – legalize marijuana cultivation for all Americans. If people could grow a few marijuana plants themselves, the need to buy marijuana at stores (with welfare money or otherwise) would be reduced dramatically. But I don’t think Congress will go for that. This bill targets marijuana consumers and those on welfare, two areas of American society that politicians love to go after. I don’t see them giving up on that anytime soon.


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  1. I want a farm it takes money so I have to slave myself out to get money for farm then slave myself on the farm to make it pay we are all slaves of our ambition our government is becoming a strange enterprise to say the least in this complicated world we live in and yes if I had the billion dollars I would soon have a farm and two billion dollars

  2. Bongstar420 on

    Also, point out where those are legal actions committed in the open by the US in current conflict?

    They are all illegal and covered up to the best of my knowledge

  3. Alcohol is not the number one “murderer.” Not even close. I work in the ER and very few people are murdered by alcohol. Im sick of the whole marijuana excuse. It is a drug, along with pills, alcohol, inhalants, narcotics, hallucinogens, etc. they are ALL drugs. If weed does ” nothing ” to your body then why do you use it? Its useless then. Buncha hippies ! Yes, marijuana injures your lungs and is a drug. Period. No excuses. This was in reply to “countrys Candy” entry

  4. NaturalHerb: From reading the few comments that you’ve made on this website, I can see you are Christian and that you have a problem with gay people. So, I’m thinking, in reality, you better be real careful about what YOU have to say.

    Because if there is one thing that I won’t put up with, it’s g(r)ay-bashing. (Well, and racism, bigotry, and bullying.)

    So the floor is yours, short-timer… What is so urgent that, to get my attention, you chose to respond twice to one of my month-old posts?

  5. If I was a billionaire I would not be that way for long because I would use the money to hold up the human spirit. I would hire people at the bottom and pay then a good wage and I would be more concerned with helping rather than stuffing my pockets with more money. There will come a time in the future that being a millionaire would be as rare as a Republican that doesn’t lie.

  6. There have been several armed robberies of dispensaries and retail stores because everyone knows they deal in cash only. If I worked in one of these places, I know I’d be nervous about it. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt or worse.

    Also, if we use your financial estimates, let’s focus on the net, not the gross. When you deduct the rent, insurance, utilities, salaries, payroll taxes, etc. etc. I think you’ll find a huge bottom-line profit is pretty hard to accomplish, just like any retail business.

  7. Holy shit dude, story of my life! I’ve had to take it up the ass from the “C average students” all my life and I have an ivy league education and an I.Q. of 144. Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

  8. Most likely the debit transactions are forwarded into crypto currency accounts (BTC LTC etc) and tumbled back out into another 3rd party account if usd conversion is needed. just a guess.

  9. Your use of the “sandy vagina” term is rather curious… So, you pretend to be a woman while you have these complaining episodes? You have a female syndrome? Man, I hope you aren’t trying to get dates with that attitude.

  10. Not happy about the bailouts being spent on yachts and coke, but can’t begrudge even rich people the last one.

  11. Unfortunately, I’m familiar with Ayn Rand’s philosophies. But I think Mr. Rand (Acidsex) has left the building… which just goes to prove that Libertarians are no fun.

  12. Bongstar420: Hate is very toxic to the system… but rich people live longer because they can afford health care.

  13. Brenda: Don’t forget sales taxes, and taxes that the government likes to call “fees.” When I lived in Texas, my AT&T bill had plenty of state taxes on it — one was called a “franchise fee” for each pay-per-view movie. And Texas has no taxes? Yeah, sure.

  14. Nice avatar, love the logo :)

    And I think that church is only promoting pill popping for Governor Perry — I think he may need it.

  15. I pay 22 percent income taxes to the federal government as does my husband… all earned income has taxes. We pay taxes.

  16. Is that why there is so much resistance to ending the “cash economy?”

    I can’t see why cash only is an actual burden. They are getting rich anyways. I could care less if they have to spend an extra few percent of their profits on armored cars for their huge piles of cash.

