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US Attorney General Expresses Support For States’ Rights On Marijuana Policy


loretta lynch attorney generalUnless you have lived under a rock your whole life, than you are aware that the federal government considers marijuana to be illegal in all forms. You also know that some states have legalized marijuana in medical and recreational form. This of course has led to a lot of issues and tension between the feds and states. The Obama Administration has issued some limited policy changes that has resulted in less intervention in states that have legalized.

Has the Obama Administration gone far enough? Of course not. There is still A LOT that needs to be done. But things could certainly be worse. The Obama Administration seems to at least be open to states legalizing marijuana, provided that a lot of issues are mitigated. A member of Obama’s cabinet, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, echoed that stance this last week when she did an interview for NBC. Per an article that legendary activist Tom Angell posted on Marijuana.Com:

The nation’s top cop thinks states should be allowed to legalize marijuana, but believes the federal government has a role to play in keeping cannabis away from kids and stopping interstate trafficking in the drug.

“I think states have to make those decisions on their own. They listen to their citizens and they take actions,” said Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd on Thursday. “What we have said and what we continue to say is that states have to also have a system designed to, number one, mitigate violence associated with their marijuana industries. And number two, and perhaps most importantly, keep young people, children away from the products.”

This statement is an oversimplification of the Obama Administration’s position on marijuana policy. There is obviously still a lot that the federal government does to support marijuana prohibition in states that meet the criteria the AG mentioned. Oregon for instance fits the criteria, yet the federal government still spends hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on marijuana eradication. I want to see the Obama Administration push for something that is lasting. Up until this point everything that Obama has done for marijuana reform can be easily undone the second a different President took office if they sought to make such changes.


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  1. “The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.”
    Carl Sagan

  2. That shows the insanity of the current situation. Any Physician can prescribe Fentanyl lollypops for any condition they see fit. But in 27 states American Oncologists are prevented from prescribing Medical Marijuana for their Cancer Patients, and Neurologists can’t prescribe “Charlottes Web” to kids with Dravet’s Syndrome even when its the only thing that can save their lives.

    I’m a Scientist with a strong interest in Cancer research.

    The only places you can’t get Marijuana on college campuses are hospitals and research labs.

    Meanwhile, in Florida, for example, there are quacks on nearly every corner who will prescribe you Oxycontin for any reason or no reason at all.

    The whole situation is nuts.

  3. It’s NOT a failed war on drugs if you are a cartel or LEO. The only reason for MJ cartels is the federal governments prohibition and the same goes for the DEAth. It’s not about winning it’s about the $$$ and jobs created in the process. There is more money to be made from one day of war than there is a month of peace.

  4. This is all well and good but here in Washington state the feds just sentenced the Kettle Falls 5,actually it’s 4 now that Larry Harvey has died from his illness, to prison time. Seems like the DOJ needs to reign in their dogs. And isn’t that a wonderful way for the Feds to treat a dying cancer patient,instead of dying peacefully with his family by his side Larry had to pass on with the fear that his family could be in prison and everything he worked for could be lost.

  5. 82% of American Oncologists want their Cancer patients to be able to use Medical Marijuana.
    85% of Americans want Medical Marijuana to be legal in all 50 states.
    Medical Marijuana is a “Wonder Drug” for American Cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy.
    For American Children with Dravet’s syndrome, Medical Marijuana is a matter of life and death.
    Americans, including American Children are suffering and dying, needlessly.
    Its a moral imperative that Marijuana be removed from Schedule 1 immediately so American Physicians in all 50 states can prescribe it on the same basis as every other medication.

  6. Its good to hear that Attorney General Lynch agrees that the Federal Government shouldn’t get in the way of states rights to legalize Marijuana.
    Hopefully, she’ll take the step that the AMA, ASCO (The American Society of Clinical Oncologists), the AAFP (The American association of family Physicians), the Surgeon General and so many other Scientists, Physicians, and Scientific and Medical professional societies have been asking for for years and remove Marijuana from Schedule 1 immediately.

  7. This is good from her. She has been on record saying that she is against legalization. But if she is on board with staying out of the way of the states that legalize. Then that is good enough for me. But it would be great to see her put forth her full support of full on legalization. All of the fed government needs to wake up and end this failed war on marijuana.

  8. Marijuana is a “Wonder Drug” and a “Gift from God” for America’s Cancer Patients.
    Its a moral imperative that action be taken at the Federal level to make Medical Marijuana available in all 50 states on the same basis as every other medication.
    If you’re an American man you’ve got a 1 out of 2 chance of getting Cancer and a 1 out of 2 chance of dying from it.
    If you’re an American woman, you’ve got a 1 out of 3 chance of getting Cancer and a 1 out of 2 chance of dying from it.
    Every minute yet another American dies of Cancer.
    America’s Cancer patients can’t wait.
    Don’t wait until you or someone you love gets Cancer to get involved in getting Medical Marijuana removed from Schedule 1.
    By then it will be too late.

  9. This year 1.6 MILLION Americans will be diagnosed with Cancer.
    Half of them will eventually die from it — after suffering horribly.
    Every American Cancer patient deserves the right to have safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana.
    Every. Single. One.

  10. Harm from prohibition is worse than harm from marijuana. Please recall there is already a booming illicit marijuana market in the US. Most voters when polled agree that smart regulation with harm reduction using science is better for citizens than the results from decades of the War on Drugs. Even in Oregon, our medical marijuana law (1998) and personal use over 21 law (2014 with final Rules pending) has made Oregon more livable than the prohibition we had before. And in Oregon, like alcohol prohibition, the local governments who want to prohibit retail sales of any marijuana can stay “dry” if they choose. What a waste of taxes the DEA continues anti-marijuana operations in Oregon.

  11. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Cannabis is so much more than its seedless, female flowers, or “marijuana,” which can be smoked for a high. The fibers and pulp from cannabis stalks, as well as the amazing oils pressed from the plants’ seeds, are the source of “hemp” products that cannot be consumed for inebriation at all. There was never a “good reason,” beyond the imposition of pure tyranny, to ban the cultivation of cannabis.

  12. Lawrence Goodwin on

    A truly awesome lady named Buffy Sainte-Marie sings it best: “…Put Mother Nature on a luncheon plate/They cut her up and call it real estate…No, no, Keshagesh, you can’t do that no more (no more, no more, no more).”

  13. Marijuana has its bad points as do other substances of it’s caliber. For example, I DO experience minor irritability for about 3 days following abstinence and, like alcohol, some people seem to get more addicted to it than other people. Personally, I believe that pot is less addictive and causes less harm to the individual than alcohol or cigaretts. The main reason to end prohibition as I see it is the double standard. I am not for legalizing all drugs; not even cocaine. But the double standard causes disrespect for law in general. Laws should have good reasons for being on the books I.e. not arbitrary. Marijuana should not be a schedule one drug either. Let us be consistent.

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