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Urgent Medical Marijuana Call To Action By Compassionate Oregon


oregon sb 936 compassionate oregon medical marijuanaI just saw an urgent message come onto Oregon Cannabis Connection’s Facebook page from Anthony Taylor of Compassionate Oregon. If you live in Oregon and want to help protect Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program, please participate and tell everyone you know to do the same. Below is the message:


From Anthony Taylor of Compassionate Oregon:

“We are asking everyone to send the letter out this weekend so when members come in on Monday their inboxes are full. Then on Monday we start calling members at 8:00 and keep calling all day long until they go into the hearing at 5:00. Then we will start up with phone calls again Tuesday and all day Wednesday.”

Lets help block this bill!! We will make it easy…3 steps…

1. Cut and paste the text below into your email..

(Subj line:) I oppose SB 936

Dear Committee members,

I oppose SB 936 for the following reasons:

SB 936 limits the number of plants anyone may produce to 24. This could leave well over 12,000 patients without a grower.

SB 936 restricts patients or their growers from producing medicine for no more than four patients at the same time. This will also severely limit the number of patients that will be able to find a grower.

SB 936 allows the OHA to inspect grow sites including those with 12 plants or less.

SB 936 requires OHA to establish a system to track and regulate the production of marijuana by a cardholder or grower.

Reporting requirements are so restrictive including keeping all records for 7 years, that some growers will choose to stop growing for patients

I do not support plant limits in general but SB 936 is so restrictive that patients could be left without a grower to provide their medicines for them.

I urge the Committee to reconsider their support of SB 936 in favor of HB 3400.

Thank you,

Signed, (ADD NAME)

2. Now send to all the email addresses below (committee members), you can do it in 1 email by copy and pasting below to “recipients” –

Sen.LeeBeyer@state.or.us, sen.ginnyburdick@state.or.us, Sen.JeffKruse@state.or.us, Sen.FloydProzanski@state.or.us, Rep.PeterBuckley@state.or.us, rep.kenhelm@state.or.us, Rep.AndyOlson@state.or.us, sen.tedferrioli@state.or.us, rep.annlininger@state.or.us, rep.carlwilson@state.or.us

3. Then please call their offices on Monday to reiterate your concerns, and please be POLITE! –

Member Senator Lee Beyer Sen.LeeBeyer@state.or.us 503-986-1706

Co-Chair Ginny Burdick sen.ginnyburdick@state.or.us 503-986-1718

Member Senator Jeff Kruse Sen.JeffKruse@state.or.us 503-986-1701

Co-Vice Chair Senator Floyd Prozanski Sen.FloydProzanski@state.or.us 503-986-1704

Member Representative Peter Buckley Rep.PeterBuckley@state.or.us 503-986-1405

Member Representative Ken Helm rep.kenhelm@state.or.us 503-986-1434

Member Representative Andy Olson Rep.AndyOlson@state.or.us 503-986-1415

Co-Vice Chair Senator Ted Ferrioli sen.tedferrioli@state.or.us 503-986-1950

Co-Chair Representative Ann Lininger rep.annlininger@state.or.us 503-986-1438

Co-Vice Chair Representative Carl Wilson rep.carlwilson@state.or.us 503-986-1403


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  2. I beg to differ. I believe it is very acceptable to ask our elected official to be held to a higher set of standards. I expect transparency about how my tax dollars are being spent.

  3. I am in favor of this component absolutely “SB 936 requires OHA to establish a system to track and regulate the production of marijuana by a cardholder or grower.”
    That said I am not in favor of reducing the number of plants a grower can grow for the patients or am I for reduction of how many patients a grower can grow for.

  4. I should send them emails saying only the smartest, most educated people with direct demonstrable knowledge of cannabis production should be permitted to produce? and that people shouldn’t be allowed to hired skilled people to fulfill those requirements for their businesses?

  5. I know a lady that died of cancer..we offered all the free cannabis she could consume..she didn’t find it to be a suitable offer.

    Anyways, serious issues effect more than 1% of the population.

    I don’t believe a law would stop me from giving my child the stuff if I thought were an only option. it didn’t stop me anyways. This is all just sentiment stuff to gain support.