    Do the math. An average dispensary is running 10-20lbs a month. They get an average mark up of 100% which is rather immoral because growers get that same mark up despite investing much more time, energy, and expertise. The gross is about $2000/lb…$20,000-$40,000/mo. I don’t have sympathy for these people (I might be one soon btw- I’m not worried about it).

  17. Or we could institute rules that restrict the amount of wealth individual people or busineses can amass. Ever heard the saying, “your sucking up all the air in the room.”

    Thats what rich people do. They suck up all available wealth and expect the rest of the population to live off of their scraps- Trickle Down Economics. It only takes a very small difference in skill to produce hugely different outcomes over time.

    There are ~1,600 billionaires and ~530,000,000 people with IQ’s equal to or greater than 130.

    45% of billionaires have IQ’s equal to or greater than 130.

  18. So you arn’t talking about Acidsex. That guy probably hates gubment corporate welfare because he made a a statement about not taking loans (assuming he also meant from family or gifts). He just has sandy vagina because he made compromises that he feels everyone should be forced to make (like living frugally and not taking help so he can be “self reliant”). Also, he has a superiority complex and feels the need to watch losers suffer despite the lack of “need” for it because he is greedy.

    Read Alisa Rosenbaum’s stuff. This guy is a reflection of that.

  19. I don’t see how you are paying taxes and receiving assistence. I was on food stamps and Medicade a decade ago, and I paid 0 taxes.

  20. Maybe you should be arguing with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. They had starting positions similar to you and were afforded certain benefits that they did not work for by their families….

    You are the reason I am driven to succeed. Please, keep pushing. It gives me power.

  21. Why should the Federal government borrow its own money from the Federal Reserve at the profit of the Federal Reserve?

    Why shouldn’t money be spent directly?

    No one is stopping you from living on welfare. Oh wait, you probably have skills the people on welfare don’t and your life would be less if you lived on welfare vs actually working. Did you ever think all that welfare money is actually increasing your profit margins? That money is 100% spent on living standards which increases economic activity.

    12% of the budget you complain about. You’d be much better attacking medicare. Thats 22% of the budget. If we eliminated everything but Social Security (which is not a government subsidy), your taxation would be 36% lower. Do you need that to survive?

    I calculated my gross income to be $102,000 after costs and splitting with my partner next year who is mostly legally enabling and not contributing much (I wouldn’t need a partner less laws and wealthy people forcing me to need it). After taxation, it will be about $70,000 (and I get a third of the tax back because it is SocSec). I don’t think my life is reduced in a substantial manner at $70k vs $100k. I have more than I need in both cases. I could raise two families on that income (assuming I don’t have to pay bitch fees). I don’t plan on working full time- that is for mooks.

    I am planning to generate $360,000 in economic activity over the next year and with 0 taxation, I will receive about $100,000. The taxes are 8% of my total productivity. Do retailers and gatekeepers really deserve over half of my productivity?

    I like taxes exactly because of people like you. The more you dislike it, the more I like it.LOL

    Oh, I was born near the poverty line and received almost no help from any family or friends. I would absolutely love to compete with you and your private schooling supplied to you by your wealthy family.

    If you don’t want to pay taxes, do not take the money. Let someone else do it

  22. Some people get their jollies from hate. I doubt they are experience reduced life spans. Heck, they are probably quite wealthy!

  23. You are making a big to-do about 12% of the federal budget. Is 50 million people starving worth a 12% reduction in taxation?

  24. I am very tired of the complaints about poor people having “Obamaphones” or buying cigarettes — all with someone else’s tax dollars, of course. And yet, these same people have no problem with the fact that most of their tax dollars are actually spent on wars.

    I don’t always know how to respond to those who want to micromanage how every welfare dollar is spent — how do you argue with someone that doesn’t want “their tax dollars” to pay for poor women’s contraception? I mean, please… it borders on ridiculous. It’s like these people can’t see one step ahead of them, where a bunch of babies are born with parents who can’t support them.

    So my comment was more directed at those who have no problem with corporate welfare, but want to deny poor people a cigarette. Like, look, things could be worse. (When I know that nicotine is a stimulant — housed in a bad delivery system with cigarettes — and is actually used by some poor people to self-medicate for various medical conditions.)


