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United States Senators To Introduce Historic Medical Marijuana Legislation


congress medical marijuana senatorsOn Tuesday, March 10, at 12:30pm EST, Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ), Rand Paul (R-KY) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) will host a press conference to announce sweeping bipartisan legislation that will end federal prohibition of medical marijuana, and allow patients, doctors and businesses in states with medical marijuana laws to participate in those programs without fear of prosecution. The press conference to announce the details of this wide-reaching bill will take place in the Senate and will be attended by patients and advocates, as well as the Senators.

The Drug Policy Alliance will subsequently host a teleconference on Tuesday, March 10, at 3pm EST for reporters from state and local media officials who cannot make the in-person press conference. Journalists are invited to dial in and speak to policy experts, patients, and advocates.

“Almost half the states have legalized marijuana for medical use; it’s long past time to end the federal ban,” said Michael Collins, policy manager for the Drug Policy Alliance. “This bipartisan legislation allows states to set their own medical marijuana policies and ends the criminalization of patients, their families, and the caregivers and dispensary owners and employees who provide them their medicine.”

Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have laws that legalize and regulate marijuana for medicinal purposes. Twelve more states have laws on the books or are about to be signed into law by their governors regulating cannabidiol (CBD) oils, a non-psychotropic component of medical marijuana which some parents are utilizing to treat their children’s seizures. Four states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for non-medical use.

Senate Press Conference:

What: Announcement of Sweeping Medical Marijuana Bill
Who: Senators Paul, Booker, and Gillibrand, advocates and patients from New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington D.C.
Where: SVC 203
When: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 1230pm EST

Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) Teleconference:

What: Teleconference on Medical Marijuana Bill
Who: Policy experts, advocates, and patients from New York, Kentucky, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.
Where: Call Tony Newman for call-in information.
When: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 3pm EST

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  1. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    We must stay positive. If you believe in a soul or not, we are connected in thought and spirit. Cannabis freedom is moving full speed, if history proves our future. (The people) can change a nation with the fundamental absolute, called “Unity and Hope”. We are the true testament of rights. Is our salvation redemptive? If so, lets redeem freedom.

  2. Or you can go to davidsimpson.com and voice your support directly for his bill to completely abolish prohibition in Texas.

  3. http://www.dfwnorml.org/2015/03/a-video-message-from-executive-director-shaun-mcalister-calling-for-your-support-of-hb2165/

    Texas has a Tea Party member proposing a law that would strike it completely from current criminal law, effectively treating marijuana as produce like any other crop. He claims a number of fellow Republicans have pledged to support it; but he’ll need help getting it passed I’m sure.

    If you REALLY want change in Texas, now’s the time to click that link, get instructions on how to contact your state rep, and then do so. Enough support will make it happen. There’s a number of medical and decrim bills being discussed as well, but HB2165 is the HUGE one.

  4. thanks for sending this to me, but when we tried to get on initially, this link wasn’t working at the time.. I ended up watching the Huffington Post facto, that was mostly commentary. Jacob, I will be watching this later tonight, thanks!

  5. kurtisbuddylee on

    Now if the CARERS Bill gets approved does it mean that any medical doctor in New Jersey can prescribe it to their patients if they think it would medically help out the patient with out checking the 10 or less boxes for only certain illnesses that exists now?

  6. Texas needs to either legalize Marijuana for Medical use or that plain legalize it. Ticks me off!!

  7. Does this have a chance, or is it more a symbolic gesture? It just seemed to come out of nowhere. Will it get a full Senate debate and vote?

  8. “The people have spoken and the market has proven Cannabis is a trillion dollar business, ready to exhale.”

    Excellent!!! That’s meme-worthy material right there.

  9. Hold on! We’re talking politicians here. These fuckers will say anything to get elected. Paul has been known as a flip flopper. They’re all lying bastards but I agree, this does show that the war is slowing.

  10. I think this legislation is simply an early step in bringing federal law more in line with reality. Effective opposition to marijuana legalization has collapsed at the national level, IMO.

  11. Absolutely, I think any medical marijuana legislation that doesn’t allow patients to grow their own, is a step backwards.

  12. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    Yeah no way in hell we are going back to 1937. Also Government restricting a safe plant for some (health problems) means the black market is still running.

    I believe medical cannabis is just a way to protect politicians. So it feels more “professorial” and less recreational for a time. Going full on recreational from medical, will take less time for political influence. The people have spoken and the market has proven Cannabis is trillion dollar business, ready to exhale.

