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Uruguay Wants To Sell Legal Marijuana For $1 Per Gram


uruguay marijuana legalizationI have always pointed out that Oregon has some of the lowest marijuana prices in America. I am referring to high quality marijuana, not schwag. Schwag is cheap in Oregon too, but not as cheap as it is in border states in the Southwest. In Oregon, purchasing 3.5 grams of good marijuana for $20 is very common. Thats about $5.71 per gram. I can get ounces for $125 in Oregon, which drops the price to about $4.46 per gram. The cheapest I have ever seen marijuana in Oregon that was good enough that I would smoke it would be $900 per pound for some sun grown marijuana from Southern Oregon. That’s right around $2 per gram.

It looks like Uruguay is out to beat Oregon and the rest of America by selling legal marijuana for $1 per gram. I haven’t ever smoked Uruguay marijuana, so I’m not sure how good it is. But if it’s as good as medium grade sun grown marijuana in Southern Oregon or better, that would be an amazing deal. If it’s for schwag, that’s actually a bit of a price gouge.

According to The Huffington Post:

The El Pais newspaper reported Sunday that drug chief Julio Calzada says marijuana sales should start in the second half of 2014 at a price of $1. He says the idea isn’t to make money, but to wrench the market away from illegal dealers. Calzada said in August that the price would be around $2.5 per gram.

Another thing that I’m curious about is are these numbers converted to American dollars, and if so, what is the inflation rate of Uruguay compared to America? As the currencies in both countries change, the comparison in prices will change too. As I stated before, I’ve seen decent marijuana sell in Oregon for $2 per gram, so Uruguay isn’t necessarily revolutionizing anything to us here in the Pacific Northwest. However, if you live in a state that doesn’t have good marijuana, or worse, hardly any marijuana, I’m sure $1 a gram sounds like a dream!


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  1. Dr B I’m interested in learning how to grow my own medicine. I’m new at this but here in Cali we get the medium grade medicine that doesn’t help for pain or anziety, the tolerance is terrible, at 20 and 55 dollars a gram for a fancy name that only gives you medium grade help there is not enough thc or cbd to help me get better but the price is high enough for me to go broke. I would have to go black market to get the real products but I don’t feel same or even know anyone who sales high grade medical marijuana. I have cancer and I’m trying to find any means to get rid of this. email me if you can teach me, I can be reached at gcastilleja@gmail.com,

  2. I get around, like the Seattle High Times Cannibus Cup. I think SoCal indoor blows away the Washington stuff. I know SW Oregon outdoor intimately, and I grow better in buckets outdoors in SoCal. Part of that is genetics : I grow from clones once a year. And Painkiller2, You too can supp;y yourself with just 3 clones, grown on 2 gallon buckets, on a south facing porch. Just have the clones be 2-3 wqeeks old and strongly rooted late July. Then move to buckets outdoors, and they will never get over 3 feet tall but bud out heavy. If you can protect grom caterpillars, you will get 2-3 ounces per plant of good B+ smoke.

  3. You mention CBD (only?) strains and I am ever curious about this subject. Do patients see improvement right away with these strains, or does it take time for the cannabis to build up in their systems? Do you have any patients treating chronic pain with a high CBD strain?

  4. I am still in mourning for Bob, the cactus that I accidently murdered 10 years ago. It was a brutal loss, so, no more tending plants for me. You know how dogs and babies don’t like certain people? Yeah, well, the whole plant world will forever hold a grudge against me because of poor, dead Bob. I really don’t like to talk about it…

    I get the feeling that I’m going to have to stay put for a couple of years until things settle down on the MMJ front. I may have one more move left in me, but it needs to be the last one, know what I mean jelly bean? Cheers!

  5. Most of the collectives are delivery only in my area, we have a couple store fronts within 10 miles. There are lots of store fronts in Seattle, and a few in Bremerton, depends on the city.. The spinning was just a figure of speech lol I’m a hybrid man myself, that’s about all I grow besides a couple CBD strains for cancer patients. Look up cities in WA on thcfinder.com that will give you a good idea.