  25. So you don’t sell anything. You can’t actually sell something and keep 100% of the fruits. There is no price or trade that results in keeping 100% of your fruits.

    Charity is bad and all holidays should be erased- that is a scrooge and it is me

    I’ve qualified for food stamps for a decade now (mostly because of choices I consciously make- like refusing to work for someone with an IQ below 130). I haven’t had them since I was 19 (I’m 31). I advocate for food stamps not because I need them but because morons need them. I won’t advocate against social welfare until all people that exist are gaurenteed a way to make a living (which won’t happen ever). I don’t want to hire them and I don’t want to see droves of homeless dumbasses starving because they have 90 IQ’s.

    I’d prefer a simple program where people are offered all basic living standards in exchange for permanent infertility. For rich losers- we can ban inheritance. That would solve a lot of problems.

  26. You are welcome to go generate all that wealth of yours without the help of another human. What is a human raised in isolation capable of- about as much as a solitary Chimpanzee.

    BTW, I literally had a patient do exactly what you described- try to take my productivity from me because the government legally sanctioned it (I paid all their fees and supplied all the equipment). Guess what. NOTHING HAPPENED. Even though the law gives them the “right” to claim my work as their property, no reasonable human is going to help that asshole do that unless it would be immensely profitable (in their case it wouldn’t even be close). The person in question would never have attempted to sequester my productivity if they weren’t living at the poverty line. I blame poverty more than statist government policies

  27. Move to Oregon. You can benefit from our statism by black marketing your OMMP products. That way all the dirty junkies can subsidize your medical costs. Isn’t that what legal Cannabis is essentially being crafted to do anyways (with the government as the middleman)?

  28. I have a problem with my tax dollars being used to feed morons (like the local welfare queen or Donald Trump). If I had control over how my tax dollars were spent, would it be any different from me spending it myself- not really.

  29. You can’t legally buy hot food with food stamps. How am I going to get pot legally with a food stamp card? I’m not. I could cheat the system though. Isn’t that already illegal?

  30. I support the government doing things I disagree with- why should I have complete control over my tax dollars?

  31. Why do people need food stamps in the first place? I’m sure it has nothing to do the inherent nature of capitalism or anything like that (like the labor market must always be in surplus for owners to profit).

    This article is obfuscating. Food stamp cards cannot be used at ATM’s. They can’t even be used to purchase hot food. There is no way to legally purchase anything but basic food items already. The bill is just a political tool to make Congress look like its doing its job- it won’t as long as money talks

  32. The last time I looked, prohibition is popular movement and is not the result of “dictation” like you imply. Politicians are always pandering to the commoners thirst for prohibition to get into office. Shit, I don’t think any anti-prohibitionist could get into most any office in the land simply because of popular opinion and the fact that they have to get voter support to get into office.

  33. Do you really think you would be much different if you were a billionaire? Lots of people seem to think that, but yet most billionaires are the same- they think they deserve it and you don’t even if you work equally as hard and are equally as intelligent and talented.

    Why are there more people with above 140 IQ’s than billionaires? Apparently, only 45% of billionaires are in the top 1% intellectually (that is an atrocity). One of the biggest contributors to my periodic “sandy vagina” syndrome is being expected to subordinate myself to people who are less intelligent, less talented, and less hard working then myself simply because they have more money than I do.

  34. Why can’t they do this to the rich people who got bailouts for their shotty business practices (think 2008).

    If I do recall properly, super rich people mismanaged billions and were given nearly if not free money that they wrote themselves bonuses with. They probably spent those bonuses on yachts, coke, and pussy.

  35. Hmmm. Scapegoating Alcohol for personality disorders. NOICE

    Why can’t people blame them selves for their actions instead of blaming some chemical as if they were like dogs.

    I blame shitty people for being shitty, not the chemicals they “choose” to consume.

