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Uruguay Government Launches Marijuana Cultivation Training Courses


uruguay marijuana legalizationCourtesy of The Joint Blog

Last December, Uruguay became the first country to legalize the sale of recreational cannabis. Now, in an effort to curb black market trafficking, the country’s National Cannabis Federation has launched cultivation training courses for local citizens interested in learning how to grow their own.

Taught by experienced growers, the courses will cover everything from initial seed germination to harvesting techniques and curing, as well as tips on how to prevent pests and provide proper fertilization. “It’s about learning to care for the plant, but also about the user’s own use,” says Efe Antonella, a cultivation expert who will be directing one of the workshops.

Citizens will be able to purchase up to 40 grams a month from cannabis clubs that should open soon (the Uruguaian Legislature has until April to finalize regulations for the legal market), but residents have been permitted to grow up to 6 plants of their own since December.

“The main advantage of self-cultivation is that the consumer knows exactly what [he or she]is smoking, is aware of the process and know what products has taken him to the ground,” says Antonella.

Residents are already signing up for the courses, citing reasons ranging from medical necessity, to just for fun.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  1. Are you saying I have to join Gmail? C’mon, do I have to? I mean, either you could join nmcannabisreview or I could join Gmail… :)

  2. If you have a Gmail account and look for the Google community called Grow Weed DWC, you’ll find me there.

  3. I had not read that section before, but I found it interesting. I love it that terpenes and terpenoids are still mysterious. That mystery is part of what makes it the Sacred Herb to me and I suspect all the answers won’t be found until long after I’m dead! In any case, I sure don’t know them!
    I keep telling my MMJ friends that percentage of THC displayed at dispensaries means very little to me and I’ve actually seen 20% weed that did not have the same strong effect as 15% or even lower. With all methods of ingestion, there is probably some degradation of
    terpenes, etc, even before it gets to your pipe or papers, so “loss” is also kind
    of misleading, since the concentrated THC has other stony effects in
    BHO, for instance.There seems to be a magical blend of terpenes, CBDs, and all the other compounds, and nothing really compares to the “whole enchilada” IMO.
    And speaking of enchiladas, yes, I’ve been to Cali but they don’t have anything there that compares to Garcia’s Kitchens!

  4. Um… I think your bitcoin account has been confiscated by the feds, Mr. Sabet. You might try just asking your usual drug connections for the cannabis strain you are seeking. Did you try asking Rush Limbaugh or one of the Kennedys?

  5. “Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass [and weeds], I can appreciate persistence.”
    Hal Borland, brainyquote.com

  6. I’m confused (not an unusual occurrence). I was reading this website, under the terpenoid heading, and it says that terpenes and terpenoids do not survive the heating process for waxes and BHOs. Like, at all.

    Now, I have a lot of belief in terpenes as part of the whole package of medicinal cannabis, but this website says they don’t ever survive chemical processing, right?

    But, if essential oils can be extracted from plants that include fragrant terpenoids, why then couldn’t this type of processing also be performed for cannabis, saving the precious terpenoids?

    And, is this the difference in effects in smoking versus vaping? You’ve lost the terpenoids?

    I can’t figure out when to use the term terpenes or terpenoids — no wonder everyone just uses the term terpenes to describe both. Thanks for the link, looks like a great website! (El Cuervo reminds me of Mexican food, have you been to Cali?)

  7. I swear I’m not a spammer and have nothing to do with them, but if you’re growing in the US and you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to check out http://growweedeasy.com/. I still found plenty to learn there even though I’ve had a lot of successful crops before.

  8. i would like info in courses to take up as a career in vermont or to the closest too me if you could

  9. Nah, you can’t go private in disqus, at least I’ve never heard of that. We might be able to chat a little better on nmcannabisreview, but it’s not a disqus site. You’d have to sign in, and then wait to be approved. A hassle, I know. I’m trying to figure out a way to give you some kind of hint about my email address, but…

  10. I AM a weirdo, but the good kind. ;) I’m not sure how to go private in Disqus, but I don’t wanna publish my email on this spammy site!

  11. If I’m not mistaken, those coordinates will land me smack-dab in the Matrix. Are you sure the doctor delivers inside my fake-reality bubble? (And remember… There Is No Spoon.)

  12. It will take me awhile to save up to move, so I will still be here for Senator Pino’s bill. And I sure would like to see everyone wearing green shirts (or something) throughout this year, just for luck! (I’m part Irish.)

    I’ve been looking into the rules for co-ops, and it seems possible to get around them, but I’m still not sure. It has to be cheaper than buying from the dispensaries, though, right?

    How do we communicate further? (I swear I’m not a weirdo.)

  13. Their president is one of my heroes for having the courage to his life by principles, too. Don’t you wish our president could drive a VW to work?

  14. I love to grow my own and I live in NM. We should just start our own co-op and keep it quiet. It would be great to swap strains just to keep variety in our lives!
    Besides, tried to live in Colorado once and its biggest failing is that it is not New Mexico! But if you do decide to leave,don’t forget to call your state senator and tell him/her to support Gerald Ortiz y Pino’s legalization bill before you go!

  15. The Dr. delivers too,, Elephant Island Antarctica,,. We have no phones, only a global radio. He contacted us by radio and all strains are being shipped on the next available icebreaker,, The Dr. said no problem.
    61°08′S 55°07′W,,

  16. Cannabis clubs — that’s what I want, here in New Mexico. But it appears our law was written so that co-ops and clubs aren’t legal, even for patients. Colorado, are you ready to welcome New Mexican MMJ refugees?

  17. Intergalactic Pimp on

    Not only does the government legalize it, they teach you how to grow it?! Man, that’s some alternate reality sh!t right there.

  18. stellarvoyager on

    Congratulations to the people of Uruguay! Live long and prosper, as they say on Vulcan.

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