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Upcoming Medical Marijuana Events in Arizona


Good Evening,

Wow, the month of March went by very quickly. The final regulations from the Department of Health governing Patients, Caregivers, Dispensaries and Dispensary Agents are out and they are an improvement. I am concerned, however, that these regulations, fees, and requirements are onerous and going to prevent access to Marijuana – the safest therapuetic substance known to man. Only time will tell how this program will come together and whether the state will help this program or hinder it. Did you know that Colorado medical marijuana fees are helping to close Colorado’s budget deficit? Recent changes have thrown the whole Colorado medical marijuana program into jeopardy, click here to help.

Thanks for getting involved and helping AZ4NORML get the word out.

Sensible Tucson is collecting signatures to place an important initiative on the city ballot. This initiative would reduce the penalties for possession of marijuana and the tools related to it, to a petty offense with a fine of not more than $75. Stop by any AZ4NORML function and sign to place this on the ballot.

AZ4NORML Meeting – Saturday, April 9, 1230P

Please note the NEW TIME! Join us for the AZ4NORML monthly meeting on Saturday April 9 at 1230P, at the Ward 6 Council offices at 3202 E 1st Street, 1 block South of Speedway Blvd and 1 block East of Country Club Rd in Tucson. New members are always welcome. We will be working on 4/20 and much more! These meetings are free and open to the public and no sponsorships are required. We will be electing board positions, if you are interested in helping to direct the chapter, this meeting is very important.

As a reminder, the next AZ4NORML monthly meeting will be on May 14. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

AZ4NORML will hold its weekly leadership meeting next Wednesday, April 06 at the Ward 6 Council Offices. Please help us determine the future and become more effective.

You can also donate to AZ4NORML by purchasing items at Amazon. Check out the link here, it costs you nothing and helps raise money for AZ4NORML!

Cannabis Training Univerity Comes to Arizona

While we’re waiting for the final set of rules for Prop 203, due March 28, the Cannabis Training University is touring the nation with business seminars, which cover topics including:

The current state of the laws, with Marc. J. Victor and Scott Campbell
Insurance, with MMJ Menu Inc. and Gas Lamp Insurance Co.
Product testing, with Arizona Analytical dispensary management
General good canna-business practices, with members of the
CPA firm Gaintner, Bandler, Reed & Peters, PLC, from Phoenix

The CTU seminar will come to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Phoenix on May 21 and the Sheraton Tucson Hotel on May 22. Early registration (before April 30) is $99, or $150 at the door. More info and registration at the CTU.

Upcoming Events

Save the date for Wednesday, April 20th and Saturday, May 7th, for local participation in the Worldwide Marijuana March! We are still planning the route and other details, but we know the date for sure. If you would like to help us with our parade, please send us an email at news@az4norml.org.

Arizona Grow Depot

Please see John at AGD for all your growing needs!

Arizona Grow Depot / DELTA 13 HYDROPONICS
Our new store hours are Wed – Sun 11:00am to 5:00pm, Closed Mon & Tues.

All NORML Members will receive up to 35% off of all product, some terms do apply.

AGD fully supports NORML and the community of Tucson, Arizona

Arizona Grow Depot & Delta 13 Hydroponics.
1016 East Pennsylvania, Suite 302 Tucson, Arizona. 85701 sales@arizonagrowdepot.com agd@delta13hydroponics.com

Phoenix Film Festival – April 05, 2011 910PM

Our friend, Robert Platshorn is hosting a preview of his movie Square Grouper at Harkins Scottsdale. This is a great movie about marijuana smuggling, in Florida, in the 1970’s and 80’s. Bob spent many years in prison for a nonviolent marijuana and now is president of a NORML chapter in Florida. Check out the trailer.


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