  36. I was just answering the question. I honestly do not care what they purchase and think it’s no one else’s business either. I work fulltime for crap pay but I enjoy my job, and am lucky to have one. My husband also works fulltime for a little more pay than me. We have three teenage children. We receive a little food assistance and government insurance. We don’t lie and are totally honest about our income and expenses. If I want to buy cigarettes, beer or some bud, that’s my business. I would never try to use my stamps or trade my stamps for nonfood items. But honestly, I don’t care what anyone thinks of me or my choices. We pay in enough taxes to cover ourselves… peace.

  37. Well I know that there are approximately 400 people around the world that really are in control of things and what we see in the news and on TV does not even touch on that and our government likes people to be in the dark on this issue and many others. The Party system here can not put the brakes on the MJ Train that is roaring through our country as well as many others. Your “Shot” at the Brainwashing target missed it by a mile.

  38. Corporate, Academia, Religion & the Democrat/Republican Syndicate ALL colluded to suppress Hemp. Now the church is promoting pill-popping? I HAVE seen everything now.

  39. Maybe I misunderstood but I think Congress declared DRUG WAR with us? I’ve never served, nor been at War, but I hear it is a dirty business to win. Take your rights and defend them with your life. Some of us are going to die as we RE-take our Herbal Rights™. Certainly this death would be much more dignified than dying due to lack of applicable plant medicine.

  40. Bill: “Our government” has been hijacked by extremists. The Democrat/Republican Syndicate are responsible for EVERYTHING wrong with America the past 100 years. Please stop blaming the Government.

  41. So because I want to enjoy the fruits of my hard labor and not be forced to share it with those who refuse to work, it somehow makes me a Scrooge? Cool. I can live with that. Then again, I can also afford to purchase my own food. They could afford it to if they would just get a job or start their own business like I did.

    And the Rapture is only for bible believing morons.

  42. Yes I do believe I have created my own quality of life because I am accountable for the results – good and bad. And my employees will never be worthless fucks because unlike the freeloading welfare recipients, my employees actually earn their salaries. And you wonder why the moron we have in the White House struggles so much with every American issue. You are obviously a product of inner city public education.

    And for the record, I know plenty of the welfare lazy fucks. Many are more than capable of working but choose not to because they receive more in handouts than they could working an actual job that doesn’t require a high school education.

    If you think I give a fuck what welfare recipients who consistently vote for candidates that promise to handout more and more to them think, try again, Sunshine.

  43. I could care less about the poor. They don’t serve me nor are they my target demographic. To act like there is not a lot of fraud with EBT is simply delusional. And why should I be forced to pay for shit that does not benefit me? I attended private school paid for by my family WHILE we also paid taxes to fund the public schools. It is our tax dollars that actually pay for all of this shit this country does. Can the government assistance crowd say that?

    As for my company, I did build it on my own. I worked two jobs, saved my cash, started my business and assumed all of the risks without a single fucking dime from a bank or government loan.

    And I am for the freedom of choice NOT for giving away free weed. You socialists naturally assume everything should be free and someone else should be forced to pay for it so you can enjoy it.

  44. LMFAO, I bet I won’t. My parents taught me the value of hard work and earning the things you want. And how do you think stereotypes develop? They do so from repeated action by a specific segment that builds a pattern. Do all blacks steal, drink, and go to jail? Nope but a whole lot of them do. You can have your own opinions but you don’t get you make up your own facts.

  45. Man, you really hate poor people. You’re under the impression that a large portion of your tax dollars are spent on welfare programs — which is very far from the truth. You think there is a significant amount of fraud with EBT usage — which is also very far from the truth. The percentage of fraud in EBT is actually very small, something like 3%. Of course, the percentage of welfare recipients who are on drugs is even smaller than that — as recent mandatory drug tests have proven. In fact, if someone on welfare tests positive for illegal drugs, they lose their benefits.

    You spend a lot of time spewing vitriol at those who are less fortunate than you, and yet you don’t have even one drop of hate for the true welfare queens — corporations.