  13. darthhillbilly on

    Better than George W’s brother….not to mention Ted Cruz…I’m really afraid that of the offering so far he may be the lesser evil…My party isn’t offering a better option at this point either…advance marijuana at the cost of the country, or get someone blind to the need to IMMEDIATELY end The War on Drugs? Like Sophie’s Choice but with weed…lol

  14. That’s what I call positive thinking! I’m just cynical, I worry that this is just an attempt to remove medical marijuana from the legalization argument. It allows politicians to say that they’ve done the humane thing without really increasing access. Schedule 2 narcotics are legal but very tightly controlled.

  15. In two years, the next President would be risking huge crowds on the streets with pitchforks and torches if he ended medical or recreational use in any state that currently permitted it. Bring it on, Jeb Bush!

  16. Maybe this legislation is a good thing. But if this brings medical marijuana under federal prescription guidelines as a schedule 2 narcotic, it could be used to severely restrict access.
    And of course it does nothing to prevent the next President from ENDING recreational use.

  17. Go Rand Paul. I wouldn’t vote for you as municipal dogcatcher, but you are right about this one. Now you just have to work on your ideas about climate change, women’s rights, gun laws, health care, international relationships and a few other things.

  18. darthhillbilly on

    I live in Ky, and that does not seem to be the case. Mitch is a Tea Party sell out (Koch Brothers puppet if you will) and Rand is too “out there” for most Republicans…vocally opposes mandatory minimums, wants to end “The War on Drugs,” and wants to reform everything about the prison system. Until recently most GOP looked at him as a pariah. I think that is what I like about him…doesn’t easily fit into any category…I can relate…

  19. When we want it legal we’re called Pot heads…..When they want it legal its called Historic……Don’t ever trust Oreo Booker

  20. No! That’s my issue! It’s a race to see who can go greenest, fastest. Save the gardens!

  21. My understanding of this bill is that it will also attempt to move marijuana from schedule 1, to schedule 2 classification. This would put it in the same classification as morphine.
    This might make future attempts at reasonable classification more difficult.

  22. What would it take for YOU to Acknowledge that PROHIBITION is Racist & Greedy?

    What would it take for YOU to Admit that Democrats & Republicans are Racist & Greedy?

    What would it take for YOU to Accept that the Democrats & Republicans cannot get us to the promised land?

    What would it take for YOU to Understand?

    Acceptance…is the Path to Understanding…

  23. Another speculation. Rand Paul and the other KY senator, Mitch McConnell, seem to be close allies. My guess that he (Paul) wouldn’t have done this without majority leader McConnell’s tacit approval if not outright support.

  24. Ester Anderson on

    I’m also a Liberal Democrat and I will Vote for whoever advances the legalization of Cannabis, but not just for medicinal purposes but full legalization

  25. darthhillbilly on

    That clever bastard!!! Rand Paul is ensuring he will be considered for the presidential bid. I’m a hardcore Democrat and I’ll cross the aisle to vote for any person who will take a stance on this issue. The problem is that by doing this they will have a chance to slow down, or halt legalization efforts not pushed by voter referendum. They will claim to be waiting on the research, and by showing SOME progress, the outright legalization of marijuana could be slowed. Rand has previously stated that he is against outright legalization, but with medicinal marijuana being at a 75% approval rating (higher than Apple Pie)it is too important to ignore…I guess progress is progress…we may be witnessing the death screech of “The War on Drugs/Americans.” FREE THE WEED!!! Go Rand Paul! Lol

  26. Lawrence Goodwin on

    We are forever indebted to The Weed Blog for documenting so many developments in recent months. This seems to be among the most encouraging so far. As a New Yorker, it pleases me to know that the talented and gracious Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is one of the sponsors. She recently invited several NY advocates into her office, including adorable Amanda Houser’s mother (yet another parent desperate to cease her child’s seizures) and several amazing ladies and gents from the Big Apple–all of whom have worked tirelessly for 15 months to get medical cannabis into the hands of those in need. Ms Gillibrand appears to be acting the way all lawmakers should act when so many of their constituents demand change in this tyrannical anti-cannabis policy.

  27. Good move! Ted Cruz will almost certainly have to support this bill, given his endorsement of Colorado’s prerogative to legalize. I like this a lot.

  28. It is ridiculous to think this has any chance of passing with the current Senate and House. What it will do is force all of Congress to put a vote on record so people know who to vote out. Would be nicer if it passed though.

  29. Plan on telling my doctor I enjoy smoking weed and buying it off the black market is high risk and detrimental to my health……. it’s foolproof! HAAHAA!
    In all seriousness though. This is WAY overdue, and at this point it’s almost relieving the federal government is actually taking some form of action. The government has absolutely zero business being involved in patient care between that patient and their doctor. If a licensed physician feels cannabis is the best option for the patient there should be no risk of punishment.

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