  6. No problem, brother, if you ever want to know how to grow, hit me up I can show you how to do amazing thing in very little space. My max is 45 plants, I do it in 18. You will not kill them, you will freak when you see how easy it can be. I may be closing the doors if WA does away with medical and home grows…..back to old school :)

  7. I only meant that $10 was too much for me (and probably for a lot of people in my situation). But, no, $10 is not too much to pay for the great strains. I’m paying about $14-$15/gr now at one place and $400 per oz at another, but sadly won’t be able to do so for much longer. Some of the strains have been worth the price, but about 60% of them, I would estimate, have not been. My medicine is breaking my budget, man!

    I know it would be cheaper in the long run to grow my own, but really, I have absolutely no ability in this area. Like none. I cannot afford to pay to grow my own, and then watch all the lovely plants die (like I have watched many, many of my plants die over the years).

    There is more difficulty in figuring out how to afford my cannabis medicine than there was in figuring out which prescription health insurance plan to buy. I’m just looking to figure it all out, that’s all. I’m not a business person or a college graduate, just a plain, ordinary, every-day MMJ patient. Just lookin’ for the facts, man, just the facts, and so thanks for taking the time to clue me in. :)

  8. I lived in Cali for a couple of years (before MMJ) and, I dunno, been there done that. I looked closely at Seattle before deciding to move to New Mexico because I really like the rain. And other reasons. But I couldn’t afford it. Bummer.

    I don’t like getting dizzy or “spinning” but I might just take you up on a visit one day. (I like hybrids, in case you were wondering.) The way things are going, I’m not sure where the safest or cheapest place would be for me to be an MMJ patient, but I am always on the look out. I’m watching the goings-on in places like Washington state, Oregon, etc. I think I’ve given up on Colorado (too many conservative politicians and cities there).

    I noticed in this site’s listing for California dispensaries that some cities just have delivery services (or mostly). Anaheim (city of Disney), Orange County (rich people), and other areas have successfully kept store-front dispensaries from operating (I’m guessing). Looks like Colorado will end up the same way. Tell me how it looks where you’re at…

  9. Unfortunately, Uruguay has made it abundantly clear that weed tourists are not welcome. Only Uruguayans citizens will be allowed to buy weed. But I guess meat eaters are still welcome, however.

  10. While I commend Uruguay for legalizing, I am saddened by their parochial “we don’t want to be like Amsterdam, tourists not welcome” bit. But they are a sovereign country and it’s their loss, not mine.

  11. Well if you ever make it to WA, I guarantee, I will spin your wheels. lol Cali is better as far as tourisim goes though…. they got us there!

  12. I don’t know if you grow, but 10 is bare bones on a good indoor grow at patient production level. To come close to compete with a “Normal” job. $10 a gram is only at 4 grams and under realistically. I get the evil eye if I ask more then 2000-2100 a lb. I’m running at about $7.14 at the OZ level 4.41 at the lb level to compete in my local area. Let’s do some math. $3k for a year of power, 12k for a year rent of garden space, $900 a year in water, $200 a year in bulbs (HPS/MH only) 250 a pop for LED (varies, usually last about a year) got 15 of those so we will just guess at $1000 a year replacement cost, 100 a year for nutrients (Hydro) so we get about 28,000 a year in overhead. I can produce 9lb every 6 months, that’s $18,000 at 2k a lb…..36,000 a year. minus overhead leaves 8k split 3 ways (min 3 card holders for a collective 2,666 per card. Now add in delivery cost and your paying to help people. Which I don’t mind…. I just hate when people say $10 is too much! I produce 1-2 hit meds A+++ strains, this breakdown does not include, delivery cost, wages of any kind, seeds, all my tank building cost, grow construction cost, phone cost, internet listing cost, business cards, PH and PPM equipment, rock, rockwell, cloning supplies, snips, timers, reverse osmosis system, lab testing on each strain, it goes on and on If I was not disabled with a lot of volunteers, I could not afford to help people.

  13. I wish I could buy marijuana for a dollar a gram. Even two dollars a gram would be fine with me.

  14. Possibly – but more than likely it’s the difficulty in a 50 yr old to FIND good weed. I can relate. Just don’t run in the same circles as the good weed anymore.

