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US House Narrowly Denies Medical Marijuana For Veterans


congress medical marijuanaDoctors at Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals are not allowed to talk about medical marijuana with patients. A bill was introduced that would have lifted that ban. The bill came up for a vote this week, and sadly, it was defeated by just three votes. Below are reactions from Tom Angell from the Marijuana Majority and United States Representative Earl Blumenauer:

“While it’s disappointing that the House just voted to continue a senseless rules that prevents doctors from treating military veterans with a medicine proven to work for a number of serious conditions, the fact that we came so close is a good sign of things to come. It is no longer considered politically risky for elected officials to work on scaling back the failed federal war on marijuana, as the 210 ‘yea’ votes we just saw demonstrates. This is just the first in what will be a series of important marijuana votes in Congress this year, and we expect to win more than we lose, just like we did last year.” said Tom Angell.

And a press release from Earl Blumenauer:

Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) released the following statement on last night’s narrow defeat of his Equal Access Amendment to the FY 2016 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations bill, which would make it easier for qualified veterans to access medical marijuana.

“Last night, the House of Representatives narrowly defeated my proposal, which would have allowed veterans to consult with VA doctors about medical marijuana in states where medical marijuana is legal. While the defeat was frustrating, it demonstrated support in the first vote on marijuana policy in this Congress.

“We were able to make the case publicly to members and their staff about the inequity of a situation where 213 million Americans live in states where they have access to medical marijuana, yet veterans are denied the ability to be helped by their VA primary care provider. Forcing them, at their own expense and trouble, to find somebody else who doesn’t have the same doctor-patient relationship with them for their medical needs is not only not fair, but it’s not best medical practice.

“While opponents provided false information that medical marijuana has no therapeutic value, we were able to drive home the point that the current system, which denies veterans medical marijuana but overprescribes them highly addictive and dangerous opioids, is the real scandal.

“These arguments carried the day for 210 of my colleagues, which was 15 more than last year, even with eight members absent and not voting, several of whom are sympathetic to the bill. There were 13 more Republicans this year voting yes, and there were 10 fewer Democrats voting no.

“All in all, this is an extraordinarily strong showing. This year’s much closer vote signals that we are in an excellent position to be able to pass simple, commonsense legislation to deal with the realities of the legal business of marijuana across the country – including legislation to allow state-legal marijuana businesses to deduct business expenses and to no longer have to operate on a cash-only basis.”


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  1. If your head wasn’t so far up the fascists’ asses, you’d see that I did not prove your point. You’d also see that you have again ignored the points I made, in this case, the fact that I just happen to vote for the people with whom I most agree.

    And this thread is 100% about the fact that only 14% of the fascist fucks you vote for voted for this bill, while 96% of the people I vote for did.

    And, yes, Hillary supports an amendment to get money out of politics. She also is raising money, because it would be stupid to try to run for office without raising any, HUH? Or do you really want Jeb Bush as President?

    Just itchin’ to get lied into another ground war in Asia, HUH?

  2. “Got that? I look at all the candidates and vote for the one who most agrees with me”

    “Those people just happen to have almost always been Democrats or Green Party”

    Thanks for proving my point! As long as they’ve got a D next to their name. Got that? ROFLMAO! You’re as transparent as a Sandwich baggie!

    This thread is 99.9995% about the failures of DWS and John Lewis. Yet you’re so focused in on this conversation, that you took it back to ONE comment dealing with NY19. You do this, to score a point. That’s exactly what conversations with you are. They’re a competition! You don’t care about the ISSUE itself. You could actually care less about that, It’s more about “getting Dems/Progressives” elected” (Your words not mine)

    Peace man…. I’m out!

  3. There you go again… Making unsubstantiated assertions about people again. You keep stating I’m Republican, yet have NO proof. I mean, PROVE I’m a Republican! You continue to make assertions about people as FACT, when you wouldn’t know who I was if I walked up and put your nose on the BACK of your head! But you CLAIM you know everything about someone. Even if I WERE a Republican, it wouldn’t change the fact that DWS & John Lewis let Veterans down, PERIOD!

    Lemme ask you this Scotty, this SHOULD settle it about who’s partisan and who’s not?
    Who are YOU voting for? Hmmmm… Tough choice eh? I bet YOU knew who you were voting for 4 years BEFORE the 2016 election. Even before she declared as a candidate. OOPS, I exposed you again!