  6. I suggest people simply not be complacent to overreach…The Federal Government does not have the authority to regulate anything but interstate commerce with respect to drugs.

  7. I’m sure a test in horticulture with a minimum requirement (which is higher than average horticulturalists) is “too much”

    because any moron can do it; right?

  8. As an OMMP grower…I support ending the program. I don’t want to give people free stuff they didn’t earn by law. I don’t want to be legally required to act like a charity. I don’t want to have to lie about what medical necessity is. I don’t want to concede to a lower understanding of medicine just to have work I want. I don’t want to have to personally preen each patient just for access to permission to be productive.

    The actual seriously ill people can be subsidized by the tax code- no need for this easily creatable BS.

  9. Ya…its totally not the norm for OMMP growers to sell their drugs on the black market or for patients to sell their free extras..and its totally not the norm for OMMP people to over consume cannabis (according to them there is no such thing- what a coincidence!)

  10. No its not. You have no right to control anything but on the job stuff. Otherwise, poor people are just clay for rich people.

  11. Right…lets facilitate the black market in the guise of being “compassionate”

    Why aren’t they fighting for all the Opium they need grow to replace Vicodin?

    Their HB3400 still lets patients claim property which isn’t theirs and gives them power that only producers should have.

    It does nothing to establish actual proper compensation for the grower which will necessarily cause black market diversions (OMMP bud cannot legally leave the OMMP system- gifting to non-OMMP is still illegal with M91).

    Thats right everybody- OMMP growers work for free out of the goodness of their own hearts (like that is a good thing; its not). LOL

  12. Keith Mansur on

    Unfortunately, Its being blocked on FACEBOOK!!! We need folks to cut and paste the text into their facebook pages!

  13. Done and done. It is very reasonable to ask our employees to be transparent about where they are spending our money.

  14. (repost) Given the recent revelation of apparent (alleged) Corruption with-in the Body of OLCC Planners and Lobbyists who are considering Radical Changes to the Medical Cannabis Program…add the stated Protections in M91 for OMMA/OMMP…why do we Allow the legislature to Continue with Any MedCanna Bills this session? Shouldn’t we be entitled to Know Who ALL the “players Are before we Proceed? Don’t “we” care anymore about “honesty and intent” in our legislature?
    These “people” (who call themselves Democrats) in “our house” deciding Important Health Care matters under the Ruse of having the OLCC Administer it-on it’s face is Absurd! In my Opinion The Legislature Is Obligated to Demonstrate SOME Evidence of Public Harm/Risk so We know WTF We’re being Proted From by these Extreme Changes?

  15. Joaquin Ojeda on

    OMMP patients, growers, caregivers, and dispensary operators do not support any change to the program. Do not support SB 936 or HB 3400. Go to the hearing on March 30th at 900 court st. Salem, OR 4pm. Don’t let government strong arm and try to monopolize safe and healthy medication.

  16. This is an instance where there is too much control being requested. There is a healthy balance between appropriate regulation and over regulation: this is the latter.

  17. PhDScientist on

    We need action taken at the federal level. The President needs to ask the attorney general to remove Marijuana from Schedule 1. One phone call or email is all it takes.