  15. Considering that medical cannabis is not covered under any health insurance plan,
    $10 is still too much. :(
    We need an MMJ ACA.

  16. Outdoor, indoor, does it matter? Just looking for where the best is…

    I have never had the pleasure of consuming Cali weed. Oh, sure, I’ve heard all the hype. (Did a Cali surfer REALLY invent no-seeds bud and The Joint?) But I am no judge, so we’re going to have to wait for other responses. I guess we’ll see who thinks their bud is the best (and who doesn’t care one way or another)… the gauntlet has been thrown!

    I mean, if we’re going to have cannabis tourism, I need to know where the best bud is located. (Who needs to dream about Amsterdam anyway?)

  17. Your talking outdoor right? Cuz I got indoor weed every bit as good as anything grown in Cali or anywhere else for that matter. I grew up on Cali weed in Santa Cruz.

  18. No, and I I am not sure of the retail gram price, I heard $17-$22… either way, if it’s more then 10, State is going to be suckin. Silverado is 100% on target with everything else he said.

  19. The 3.5 grams for a dub is a gross miscalculation. You only get that if you buy straight from the dealer, if that. 3.5 grams is closer to an eighth.

  20. Will a patient strain ever beat a grower’s strain? (And I think you may be exaggerating on the $30/gram price just… a… tad…) :)

  21. Dittos for western Washington compared to Oregon – it’s the same story here. Excellent pot is everywhere and it’s cheap. Kind of hard to imagine that this all goes away because they want to outlaw all home growing to sell $30+ a gram pot in state stores whenever they open for business sometime next year. Every grower I know ain’t putting the grow lights away just yet either. $30 a gram state approved weed means that everyone who has some for sale priced below that “high water mark” should do rather well in that new endeavor …..certainly better than the ham strung state stores that should fail within that following year due to that faulty pricing model dreamed up…..somewhere else. That they now have floated the idea of NO HOME GROWING WHATSOEVER while they sell state approved “unsalestaxed” cannabis to patients in place of what now passes for medical cannabis and I’m predicting a coming golden era of home grown and produced cannabis by sick people (and everyone else who sees the….opportunity) that will be on an epic scale which WILL assure a couple of things here in Washington state:

    a. Continued cheap though now black market cannabis and it’s ease of availability
    b. The assured failure of the poorly thought out state sponsored and approved recreational cannabis scheme

    No matter what happens, that….”cannabis growing Genie” ain’t ever going back in that bottle here in this state (or anywhere else) especially after a taste of….cannabis freedom & liberty that we have enjoyed up to….now. Anyway, we wish them good luck. With a hairbrained scheme like this in place, they’ll certainly need it. And in closing, it sure ain’t Uruguay, is it??

  22. I wonder about the quality, California has some of the best cannabis in the world, $1 a gram sure does sound good, the medicine should be affordable to everyone.

  23. Uraguay does not want to be another amsterdam.tourist not welcome.also high grade organic sinsemilla you tend to everyday like a family member making sure its happy and healthy has to demand top dollar.just go to somewhere like whole foods and see how much a heirloom organic tomato costs.cali has better weed than oregon because the weather up there sucks.

  24. This is the right price and the right attitude for legal weed. The high taxes created by US politicians and the greed of dispensary owners have inflated the price of medical marijuana to absurd levels.

  25. Really your saying that pot grown in Texas is shite? I can’t believe know one is growing clones of very good strains. You must just be in an unlucky area.

  26. firetheliberals on

    Anthony bourdain did a good show on uruguay. With legal weed and a meat eater society, I can imagine a good vacation destination.

  27. Google “Ukiah California”, move there, and get weed by walking down the street. Lol.

  28. I’m a native Texan and it’s as bad as I’ve seen here! I’m 56 years old and have lived all over the world and it sucks here! Could get better grass in the 70’s! Time to relocate!

  29. The best comment I read on Huff Post was: And in an unrelated story, Seth Rogan has applied for citizenship in Uruguay.
    (I hope that comment isn’t copyrighted or anything…)

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