    I’m about done with you again! Trust me, your mantra never changes, however WRONG you are, you’ll continue to TRY to defend your position, often making unsubstantiated assertions about people. I must say you’re consistent though. Almost autistic like in obsessing over politicians because they have a “D” behind their name. (Your words, not mine)

    You SAY you care about legalization of cannabis, but when we look back at most ALL of your posts they say the same thing… “It’s all Republicans fault, blah, blah, blah. 132% of those w/ a D by their name voted YES, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah”.

    Not bad when we needed 135% of those w/a D by their name to vote YES in order to pass the legislation. THEY are the ones you’re attempting to TELL us “support legalization”. But 5 of those D’s didn’t even VOTE. Which NO matter how you slice it, is a NO vote!

    OOPS… The Leader of the D party, has TWICE w/in the last 6 months voted to keep marijuana ILLEGAL for her constituents. ALL b/c of the $$$ in politics you SAY you so hate. This politician who’s SUPPOSED to support legalization, withheld her support for MEDICAL Marijuana in Florida for her constituents b/c of donations given her campaign by Sheldon Adelsson and the Semblers. When HER district voted to approve it by a 52% majority. Guess what? It LOST by <2% of the vote in an OFF YEAR election (when elder Republicans, statistically ALWAYS vote in much higher numbers than Dems do) Had this politician given it her support? It would've PASSED in FL for her own constituents.
    Instead, she played politics w/people's lives!

    Fast forward 6 months and there's an "Amendment to a VA Directive" dealing with VETERANS who face PTSD daily. It's NOT to allow Veterans to actually USE marijuana. Only to remove the "gag order" placed upon VA Dr's that doesn't even allow them to MENTION alternative treatments for their PTSD. Even in Medical Marijuana States. Even when the R/x drugs they've SHOVED down your throat, have done nothing but increase the Veterans want to commit suicide EVERY DAY!

    On top of the gag order in place, we've got 22 Veterans a DAY committing SUICIDE in this country. Over 40% of those who served since 2001 have some form of PTSD! When the vote to remove that gag order and help Veterans to be able to even learn of alternative treatments. She ABSTAINED! Which records as a NO vote!

    Bottom line is, had she not played politics with VETERANS lives? Maybe we wouldn't have a Veteran commit suicide EVERY 9 minutes in this country!

  4. So you made a bet with YOURSELF that you couldn’t be ignorant enough to get me to respond to your bullshit assertions? When you bet on something, that generally means there’s ANOTHER party who says different, doesn’t it? Had you asked me, I wouldn’t have bet on that either! There’s certain times when someone such as yourself, allows their mouth to write checks your ASS can’t cash. There’s times that just DESERVE a response. You’re exactly like my 8 yr old.

    “You know when you told me NOT to ruin in the house? Well, well… I wasn’t running, but I was just walking REAL fast and broke the lamp.”

    You can cut & paste all you want. That still doesn’t change the fact that you’re STUPID! It IS what it is bro! No matter how many statements you C&P, therefore many times changing the meaning of what was said, to fit your agenda! It won’t change the spots on you Mr Leopard.

    However, NONE of that changes WHO and WHAT you are! You were born an ASSHOLE, and will remain one!

    As far as going back to quit responding to you? You can bet your ASS that’s gonna happen! But ya never know when I’ll pop back up now do you Scotty?

  5. “decision who to vote for just because they’ve got a D next to their name like you do”

    You never get tired of being wrong.

    I don’t vote for someone because of the D next to their name. I vote for people who agree with most of my policy positions. Those people just happen to have almost always been Democrats or Green Party.

    Got that? I look at all the candidates and vote for the one who most agrees with me.

    Do you do that? Or do you just vote for someone because of the “R”?

    Now, how much do you want to bet that the Republican who runs for NY19 is anti-weed?

    The odds are in my favor, you know, since 86% of Republicans in the US House voted to screw veterans on this vote.

  6. The only thing I’m upset about is not being able to take your money at PredictIt. Just like most Republicans, you’ll bullshit all day, but you won’t put your money where your mouth is.

    But I do find it interesting that you won’t admit being wrong about Hillary.

    That’s another thing about Republicans. They never, ever, admit they were wrong about anything. Iraq. Crashing the economy. Being asleep at the wheel for 911. Torture…

  7. The election’s a YEAR and 8 months away. I’m not one that makes MY decision who to vote for just because they’ve got a D next to their name like you do.