    Or are you one of those tax dodgers who stash their money overseas? Yeah, pretending you hate paying taxes — because, lazy people — when you don’t want to pay any taxes at all — because, greed. Don’t want to help repair the roads or the infrastructure, or help pay for public education, or anything that you think doesn’t benefit you.

    Because you built that all on your own, and President Obama is black, and… Benghazi.

    Dude… you need therapy. Seriously. Hard to believe that someone who smokes pot has these kinds of attitudes… the drug is obviously not working on you.


  46. Acidsex is a Moron on

    Hey Mr. Acidsex, deacon of the holy church of compassion, oh warden of all things good, did you build the roads you drive on all by yourself? Did the business you own crop up in the middle of absolute nowhere, with no infrastructure or context? Did you actually try to cite the fact that you have spent your time serving the country (or so you said in between calling people you’ve never met “lazy fucks”) as evidence against the fact that countless more have served before you, right now, and will continue to serve after you’ve quit? Do you -genuinely- believe that you have created every iota of good in your own life, by yourself? What about those employees you have so graciously given jobs? I bet they’re just “worthless fucks” too because they’re accepting your “generosity” of employment.

    People like you are a scourge on this country, whether you think you’ve done good for it or not. Your attitudes and opinions are the bedrock of the cutthroat, dog-eat-dog world you seem to want your children to dive into. I truly feel sorry for anyone that has their life tied to yours in any way.

  47. Instead of trying to down grade someone you need to find a positive solution cause one day you might find yourself on welfare looking for your ” handouts”.

    Oh yeah if stereotypes were based upon the real action of a group or groups of people then I would be right by saying all African American people steal drink or been to jail and all European Americans (white people) are rich have big houses and never lived in to projects. Ctfu I can tell you those stereotypes are completely FALSE

    Like my gmom told me to tell people like you “you can eat that bull shit cause I’m not”

  48. For the most part, many of those on assistance are indeed lazy and worthless. Many have found it easier and more profitable to accept handouts from hard working Americans rather than go out and earn their own way. Take offense all you want but you do realize stereotypes occur because of a consistent pattern that is associated with people who do the same things, right?

    I don’t care what your point was. We are talking about government assistance, not everyday Americans. But whether you want to admit it or not, money is being taken from me and tons of other working Americans to subsidize the lifestyles of the unemployed. I am not heartless and feel badly for those are legitimately ill, but you act as if ALL who are on public assistance are downtrodden, ill, and incapable of working. We both know that is false.

    If you get any type of assistance, you should thank your lucky stars for those of us who are actually pulling the wagon and making it possible for you to get something. But you also don’t get to criticize those of us who are fed up with paying for the freeloaders who contribute absolutely nothing to society except to leech off of the hard work of others.

    I know President Handout somehow made it cool to mooch and leech off of the tax payers but remember, the tax payers will be here long after The Food Stamp President is out of office. And if you all keep this shit up, the Republicans will again get control of it all and then we are even more fucked.

    Last, don’t expect any sympathy for alcoholics and addicts. Many of them are responsible for causing their own plight and frankly, I hate them more than I hate the lazy and illiterate uneducated fucks.

  49. Yeah, but you don’t seem to object that your tax dollars are used to kill women and children in other countries for political & religious reasons. Collateral damage, huh. You suck

  50. You totally misunderstood the “Rob Peter to pay Paul” comment! My point had NOTHING to do with taking ANYTHING from you! I was talking about what people do to SURVIVE in today’s society. How people have to shuffle their money to SURVIVE! I never mentioned taking anything from you. You just decided to go off on a tangent throwing a BLANKET over every person that does get assistance. You just labeled ALL of them worthless, lazy, uneducated, Addicts, Alcoholics and Stoners, that don’t WANT to work! Oh what I wouldn’t do to be ABLE to work 8 hours a day! But YOU nor your gov’t are giving me SHIT! So I honestly sorta take offense to your rant.

  51. First off, I have never been on any sort of government assistance program. Second, I have served my country and provided safety and security for others…not to mention my tax dollars to subsidize the poor. I own my own business and provide many jobs for others. I have absolutely every right to make such statements against shit like this.

