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Uruguay Becomes The First Country To Legalize Marijuana


uruguay marijuana legalizationUruguay’s Senate passed a marijuana legalization bill earlier today, paving the way to make Uruguay the first country to legalize marijuana. The only thing that has to happen now is for Uruguay’s President Jose Mujica to sign the bill, which he has said repeatedly he would do. This is huge folks! How will the UN react? How will America react? How will other South American countries react? I guess only time will tell.

It’s truly an exciting time in marijuana policy. I expect many more nations to legalize marijuana now that the first country has taken the leap. Once other countries see that the sky won’t fall, and that opponents are more bark than bite, they will follow suit. I just hope that the United States isn’t the last country to realize that marijuana prohibition is a failure. Below are a couple of quotes in reaction to today’s events:

“Uruguay’s move today is a pretty clear signal that the global war on marijuana is ending. Last year Colorado and Washington voted to become the first jurisdictions in the world to legally regulate marijuana, and now a whole country is ending prohibition. Next year more U.S. states are likely to vote on legalization, and leaders of other countries in Latin America are talking about the need for a new approach. More politicians here in the U.S. are smartly realizing that a clear majority of American voters supports legalizing marijuana, and it’s only a matter of time before federal law changes. This industry is being brought above-ground and taken out of the hands of drug cartels and gangs, and we’re never giving it back.” – Tom Angell, Marijuana Majority

And from my friends at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition:

MONTEVIDEO-A bill that would legalize and regulate marijuana, putting it under strict governmental control, passed the Uruguayan Senate today after passing the lower house of parliament in July. President Jose Mujica, who proposed the bill as part of a crime-fighting package, has said that trafficking of any drug is usually more harmful than the drug itself, and will sign it in the next few days.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), a group of law enforcement officials who, after fighting in the war on drugs, now advocate for its end, hailed the move as a win for smart public policy and a loss for drug cartels in the area. They contend that while some drug use is inevitable, by legalizing and regulating marijuana and other substances governments can ensure a safe product, keep it out of the hands of kids, allow police to focus on serious crime and remove one of the biggest sources of income from dangerous criminal gangs.

“Today’s vote means that marijuana will soon be regulated and controlled in Uruguay, thus reducing crime and violence,” said Terry Nelson, LEAP board member who worked for US Customs, Border Patrol and Homeland Security in Central and South America. “Uruguay has taken a strong step towards improving human rights, the rule of law and public safety. I hope that other nations will have the courage to do the same.”

The bill will allow personal cultivation of up to six marijuana plants and will be available at the Ministry of Public Health, licensed pharmacies and at clubs of anywhere from 15 to 45 registered members. It also has strict rules, including that no one under 18 can use marijuana for any reason; provides for drug use prevention education; prohibits advertisements for marijuana and enacts strict penalties for violators. The bill also provides for a period of 120 days to write more detailed regulations.

Uruguay has been praised by former Brazilian president and chair of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, Fernando Henrique Cardoso; 65 Mexican legislators and more than 100 global organizations for enacting the new policy. The move comes only days after a UK Guardian investigation discovered a leaked UN document revealing many member states’ skepticism of continuing the war on drugs.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is a nonprofit group of police, prosecutors, federal agents, judges, corrections officials and other law enforcement officials opposed to the war on drugs.


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  1. i wander how they conducted that study ? bill gates was a pothead in college when he invented MICROSOFT, harvard college is like the government , all politicians for the elite groups (that do cocaine and alcohol) but thats o.k.,

  2. THERE WILL BE NO IMPACT , you might as well get ready for world war 3 thats gonna start by 2019,

  3. because they cannot regulate growers, and for the pills, the government makes PILLS and the insurance companies that let doctors write scripts for painkillers to patients ,,, ITS BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT ARE THE BIGGEST DRUG DEALERS , they make money off of taxes , doctors, insurance companies ,and incriminating those who do not have scripts, ALL THESE PILLS THE GOVERNMENT MAKES IS A CONSPIRACY TO MAKE EVERYONE IN THE U.S. DEPENDENT AND ZOMBIE OUT AS WELL AS BROKE , so now in our “FREE” country, its mandatory to pay taxes and have insurance ….. HOW DOES THAT FALL UNDER THE FREEDOM ACT THAT OUR COUNTRY WAS BASED ON ??????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Just how is it that Our Federal Government can with hold something as harmless Yet Proven Beneficial as a Herbal remedy that cant kill you but make pain and discomfort more tolerable IN PLACE OF HARMFUL DEADLY DRUGS THAT ARE PROVEN KILLERS AND ARE VERY ADDICTIVE !

