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United States Medical Marijuana Chamber Of Commerce Endorses Barack Obama


obama medical marijuana chamber of commercePresident Barack Obama Gets Endorsed By The United States Medical Marijuana Chamber Of Commerce

The 2012 Presidential Election is going to be a bitter one for medical marijuana patients like myself. I look at Obama as far from credible on this issue, and Mitt Romney as a firm anti-medical marijuana candidate. Due to media bias and several other reasons, quality candidates like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson aren’t getting the coverage and respect that they deserve, and need, to compete at a national level.

Oregon voting history virtually guarantees that my state will be going for Obama, although I myself will be voting third party as a symbolic act if anything. As a medical marijuana patient, how do you plan on voting and why? Has your decision evolved, or did you know it way ahead of time? Below is a press release today from the United States Medical Marijuana Chamber of Commerce endorsing President Barack Obama:

The United States Medical Marijuana Chamber of Commerce, a 10,000 member-strong national business group with individual state chapters across the country, has officially endorsed President Barack Obama for a second term as President, it was announced today.

“Let’s not get distracted by the myriad of issues that will be brought to the forefront at the upcoming political conventions, the single most important election issue is getting our economy back on track,” remarked Thomas L. Leto III, President and Founder of the U.S. Medical Marijuana Chamber of Commerce.

“The Economic Potential of the Cannabis Business in the U.S. is Limitless and President Obama understands this,” “It is our impression that Mr. Romney just doesn’t get it.”

Leto says the Cannabis Industry has the potential to become a $100 billion annual industry and would create 5 million new jobs within the first year of Federal legalization, which would allow transportation of marijuana across state lines, making easier for businesses to operate.  Currently, the U.S. Government has delegated legalization of Cannabis to the state level where local legislatures have mostly failed to agree on a solution to legally cultivate the business for growth.

President Obama has previously said that he discourages the prosecution of medical marijuana users. The POTUS told Rolling Stone that although he is not challenging what is currently federal law, he urges lawmakers to ”…Use [their]prosecutorial discretion and properly prioritize…resources to go after things that are really doing folks damage. As a consequence, there haven’t been prosecutions of users of marijuana for medical purposes.”

Currently Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington have legalized cannabis for medical use.

The USMMCOC is a for profit organization built to tax regulate and control the Cannabis Industry in the United States.

SOURCE: United States Medical Marijuana Chamber of Commerce


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  1. This US MM Chamber of Commerce is non-existent in Michigan. Don’t know who Leto is but he sounds like a self-promoting businessman.

  2. Sheesh, what a misplaced endorsement! Obama may be the worst potus ever when it comes to even thanking his backers(As long as they are not Mega Corps, GE ect.) and has proven to pander to those same special interests that are pro-prohibition!
    Guess it just goes to show that onece an Org.(Marijuana Chamber of Commerce) becomes of a certain size and level of influence, it is they themselves they support first, their constituants second.
    Or has this Org simply become a funnel for Wall Stret to enter the MJ market?
    Either way…. something stinks.

  3. “As the manager of the “NO ON I-502″ Committee, I can tell you that, whoever they are, they aren’t contributing to the campaign to stop 502.”

    Cause and effect.

    Might I suggest you look at getting a grant from the DEA or other prohibitionist group also working with you on the same goal?

  4. My vote will probably go to Obama but again, only because the other candidate has lots of money behind him and I don’t want him to win. If I could cast my vote and not worry about another Nader/hanging chad thing happen, Dr. Jill Stein, would have my vote.

  5. The Obama administration is lying. We have cases in Washington right now where the DEA has raided patients, who are within state guidelines, and the DOJ is prosecuting them. We have one case where they are counting dead root-balls to try to bump up the charges against them. I see no sign whatsoever that Obama is practicing what he preaches. Big surprise, right? You think he’ll get any better if wins reelection and doesn’t have to answer to the voters anymore?