    It’s SAD that you’ve already made up your mind who you’re voting for and not ALL the candidates running for the office, have even declared yet. But your VOTE’S set huh?

    That’s what I like about you Scotty, you wait til ALL the facts are IN before making a decision! It’s your character! NOT!

  8. One need only look above to see all your bullshit ignorance and dropped points.

    My rep now, Gibson, is quitting. He’s a rare liberal Republican. We used to have a bunch of them up here. Not so much anymore.

    The next election will most certainly pit a conservative Republican against a progressive.

    That will give us a CHOICE (I know you wingnuts hate that word, but..) between a warmongering, anti-weed, fascist and a anti-prohibition progressive.

    This is important stuff. You really should pay attention. Cause when you’re faced with that choice, what do you do?

    You vote for the Republican. Because weed is down your list of issues, isn’t it?

    Now, you went back on your word to never talk to me again. What a shame.

  9. Right off the bat.

    ” I *still* don’t care who lost to Gibson. LOL”

    Of course you don’t. That’s the whole point. You’re so happy, and shocked, to see a Republican vote pro-pot, that you don’t realize that the choice we had was between a man who supports legalization, and a man who doesn’t. The man who doesn’t, Gibson, will not vote for legalization. And since this district could easily elect a progressive when Gibson leaves at the end of this term, it’s very important for people here, who might stumble across this giant Glibertarian Whine of yours, to know that we could’ve sent a guy who supports legalization to Washington. Instead, we got this Republican who occasionally makes a liberal vote.

    Of course, the pro-legalization guy is gay. So, you probably have some butt-hurt with that, huh?

    As for not having to wait for 2 years, which is certainly what you suggested when you said run against the Democrats (but not the Republicans–funny how you didn’t mention running against Republicans), is something we don’t have to do, then I will also try to get Predict It to create a market on whether this far right House of Representatives will, in the next two years, pass any kind of rescheduling.

    This far right house ain’t gunna pass shit. Vote them out.

    It’s really simple. But, then, you’ve got other reasons for wanting Republicans in there, and it really must get your shit that they’re so anti-pot. Try taking it out on them for a while, instead of the liberals you hate so much.

    And, finally, when you use the word divided, what’s the connotation, Wowzy? 50/50, huh? House divided and all…

    When you describe 96% to 4% as divided, it just shows what a disingenuous bullshitter you are.

  10. I responded to you solely b/c this is a Veterans issue and I’M a Veteran who deals w/PTSD! This Bill directly affects ME and my brethren as well as our families. Yet you’re not smart enough to figure that out! I responded b/c in your infinite wisdom of everything Progressive, you shot your mouth off about something you know NOTHING about! (AGAIN)

    You just had to come defend the indefensible b/c of your political ideology. NOTHING more, nothing less. You’re for nothing more than getting progressives elected. (Your own words) If their ideology just so happens to coincide with yours, that’s icing on the cake. If not, SCREW em! B/c Progressives know what’s best for everybody and will shove it down their throats even as they vocally object!

    Your “Progressives” SCREWED America’s Veterans b/c of $$$ that BILLIONAIRE Sheldon Adelsson gives her for her campaign and we can’t have that now can we? So the guy calling for less $$ in politics, only MEANS it when it’s not HIS candidate that’s being effected! YOU are the most transparent thing ABOUT Progressives. We see right through you.

    Trust me bro, I’m done responding to you again after this thread. I told you before though, you’ll never know when I’ll say something. You can bet your ass though that, I’ll be waiting for yet another STUPID comment, to shove it in your ass AGAIN. You give us so many opportunities to do so. But I’m selective of which ones I respond to. If it’s got NOTHING to do w/me? I just let you go on and on and on. Just like I do with my 6 and 8 yr old children.

    You don’t care about legalization. You’re concerned about getting progressives elected. Whether they’re on the WRONG side of an issue or not! You throw out %’s of this and that. You know what they say about statistics on the internet? 99% of %’s given on the internet are generally 100% pulled out of the authors ASS! All you do is manipulate numbers to look like they’re in your advantage. But when it came to the nut cuttin, the LEADER of the “Progressive” movement, sided with BILLIONAIRE Sheldon Adelsson, b/c HER vote would’ve passed the Amendment! PERIOD!

    I guess that small percentage of Democrats/Progressives you showed us that DON’T support legalization were a large enough Minority percentage to STOP the passage of the Amendment. So I can’t even be honest with my VA doctors about my cannabis use. Even though he’s seen what it’s done for me. He’ll release me as a patient and kick me out on the street for failing 1 (ONE) urine test. That’s really safe now isn’t it? Especially with the HEAVY R/x they’re being prescribed.