  18. PhDScientist on

    For Cancer patients, for kids suffering from Seizures, and for so many others, safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana is a matter of life and death. Its critical that Marijuana be removed from Schedule 1 immediately. Please call the whitehouse comment line at (202) 456-1111 and ask that the President get that to happen, to protect the health and safety of Americans that need Medical Marijuana. Have everyone else you know call them too.
    I’m a Scientist with a strong interest in Cancer research. The clinical evidence of the value of Marijuana as a life saving medicine is now so strong that the need to remove Marijuana from Schedule 1 has become a moral imperative. Google Medical Marijuana testimonials. Google Medical Marijuana Cancer Patient Testimonials.
    This weekend over 3,000 Americans will die, in pain, of Cancer. Every day after that, 1,500 more Americans will die, after suffering horribly, from it. Every single minute another American dies of Cancer. Every American Cancer patient deserves the right to have safe, legal, and economical access to Medical Marijuana. Every single one.
    Americans who need Medical Marijuana shouldn’t be used as “Political Footballs” Please call the Whitehouse comment line at (202) 456-1111 and ask that the President take immediate action to remove Marijuana from Schedule 1 so American Physicians in all 50 states can prescribe it.
    Oncologists have know it for more than a quarter of a Century that Marijuana is a “wonder drug” for helping Cancer patients.
    The American Society of Clinical Oncologists wants Marijuana removed from Schedule 1. So does the American Medical Association, the professional society of all Physicians. A strong majority of Americans want Physicians in all 50 states to be able to prescribe Medical Marijuana. So do their Physicians., Cancer patients can’t wait.
    The need to immediately, completely, legalize Marijuana throughout the world is one of the most pressing moral issues of our time, because of its medical benefits and because of the damage prohibition causes to America and to the world.
    Complete legalization is critical — its vital that there aren’t “strings” or “hoops” that Cancer patients and others who need Medical Marijuana are forced to jump through.
    “Charlottes web” is NOT the solution. Cancer patients and people who suffer from chronic pain need THC, not just CBD. The “Berkeley study”, where 96% of stage 4 Cancer patients who had a wide variety of Cancers achieved remission, used high dose Medical Marijuana oil, 72% THC, 28% CBD, 1 gram/day (oral) over a 90 day course of treatment. It was a small study, and not placebo controlled, but those kinds of results are clearly remarkable, have been widely reported on in the press, and demand the need for immediate large scale clinical trials.
    More and more present and former members of law enforcement agree about the need to end prohibition, and have formed a rapidly expanding group of current and former undercover cops, FBI, DEA, prosecutors and Judges, from all over the world, called
    LEAP — Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
    because they’ve seen the damage prohibition causes to America and the world.
    See http://www.leap.cc/
    I’m a Scientist. Not a politician, not a cop.
    But as a Scientist with a strong interest in Cancer research, I feel even more strongly about the need to ensure that no Cancer patient is denied it, because I’m so impressed with its benefits for Cancer patients.
    I urge everyone reading this to PLEASE call and email the Attorney General, the press, Congress and the President today.
    Medical Marijuana helps with Alzheimer’s, Autism, Cancer, seizures, PTSD and chronic pain, and has helped many Americans, including many veterans, stop using Alcohol, and hard drugs, both legal and illegal ones.
    Every minute an American dies of Cancer.
    Every 19 minutes an American dies of a prescription drug overdose.
    Many vets become addicted to prescription opiates and die from them.
    NOBODY has ever died from smoking too much pot.
    Cancer patients are seeing remarkable results using high dose Medical Marijuana oil, in many cases achieving complete remission, even for stage 4 cancers — there are many excellent articles on the web, and videos on youtube with patient’s personal stories about their experiences with it — and every Cancer patient that uses Marijuana to ease their suffering benefits greatly from doing so.
    It is immoral to leave Marijuana illegal, for anyone, for even a second longer.
    For Cancer patients, its a matter of life and death.
    Cancer patients can’t wait.
    Medical Marijuana has an unmatched safety profile, and for people who suffer from so many diseases, of so many kinds, its a medical miracle — and the scientific evidence behind it is rock solid.
    For Cancer patients, Medical Marijuana encourages apoptosis and autophagy of Cancer cells, while leaving normal cells untouched, is anti-angigogenic, anti-proliferative, and is anti-angiogenic.
    Its also synergistic with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, making both more effective.
    For many Cancer patients its meant the difference between life and death.
    For everyone else, its a far safer alternative to Alcohol, and infinitely safer than Cigarettes.
    Either take them off the market too, or legalize Marijuana right now.
    2016 is too far away, Its too long to wait. Every year we lose more Americans to Cancer than died in WWII.
    Between now and the 2016 elections, roughly 1 MILLION Americans will die of Cancer.
    And Its a horrible way to die.

  19. Yes, flood the legislators/committee member’s email boxes. I have sent mine. We cannot turn our backs for one minute during this time. The bills can be heavy reading, but its the time to do this.

    I’m troubled by some provisions of HB 3400, but we need to show up and be heard on SB 936 — in Salem in numbers that will require them to put many of us in an overflow room.

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