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Uruguayans Can Now Apply To Grow Their Own Marijuana


uruguay marijuana legalizationUruguay is at the forefront of marijuana reform right now. Whereas some countries have quit enforcing marijuana prohibition, but technically still have it on the books as being illegal, Uruguay has officially legalized marijuana. It still isn’t sold in stores yet, but citizens can now sign up to grow their own marijuana. Per the Huffington Post:

People in Uruguay who want to grow their own marijuana at home were able to register to do so Wednesday as the government launched the latest phase in its first-of-its-kind legalization program.

Under a law that went into effect in May, citizens of Uruguay or legal residents who are at least 18 can grow marijuana for personal use if they register. There is a limit of six female plants, with an annual harvest of up to 480 grams.

After Uruguay legalized marijuana, it initiated a worldwide conversation about marijuana reform. Almost every Latin and South American country has at least talked about legalizing marijuana since Uruguay passed reform, and some countries are truly exploring the ideas. Latin and South America have been ravaged by cartels and organized crime, and legalizing marijuana would hurt those same cartels, which makes this type of reform very important. It also makes Uruguay’s implementation process very important too, as all eyes are watching how it goes. I’m confident it will go well, and hopefully other countries follow Uruguay’s lead.


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  6. Cavernous Jenny "Fetish Girl" on

    Its great people there can grow. The 480 gram limit will not work for some people. Those with health issues will need much more than that per year. Hopefully the rules can be bent for those in medical need

  7. wow. that one got through. click over to Toke and click on some of the links to get the (almost) whole story. F*** your censorship, weed blog!

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  9. “The legislation, which went into effect in May, allows for the growing of pot by licensed individuals, the formation of growers and users clubs, the sale by pharmacies of 40 grams of pot a month to registered users and the tracking of legally grown marijuana through a system of genetic markers of authorized plants.”-AP
    Bad. All bad. This reeks of corporate influence. So what are the “approved genetics” of authorized plants? (besides being limited to 15% THC) Is growing a male to produce your own seed illegal?(as this would subvert their tracking system through “genetic markers”)

  10. forgive me for being less than fully informed, but I thought the people of Uruguay were rejecting the marijuana legalization. I thought that it might not happen. Am I just wrong? Articles like this seem to say that I am. Which is good, of course.

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