    See if these numbers fall into your percentages. 8 Democrats/Progressives opposed the Amendment. 3 Voted No on a “recorded vote”, 5 Dems/Progressives Abstained. Which is however you attempt to disguise it a NO vote! If it’s not counted as a Yes vote, it goes down as a NO vote. PERIOD!

    Again, we don’t have different degrees of chickenshit! Either you vote Yes, or it’s recorded as another NO vote! They don’t say… ” well she’s a Progressive, so even though she abstained we’re going to count out as a YES vote!” You can try to say that there were X Republicans who voted against it as well, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. First of all, we weren’t talking about Republicans! YOU again, were the one that brought them into the conversation. The largest problem with your argument however is that we KNOW where the Republicans mostly stand on this issue! They’re more than likely against giving ANYONE access to cannabis. WE as Veterans are addressing that issue with them every day! But the Dems/Progressives, we EXPECT them ALL to be on board with us. We’re fighting the GOP on this issue daily. We didn’t ever CONSIDER that we’d have to fight the Chairman of the DNC as well! We have limited resources, we don’t have enough of them to have to WASTE our time, attempting to convince someone who’s SUPPOSED to be on our side to begin with!

    Follow the $$$$$$ Scotty boy!

    See ya later my friend!

  11. LOLOL. Was there a coherent argument in here, anyplace? Nope, there was not. And yes, I looked. Took 20 minutes out of my life to examine another wall full of butt-hurt deflections. Let’s list them.

    1. You spent several sentences picking at a single adverb (blindly) that wasn’t part of *any* point I made — that word was part of a larger sentence which was a jab to your ego to remind you that *your* Republican representative is proof your generalizations are bullshit. I *still* don’t care who lost to Gibson. LOL

    2. “The overwhelming majority of Democrats supported the amendment, except these eight. If your Rep is a Democrat and on this list, you need to make sure they do not return in 2016.” That does not state or imply waiting two years to pass legislation. You are projecting your desire to wait onto my statement. My statement says what it says: legislative betrayal should not be rewarded by sending them back to DC.

    3. “I don’t give a shit about motives. I give a shit about how someone votes.” So you’re refusing to answer because you can’t even fathom WHY they voted wrong, either. That makes three points you failed to address.

    4. “Disingenuous bullshit.” Do I really have to point out how that’s not an argument? LOLOL Pathetic. “United” isn’t one of those semantically fuzzy terms. When something isn’t united, there’s a word for that: divided.

    5. “Good for the Republicans! Fucking Democrats.” You want me to argue about something someone ELSE said? No doubt, because it’s easier for you to handle. That’s even more pathetic.

    6. “Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act” The specifics of the vote are incidental and unimportant. The point was there are united votes, and that 96% is certainly NOT “about as close” as you can get to “united,” clearly disproving your assertion. In a classic “Scott” move, you lost this point, so you tried to tangent to another. Trying to tangent into the specifics of a random infrastructure amendment will not distract me, either.

    So out of all the things I brought up, you failed to address any of them adequately. And you failed to pull me down any of the tangents you tried spurring. But it’s Ok. I know you’re just panicked because your wife might be quietly considering a divorce and you’re trying to get every last poke in that you can before she makes you choose between your marriage and your internet activities. I’m not going to miss you, Scott. You’re everything that’s wrong with the Left.

  12. I’m fairly annoyed by his non-vote, as well. John Lewis is just a remnant of the REAL civil rights movement. He was in all the right places and knew all the right people… 50 years ago. One would think any civil rights veteran who has been around that long would recognize “The New Jim Crow” and try to do something about it. This amendment wouldn’t have knocked down the castle, but it would have been another chunk taken out of the wall.

  13. The Other LA on

    That doesn’t surprise me in the least. John Lewis used McCarthyite tactics in a debate with his opponent Julian Bond back in 1986. Julian Bond questioned the war on drugs, namely drug testing, and John Lewis made Julian Bond out to be some junkie enabler. It was pathetic and I completely lost all my respect for Lewis. Considering that his man has physical scars from the Civil Rights struggles in the sixties, it’s depressing that he would be so tone deaf about the senseless war on drugs.

  14. newageblues on

    John Lewis abstained. Oh all people not to know a civil rights issue when they see one…. Damn him for his ignorant ways.