  6. You keep trying to sell this “Yes on I-502” bullshit line about the “greedy growers/dispensaries” who are attacking I-502. Who are they these nameless people? As the manager of the “NO ON I-502” Committee, I can tell you that, whoever they are, they aren’t contributing to the campaign to stop 502. So what ARE they doing, exactly, to stop 502?

    I think we’re all getting tired of hearing these fictional stories about these mysterious boogey-men who are somehow working behind the scenes to stop legalization from ever happening.

    You keep telling the same story, over and over again, but you never provide any answers. Let’s have some names….who are these people? Put up or shut up.

    Steve Sarich
    NO ON I-502 Committe

  7. Grote Schnotom on

    I have been critical of Obama’s raids too, however, unfortunately there are no better alternatives, which is sad. Gary Johnson (Lib) or Jill Stein (Green) do not have enough support to win. And electing Mitt Romney would be as bad as bringing Ronald Reagan back from the dead.

    Obama, while not a great choice, is the most likely to be open-minded on the issue. Despite the raids, he has made encouraging actions/statements such as: “We should have a conversation about legalization,” and that he has not prosecuted patients, and that it is a “low priority” (although not a carte blanche endorsement).

    So there you have it. Our choices are between bad (Obama), terrible (Romney), and Impossible (Stein or Johnson). What a democracy right? lol.

  8. USMM Founder and President Thomas Leto III is a jackass!!!! He’s probably an Obama plant (pun not intended). I mean really, does this dumbfuck really believe POTUS. The fucker has raided MM facilities IN SPITE of promising during his 2008 campaign that he would NOT!!!

    DOES THAT REMOTELY SOUND LIKE HE’S SUPPORTIVE OF MM????? You FUCKING MORONS at USMM chamber of commerce can all take a flying leap off a very tall cliff!!!

  9. You’ve been sold oregano! The top advocates in the country have never heard of this phoney group, nor would they endorse the anti-gay remarks attributed to it’s purported leader! Sadly enough, others bought out of your bag of dupe and perpetuated this story!

  10. This is a sad commentary on some medical marijuana “businesses.” Just as some greedy growers/dispensaries have attacked state legalization initiatives, here they seem eager to continue the profitable persecution with Obama, who has supported the fraudulent prohibition so strongly.

    Gary Johnson is the only capable, honest candidate, and he will not only stop federal opposition, but will actively encourage marijuana reform.

    Spread the word.

  11. I don’t think that this is a real organization. I definitely doubt that they have 10,000 members. Does this allegedly 10,000-member-strong organization even have a website? The president has his own website that doesn’t provide much information of anything, other than the fact that he claims that he is the CEO/President/Owner of several organizations and businesses. It is really sad that one press release can get picked up by various sites, including the Huffington Post, without anyone really looking into the claims made by this so-called organization.

  12. UNBELIEVABLE! I’m SO PRO Medical marijuana it’s ridiculous, but I’m NOT willing to sell my COUNTRY down the river, JUST to THINK that Obama’s our best bet to legalize Medical Marijuana our RECREATIONAL marijuana for that matter. This mans had THREE TIMES the amount of MMJ patients arrested, he’s raided TEN times more MMJ Dispensaries in THREE (3) years, than GW Bush did in EIGHT (8) years. So … burn me once SHAME ON YOU… burn me twice SHAME ON ME! Obama has NOT EARNED the MMJ vote AGAIN! HE LIED TO US ON THIS ISSUE ALREADY!

  13. Look at this. Aint that something , The single narcotics convention brought to you by Harry Anslinger himself . The father of “REEFER MADNESS”
    I was born into this , 1961 .I guess Im a boomer. So to get my vote Opharmasantos you gotta earn it , not for me but for the millions of sheople brought into the rascist
    Prison for Profit scam brought down by the US Federal , State government.
    2012 We arrest more people for simple possession of cannabis than any other nations total arrests
    NY stop and frisk targets “brown ” people
    while Arizona wants to arrest all illegals
    Racist Prison Nation
    Any nation can opt out of this treaty , but that is not the direction this party is
    Grow some cohenes and stand-up ,

    If Obama got caught with coke and weed he would not be president.

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