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Unlicensed Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Are Being Targeted Near Seattle


closed anaheim dispensaries medical marijuanaThere has been a showdown developing in Washington State between state regulators, law enforcement, and medical marijuana dispensary operators. There has been talk for awhile now about medical marijuana dispensaries getting shut down across Washington State, but things have been moving much more quickly lately. Recently 15 medical marijuana dispensaries near Seattle were sent cease and desist letters, ordering the establishments to close, or get a license, or deal with the consequences. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Local officials in an unincorporated part of King County, just east of Seattle, are targeting 15 medical marijuana dispensaries that are deemed illegal because they don’t have state permits.

The businesses were sent letters last week ordering them to close down or face possible penalties, which could include civil forfeiture, product seizure or even criminal charges, according to the Enumclaw Courier-Herald.

King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg argued that the unlicensed businesses are “undermining Washington State’s new law” that rolls medical cannabis dispensaries into the same regulatory framework as rec shops.

It’s my understanding that some of these dispensaries have been in operation for quite awhile, and have never had any issues. A lot of desperate patients, who cannot acquire medicine via any other means, are going to be hurt if/when these dispensaries get shutdown. There is an effort going on to raise funds for a legal challenge to the new medical marijuana rules in Washington. Upset about how things are going in Washington? Then I suggest you donate to the effort.


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  1. SilentPatriot on

    Great, this just makes it easier for the black-market to get back in the game. Patients are not going to pay the going recreational-rates for their medicine.

  2. The cost of outdoor production is in the range of $10-50/oz. I think people in actual need should be able to manage. I will be expected to sell ins for $90/oz most likely if I want market share. And I’ve got to pay 33% tax on that not including rec.


    Really, if there wasn’t so much small growers on the black market, legal stores would get the volume to subsidize actual needy people at cost. Also, all retailers should accept no income till the Feds get their act straight or wait for it. Oz over $350 is bad PR. But also, avg. oz under $150 are also bad PR for different reasons.

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