    Welfare is a sham. There are far too many people capable of working and contributing to a society on it who don’t need to be. 50 million on food stamps and millions more out of work and not even looking. Forgive me for not wanting to pay for the freeloaders that will vote Liberals all day long and not bother to work for what they want.

    And to think, my own children’s future is being borrowed against by Congress just to buy votes for their retarded parties is just sickening. But hey, let’s take my tax dollars and buy some weed for some lazy fuck who refuses to get a job.

  52. “Why should I be forced to share my survivability with others so they can survive?” Your bold statements against the welfare system as a whole are borderline offensive. I feel a question you are failing to ask yourself is: how many others have provided or risked their wealth and survivability for you?. We live in a country where troops are constantly risking their lives to arguably defend your freedom. Have you no respect for that? If not, that’s fine. Your opinions do not harm me and you’re entitled to them, however I suggest you use your current wealth (which you seem happy with) to move to an isolated location where only you support yourself. If you don’t want to reciprocate some of the generous actions done for you, so be it.

    I understand your argument about others using your tax dollars for recreation, and I do not support that either. However, these tax dollars aren’t being saved by this bill, as the article shows. If we are going to stop tax money being used for cannabis, it needs to be done effectively. Also, it is highly hypocritical to take measures against weed and not make the same efforts against alcohol and tobacco purchases.

  53. Sorry but what happens when Peter refuses to allow himself to be robbed to pay Paul? It may sound heartless but I could care less what you should do. You should find a solution that does not force me to share my wealth with you so you can get what you need.

    Why should I be forced to share my survivability with others so they can survive? If I choose to share it, that is one thing. But using government to forcibly take from me so others can live is wrong on so many levels. Using that theory, if I need MMJ I should be able to just go take it from another grower, right? If I need it or I will die, what’s the problem? Oh yeah, it’s theft.

    The justifying of theft as a necessary tool for survival defeats the argument and it makes those that have resources and would be open to sharing not want to share. Why should I choose to share if you are just going to steal it from me anyway?

  54. Sounds good but in practicality, damned near EVERY American robs Peter to Paul every day. I mean look at me for instance. I’m not on EBT but I could be. I was injured on the job 20 yrs ago. I’m permanently disabled! Workers Comp’s SUPPOSED to pay for ALL medical bills and medications. 2 years ago they decided that MY “permanent disability” didn’t turn out to be so permanent for THEM! One day they just quit paying for my doctor bills and medicines. I NEED those medications for pain, but one day they decided they weren’t going to pay anymore. WTF would you suggest I do? Quit taking the medications I NEED or DIE? What I’m saying is… in practicality, We rob Peter to pay Paul because we HAVE to! Think about that… all of a sudden I’ve got an extra $300 bill every month that I MUST PAY or DIE! I see how you’ve come to this decision, because it SOUNDS great! Cut the Fraud, Waste & Abuse in the system. But it’s NOT THAT simple! EVERY American has different circumstances that dictate their lives.

  55. My whole point is…. the bill DOES NOTHING! It’s NOT going to stop this from happening. This is nothing more than “feel good legislation” that has no teeth! If a person can get the funds 15 feet from a place that’s BAN from giving you those same funds, HOW does that solve the problem? Again, the ONLY ones losing are business owners. The Gov’t has now chosen where you can and can’t get cash from an ATM. What’s next? You wanna STOP it? Cut out “cash benefits” on these cards. But the gov’t picking winners and losers just ISN’T in their realm of authority.

    I’m NOT saying the “spirit of the law” is a “bad thing”, I’m just tired of them passing LAWS that actually don’t do SHIT!

    CONGRESS! NOT the President needs to reschedule cannabis. Reason being is, if he does it by “Executive Order” the NEXT President can undo that Executive Order. But that’s NOT going to happen until WE do something about it! It’s up to US to put pressure on our legislators! STOP allowing them to get elected WITHOUT telling us EXACTLY where they stand on legalization. Don’t let them “snicker” and blow the question off as a “not really serious” question. Make them put their position on the record, then make that position KNOWN by writing “Letters to the Editor” TELLING people of their position. Work FOR or AGAINST these candidates dependent upon their position on the issue. But until WE make cannabis a SERIOUS issue in campaigns, Politicians damned sure aren’t going to make it serious either!