  15. newageblues on

    Opinions vary on what her message was to veterans. What do you think her message was to veterans: I’m not with you, but I’m not against you either? I don’t think so.

    Hating on Wasserman-Schultz’s evil ways is in no way apologizing for Republican pigheadedness. MMJ is a life and death issue, and she’s too far out of line with the opinions of her party and the country, and too ignorant of what common decency requires. Taking her political scalp would be a great victory for reformers that would resonate widely. It would send a clear message that hating on MMJ is incompatible w/ a leadership position in the Democrat party.

  16. newageblues on

    Since 95% of potential H of R targets are Republican, they are going to be almost all the targets, I agree. But W-S should be target #1. For balance, and mainly because it’s important to show Democrat pols that having a MEDICINAL cannabis hater in a position of power is no longer acceptable to Dem voters. It would be an important lesson to other old and young Dem pol dinosaurs.

    You may be right that Dems will get rid of her as DNC chair, I was reading up a little on that, she’s disliked on personal grounds as much as anything else. But even if that happens she needs to be targeted in the 2016 primary as a lesson to other MMJ haters in positions of power.

  17. the fact that our politicians are willing to send us to war to be injured and possibly killed and then deny any medical care or even the recommendation of a particular drug shows how uncaring these people are towards our vets . those who voted to deny our vets anything should be fired.

  18. Hey, where’s your reply, big boy? I showed you how you’re wrong. Gave you the proof. Shoved it right in your fucking face. And what do you do? You run off to other comments and try to forget how fucking wrong you are about Hillary wanting a constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics.

    So, who you gunna vote for?

    Go put money on him to be the next President:


    We need more dumb money in there.

  19. Every one of those 205 Republicans, and the three who didn’t vote, were also deciding votes. In fact, switching a no vote is even better, because it’s one more yes and one less no.

    But, you don’t care about getting Republicans to do the right thing. You vote for them. You put them in office. You defend them. You love their war mongering, and dog whistles, and hippie punching.

    What a joke. Like your promise to never talk to me again….

    Hey, why don’t you take your awesome knowledge of politics and come try to take my money? You Republicans hate liberals so much, here’s your chance to take money out of my hands.


  20. And they will get rid of her. DNC chairs usually don’t hold their jobs long. And she was given the job in a midterm when liberals famously don’t vote (another reason this vote lost).

    ” the way regular people are held accountable when things go wrong”

    Yeah, like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and GW Bush were held accountable. Oh, wait…

    ” I expect most Republican pols to be pigs about this, that’s not news, it’s a given.”

    Ah, now we’re onto something… Rather than trying to defeat these fascist pigs, you just submit, call it a given, and give up… So, 205 Republican seats that you don’t even want to try to flip.

    That seems…. odd…. You want to target a handful of Democrats, but, those Republicans, yeah, they’re pigs, but what can you do? Oh well…

  21. Exactly. I see 8 Democrats to primary. Probably won’t help since their from districts with lots of cops and prison guards who depend on the drug war for their livelihoods. I see five Democrats with no balls to vote, meaning they’re either evolving, or in a district where a vote for this could hurt them. So, all together, 13 Democrats.

    I see 205 Republicans who voted no, and 3 who didn’t vote. That’s 208 Republicans to 13 Democrats.

    Now, if you were a marijuana reform outfit looking to make this issue a big one, a deciding factor in elections, where you going to put your money and effort?

    I would target the Republicans in districts where Hillary’s coattails could make the difference, since there’s so many more possibilities for success there.

    But, then, I’m a reasonable person who can see the math and logic of this.

  22. Opinions vary? On what? 205 Republicans voted against this bill, but I see a bunch of people, including you, bitching about a Democrat who didn’t vote. I find this absolutely amazingly disingenuous.

    Do you vote Republican? Or just apologize for them?

  23. Voting no is standing AGAINST something, namely, giving people who served this country the medicine they need and deserve. DWS, for all her faults, DID NOT vote against this. Your buddies, the Republicans you love to defend, did that. 205 of them. But you find the need to bitch about the small handful of Democrats who didn’t vote, while praising the Republicans who actually voted against the bill.

    Keep talking, wingnut.

  24. Voting NO is at least standing FOR something. So they at least VOTED! They took a stand on their position. When it came time for DWS to take a position, she cowered in the corner like the little bitch she is!

  25. newageblues on

    “What should the voters in those 205 districts do?”