    It just is wrong to keep some thing so good from so many to stop people from using something that cant harm anyone and in the end they use other things that are much more deadly and addictive ? WTF ?

    The way I see it our laws are outdated and absurd and are making the U.S. Look like fools governed by fools !

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  6. I like the frying egg ad – “this is your brain on drugs…” it always makes me want a fried egg sandwich.

  7. It’s my understanding that this website has tried to get rid of the scammers and trolls, but is unable to do so, and gets no response from Disqus. It seems we are stuck with them, kinda like those ads for drug counseling and addiction (or how about the mug shots, or even the infected toe nail?).

  8. Apocalyptik Green on

    Never buy from these scammer scumbags. You ppl make me sick. You make cannabis look bad as you bring the negative things about weed to the front stage consistently. So go pack sand with your scams!

    Hooray for Uraguay! Worldwide legalization is less than one generation away. Keep spreading the facts about Cannabis and don’t be an asshole scammer lol

  9. A google search on that phone number shows that whoever has been spreading it around has been advertising every color of the illicit drug rainbow over the internet (more than I even knew existed — who is this Molly lady?) for at least a year.
    Which means it’s either a cop using the same number over and over, or a scammer who has been cashing in on the gullibility of people for a good long while. Either way, it should be avoided.

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  13. We’re shooting down the inaccurate message, not the messenger.

    Hey, let’s talk about the origin of your avatar name, or maybe we could talk about who’s been feeding you this distorted picture of drugs, marijuana in particular? Or I guess we could talk about the quality of weed in Jamaica…

  14. An unusual avatar name choice, certainly, but I’m sure it has to do with some foreign thing that I don’t understand (but a history of prison sex seems possible too).

    My first out-loud chuckle of the day, gracias… This is me, bowing to your comedic talent.

  15. Uh huh — Carl Sagan wasn’t *that* smart, was he?
    Or Sir Richard Branson. Or Bill Gates. Or Steve Jobs.
    Based on your comments, I’d say prohibition lowers intelligence even more.

    Besides, the link you provided is a prop piece about cannabis and mental illness — your link doesn’t say boo about intelligence.

    I suppose you haven’t read the recent harvard study (as in this year, not 2003) which proved there isn’t a correlation between using cannabis and mental illness. There was an article about it — on this blog — only a few days ago.

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  18. Its called moderation, anything in excess from boxing to working nights shifts can have detrimental effects on your health and mental state.

  19. “Penal Prince” ??
    your name says it all… someone who benefits from incarcerating people. sorry buddy, time to look for a new job

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  21. Foxeh Chandonnet on

    Good thing Marijuana isnt a drug…its just a plant. And if its so bad, explain the Compassionate IND, a US run Federal Government Program that has been providing marijuana to patients since 1976? It still exsist, provides marijuana as medicine to patients who, without it, would no longer have a quality of life to endure their pain and sickness. The marijuana is grown at the University of Mississippi, and is rolled, packaged and distributed under Federal Supervision. Marijuana is only illegal because of the Racist Agenda of Harry J. Anslinger who was quoted as saying “Reefer makes niggers and darkies think they are as good as white ppl”. And it was only MADE illegal thru a loophole in the constitution that allows us to legislate morality. Because Marijuana was associated with ‘immoral’ things such as “Mexicans, Niggers, Hippies, Degenerates and Homosexuals”. Not my words, just the Political Air that surrounded what made Marijuana illegal. Also, your wrong, it was discovered in the 60’s and 70’s that Marijuana ENHANCED your sexuality, and Politicians were lied to by men like Anslinger; being told that Mexicans and Niggers are smoking it, sneaking into white neighborhoods and raping white women. Look up and read “Weller, RA and JA Halikas, “Marijuana Use and Sexual Behavior,” Journal of Sex Research (1984) 20:186″ and you will see.

  22. firetheliberals on

    The pharma companies are quaking in their boots as their markets for prescription drugs will disappear before their eyes.
    Cannabis will replace whole lines of expensive pharmaceuticals as it is finally proven to have curative effects through massive legal use.

  23. Conservatives4Legalization on

    I can’t wait to see the impact this will have on the U.S. and other countries. Its very exciting to see the beginning of the end of the “War on Marijuana”.

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