    It seems to me as if you’re saying in essence, SCREW addicts, alcoholics and Sick/disabled people. I understand HOW you’re saying this but not WHY? I’m a “Fiscal Conservative” and I want to SAVE taxpayer money everywhere I can. But I see the difference between what they TRIED to do and WHAT they did. But this law it isn’t going to solve the problem.

  56. Paragraphs and correct usage of capitalization are your friend. Please introduce yourself to them :)

  57. EBT isn’t used for medicine and shouldn’t be used for MMJ either. The government has programs that covers medical costs and sorry, cannabis isn’t included under it. And yes, I have a problem with MY tax dollars being used on someone else’s MMJ. The same principle applies. Everything someone gets for free was taken forcibly from someone else.


  59. Thats bull shit that the EBT CARD cant be used in liquor stores…its accepted and used in HELLA LIQUR STORES AND STORES THAT SELL FOOD AND LIQUOR. ..REALLY..WTF..LIEING ASSES

  60. At least the house did not make it a prisonable felony to possess a large soft drink


    the alcoholics

  61. And this comes mostly from the Republican side of the bench that have sold out like a cheap whores to big business.

  62. if you are disabled or extremely poor then the gov should help with the expences what its only for the rich give me a break the greedy rich want it to be just for them horse shit

  63. Spend a little time in a smoke shop and you’ll overhear conversations involving the use of welfare funds for buying weed.
    This issue could easily be resolved if the administration actually came through on their promise of decriminalizing and reclassifying it and leaving it to the states to decide whether or not to initiate a medical marijuana program.

  64. I work in a grocery store… if someone receives cash benefits on their EBT card and chooses cash when prompted on the POS, they can buy anything we sell. Including tobacco and booze. NOT with their foodstamps but yes with their cash benefits. :)

  65. The armored car industry is grateful to regulators and bankers for their timidity, ignorance and lack of common sense. Everyone else faces increased risks and added costs for no good reason.

  66. I am all for legalization and the free use of cannabis but you can’t argue with this bill. As a tax payer, I do not want the money that is forcibly taken from me and given to someone unemployed/underemployed to be used to buy cannabis. Sorry. It might sound like its singling out cannabis users but its not. Look, I support cannabis usage for all and for all of those that can afford it. If you are getting money from the government, there are things it is supposed to you for like food and rent. Not cannabis. Not alcohol. Not cigarettes. If people want to participate in those vices, awesome. But use your own hard earned dollars for it or learn how to grow it yourselves.

    And I have seen people justify using their EBTs by saying they are actually purchasing food with it. Sorry, cannabis edibles do not count as food products under these programs.

  67. Most of the “cash benefits” in question are going to our friends in the House of Representatives, courtesy of the liquor industry, the private prison industry and the law enforcement industry.

  68. NOT with an EBT card. If their card has Cash benefits available on it that’s a different. All people have to do’s go to an ATM and pull out the cash. That’s the ONLY way they can buy cigarettes and alcohol. But you can’t just go in grab a pack of cigarettes, pull out your EBT card and pay for them though.

  69. This is a solution in need of a problem. But that’s par for the course for Congress, isn’t it?

  70. Another “Symbolism OVER Substance” feel good LAW! It actually DOES nothing! I’d like to see the PROOF or STATISTICS that show this was SUCH a problem that the U.S. Congress had to “take this up”? Are you shitting me?

    Where did they find people DOING this? DID anybody ACTUALLY do this or is this a knee jerk reaction because it’s a POSSIBILITY that it could happen? As long as you give “cash benefits” WTF does it matter if you get cash from THIS ATM, or the one 15 feet from the this ATM?

  71. So dumb.

    Of course, marijuana stores don’t even take debit cards because congress won’t fix the banking laws and actually allow them to use modern electronic financial transactions!

    I almost would have taken the deal if they’d agreed to fix that first.

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