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United States Supreme Court Rejects Case Involving Life Sentence For Marijuana


Supreme Court marijuanaNo one should ever be locked in a cage because of marijuana. Not one day, and sure as hell not a life sentence. Yet, sadly, that is what is happening to people at this very moment. Marijuana opponents are always quick to say, ‘Yes, there are people in prison for marijuana, but they are a very small percentage of people that get caught with marijuana.’ As if that’s an OK stance to have. They might as well say, ‘Nevermind those poor souls seeing their lives wasted in prison, there aren’t that many of them, so they don’t count.’

I am an avid cannabis consumer, and I couldn’t fathom getting sentenced to life in prison for a plant that has been proven to be 114 times safer than alcohol. Lee Carroll Brooker is serving a life sentence in prison. He appealed his case all the way up to the Alabama Supreme Court, which upheld his conviction. Mr. Brooker then appealed his case to the United States Supreme Court. Sadly, the Court decided to pass on his case today. Per ABC:

The Supreme Court on Monday turned away an appeal from a 76-year-old Alabama man who was sentenced to life in prison without parole for possessing less than three pounds of marijuana that he said he grew for personal use.

Lawyers for Lee Carroll Brooker argued that the stiff sentence under the state’s habitual offender law violates the Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

But the justices let stand a ruling from the Alabama Supreme Court upholding the sentence. Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore had written separately in the opinion last year to call the sentence “excessive and unjustified.” He said the stiff sentence for a non-violent drug offense showed “grave flaws” in Alabama’s sentencing system and urged lawmakers to revisit the system.

I don’t care what anyone says – a life sentence for marijuana is cruel and unusual punishment. Even one day is cruel and unusual punishment, but a life sentence is beyond unfair and ridiculous. My heart goes out to Mr. Brooker and his family. It is beyond time to free all cannabis POWs!


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  1. james f vandeventer jr on

    i have been caught with less then 3 grams two time in indiana and they tried to give me 12 years and the next time they will what a crock
    i’m a old man to and use marijuana for pain and ptsd why would anybody put in jail for that our gov mike pence calls it a gateway drug he is such a dumb ass!!! come on bernie were ready for a change

  2. Karen Sobotker on

    Are these elections rigged? People I speak with don’t want Trump or Hillary_ so how are they winning_ anytime a country can fall for one of the biggest lies in history regarding cannabis/ hemp it wouldn’t surprise me if some shady activity is occurring

  3. Karen Sobotker on

    This is the injustice that many are very skeptical about concerning legalization_ how is it a child molester or rapist gets less jail time than a human in possession of a harmless plant_ so inhumane.

  4. saynotohypocrisy on

    No miracle for Bernie tonite. I’m looking forward to voting for him next week, but I don’t expect him to be able to win this. Perhaps Democratic Party reformers should start focusing on trying to get some anti-prohibition language into the Democratic platform, maybe trying to get a strong statement of support for the right of patients to use medical cannabis.

  5. Do you have lead poisoning . Are you a Christian. Where does that hate come from. Perhaps you didn’t raise your kids right. If you fed them that. Well.
    Water and vodka look the same . Both can kill you. What’s the difference your intelligence to control your self with water. You don’t require vodka to maintain your health . So you only have to be smart enough to tell the difference

  6. and the punishment of all who take part in warring on people in the states which is high treason goes un punished, which gives the message to children that our constitution means nothing, and i would think that sets a dangerous example, and it is not prudent, nor morally right, to always be looking out to hate war, raid, plunder and fight, and it shows that those in office are insane

  7. Closet Warrior on

    Get bent. This site is for like minded compassionate individuals wanting to learn and share not belittle and show their ignorance!!!

  8. saynotohypocrisy on

    The Supremes wouldn’t know what cruel and unusual punishment is if it was staring them in their alcohol using hypocrite scum faces.

  9. “No one should be arrested for putting meth candy in school vending machines… “?

    No one is arrested for giving three million kids ‘ADD Drugs’ which are nothing more than meth-lite.

  10. Actually, it’s speed, not cocaine, and the doctors peddling it to our kids DON’T get arrested, they get financial kickbacks.

  11. Phoebe Alexis on

    Bailey Ranks, you are equating Marijuana with Cocaine and Meth? That is ridiculous! Cigarettes and Alcohol kill more people per Year than Crack! Alcohol is a VERY DANGEROUS AND LEGAL DRUG. When was the last time that you ever heard of someone committing Vehicular Manslaughter due to Weed? When was the last time that you heard of Assault and Battery charges resulting from the exclusive use of Marijuana. Compared to Alcohol ? Get your facts straight and your compassion properly placed.

  12. Perhaps your slow moving brain didn’t perceive the actual subject matter of the conversation. We’re talking about cannabis (weed stupid) and how pathetic it is to cage a humane being for using a plant. If you look at the title of the blog (W-E-E-D B-L-O-G means the subject is marijuana, not coke, not meth… weed. Ugh!

  13. Christopher Barker on

    What the hell are you talking about???

    But yeah, this line works as a good argument. If you’re arguing with dolts.

  14. Christopher Barker on

    And yet, we’re (Americans) are on the brink of electing a president who WILL absolutely continue this war on cannabis.
    Unfortunately, we will get the leaders we deserve while we continue to elect politicians who claim they will look at “more studies…”(HRC!).
    We have a chance to change this now. Bernie Sanders is the ONLY candidate for either major party who supports and actually says he will “remove cannabis from federal drug scheduling”.

    I love this country but when will we feel the shame that should come along with locking somone up for even one day for cannabis, let alone their ENTIRE life?

    Bernie Sanders 2016 – If we’re finally ready to get on with it.

  15. Isn’t it sad how when people don’t understand an issue they still bump their gums. Fine, let’s start with the tobacco and alcohol industries. How about you lead the charge, since BOTH DRUGS have PROVEN to KILL more people per year than ALL the drugs COMBINED.

  16. I serviced 17 years in federal prison, prior to that I served 6 in California. I’ve been in and out of lock up my entire life. But my incarcerations were due to robberies, violence oh and once for a pound of weed bagged up in 44 little baggies, I got 2 years for that, ended up serving about 7 months. When I here of someone getting life for we it frustrates the hell out of me. Why don’t we all come to together and boycott the tobacco, and alcohol industry. Why don’t we deal with the people really pushing against the weed. These industries think that if people are allowed to smoke trees legally that will make their sales go down.life in prison ? They let child molesters get off easier than that.Real talk, you wanna fight this silliness go after tobacco, and alcohol, then those people will start getting behind you and things will change.

  17. Bailey Ranks on

    No one should be arrested for selling cocaine to kids. No one should be arrested for putting meth candy in school vending machines… Treat all drug users and dealers like saints.

  18. Oh Alabama.
    Can I see you
    and shake your hand.
    Make friends down in Alabama.
    I’m from a new land
    I come to you
    and see all this ruin
    What are you doing Alabama?
    You got the rest of the union
    to help you along
    What’s going wrong?

    — Neil Young

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