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Uruguay Senate Committee Approves Marijuana Legalization


uruguay marijuana legalizationCourtesy of The Joint Blog

Uruguay’s Senate Health Commission has approved a proposal to legalize the possession, use, sale and private cultivation of cannabis for adults 18 and older.The proposal, which has already been approved by the nation’s full House of Representatives, now moves towards a full Senate vote, which is expected next month. If the Senate approves the measure – as predicted – it will go to President José Mujica for final consideration; Mujica has been one of the biggest supporters of cannabis legalization in Uruguay, and has confirmed that he will sign the bill into law if given the chance.

Under the proposed legislation, the possession and government distribution (through designated cannabis clubs and pharmacies) of up to 40 grams of cannabis would be entirely legalized for adults, as would the private cultivation of several cannabis plants.

According to Uruguay officials, the nation plans to sell the cannabis at just a $1 a gram, in an attempt (and quite a brilliant one) to undermine the black-market.

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  1. Les lobbies sont à l’affût, au mois de mai 2014, tout les fumeurs du monde entier vont planter leurs graines, une pour eux et une autre gratuites pour l’autre. Lobbies, Mafias, États sans sous, ne comptez pas sur nous, marijuana will be free..

  2. Brazilian Activist on

    I’m so happy for Uruguay!
    My hopes now are for Brazil. People here are so living in the past century…

  3. This will be the first of many impoverished countries to see the value in a simple drug that has NEVER killed anyone and makes the citizens CALM DOWN. How long will it be before the rest of the world understands this?

    Maybe not too friggin long now …huh?

    Thank You brave people of Uruguay for understanding good business instead of politics.

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