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Uruguay Expected To Legalize Marijuana Tuesday


uruguay marijuana legalizationCourtesy of The Joint Blog

On Tuesday, Uruguay’s Senate will vote on historic legislation to make their nation the first in the world to legalize recreational cannabis. The Senate is expected to approve the proposal, which was initially introduced by the nation’s President, José Mujica, and has already been approved by the Uruguay House of Representativesand the Senate Health Commission. Approval in the Senate on Tuesday will send the measure to Mijuica’s, who will quickly sign it into law. It will take effect after 120 days.

Under this new law, the possession of up to 40 grams of cannabis, as well as the private cultivation of up to 6 plants, will be legal for all adults 18 and older. In addition, cannabis will be sold through cannabis clubs, and medical cannabis will be distributed through pharmacies. According to officials, the government will sell cannabis for around $1 a gram.

Although places like Amsterdam tend to tolerate cannabis use, and in some instances even distribution, no country, since the beginning of cannabis prohibition, has outright legalized cannabis. Uruguay would instantly set a positive precedent for the world to follow.

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  1. If you want a good coffee shop, Amsterdam is still the place to be. The Uruguayan government doesn’t want “drug tourists” (their words, not mine). Only locals will be able to purchase in a legal setting. Sorry for being a buzzkill.

  2. The Final Liberation is upon us ! Just a little more patience, and good faith ! The shitstorm is passing, faster than we might think ! Peace all !

  3. The beginning of a world wide movement towards legalization. Thank you to the brave folks that pushed this through, you will be remembered throughout history for this monumental first step.

  4. Yeah man…you have to mention aswell that this year ther were aswell major reforms, that might seem little, but they are not. For example legalization of Abortion, bringing to light the number of abortions that really practiced. The legalization of gay marriage that recognizes the right of gay people to contract marriage. This “regularization” of cannabis, meaning is not legalizing the drug itself, it´s a regularization. This means control over the consumption, and engaging in education about drugs, and combat to narcotraffic by peacefull means and not engaging in a war against drugs that has proven to be a waste of resources and lives. Another law reform is allowing couples that are unable to have children to have the right of up to 3 tries in in-vitro fertilization for free. Uruguay advances and is trying to be an example to the world. Follow us.

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