    What should the voters in those districts who support MMJ do? Vote for candidates, in primaries and general elections, who support MMJ. If they feel strongly they should make their views part of the public debate.

  26. newageblues on

    Opinions vary. I’d say abstaining is telling veterans to drop dead, she had the power to help them, and she spit on them instead. But only on veterans who aren’t well off. Veterans who are well off, like everyone else who is well off, including Wasserman-Schultz, can get MMJ anytime they need it, and you know she would, in a heartbeat

  27. newageblues on

    Thje Democrats need to get rid of Wasserman-Schultz in a leadership position. She’s taking a position that is extremely unpopular among the general public and even more unpopular among her fellow Democrat Congress critters and among Democrat voters. The other reason to get rid of her is that the Dems had a very bad election under her Congressional Campaigin leadership, she should be held accountable, the way regular people are held accountable when things go wrong. I used to more or less like W-S, what you see now is the fury of someone who feels stabbed in the back by a so-called ‘liberal’. Same way I feel about pigs like Jerry Brown, Cuomo, O’Malley, and Biden. I don’t expect Democrats to be as flat out sadistic liars as W-S has been.

    The Republican politicians? I expect most Republican pols to be pigs about this, that’s not news, it’s a given.

  28. Big money is the republicans’ only hope of having a shot at presidency.

  29. ThermonicDeviator on

    Well, there are physical limitations to what a snake can and can’t do…(Gratuitous snickering)

  30. You should probably go back to not talking to me, since this won’t end will for you.


    > Hillary Clinton made a surprising move this week. It wasn’t running for president — she’d already set the stage for that — but embracing the idea of a constitutional amendment to restrict or eliminate big money in politics.

    > The notion of amending the Constitution this way has been discussed, literally for decades. But Clinton is joining a new, if small, chorus of prominent politicians who are talking it up.

    But you’re a fucking Republican. You don’t care about facts.

    So, who’s the Republican who’s going to get big money out of politics?

    Who you voting for?

  31. But the guy HE voted for, that lost the election mind you. (now back to his day job of being a WINO) He would’ve voted YES on it! IF he’d won!

    Isn’t that the classic “if my Aunt had balls, she’d be my Uncle.” argument? Sure sounded like it to me.

    That’s the most ignorant argument I’ve ever heard! Hands down the most STUPID argument I’ve ever heard.

  32. So now you’re trying to make degrees of being chickenshit? My guy’s only 50% of the degree of chickenshit that yours is? GREAT argument! Vote for me!

    It’s STILL chickenshit bro! She told America’s Veterans to FUCK OFF!

  33. ROFLMAO… Hillary supports getting big money out of politics?

    Says the person who has said she’ll spend over $2 BILLION to become President of the U.S.. Big Money like the Clinton Foundation George Soros, Tom Steyer, Hollywood, Labor Unions, FOREIGN gov’ts, etc… Or is it to get the Koch brothers speech restricted?

    I mean Monica Lewinsky’s, ex-boyfriend, who stood in front of national television audience this morning and when asked if he would STILL be making speeches for $500K/speech while Hillary runs for President? Even though there’s a “conflict of interest” and a perception of selling influence. He actually answered “… Well Uh, gotta pay the bills.” Saying that like they’re gonna lose everything they’ve got if he were to stop making speeches @ $500K/speech while she’s ruining for President. Saying this to the American people, all the time knowing that he’s made >$100 MILLION in personal income since 2001. Like he’s a regular American! That’s out of touch with America!

    Anybody and I do mean ANYBODY that tries to convince me they KNOW what I’m going through and understand my plight when you’ve made >$100 MILLION. That takes BALLS!

    You mean THAT Hillary Clinton?


  34. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary support a constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics.

    Not one Republican running–that I know of–does.

  35. Not voting is 50% better than voting no. She’s in a district that is very oriented toward profiting from the drug war. I’d love to see her primaried by someone more liberal, but I doubt they’d have a chance against the Republican who would run against them, who would, in all likelihood, vote the wrong way too.

    So, it has more to do with the district than the representative.

    And this is always going to be true to some extent. There are districts throughout America where a majority of the voters really hate weed.

    Luckily, these hippie punchers are dying off (as we can see in Fox’s declining ratings), and someday they’ll be gone.

    Now, it’s not “maybe.” You can do the math yourself.

    96% of Democrats voted for this bill.

    14% of Republicans did.

    See your problem there?

  36. So, I want to make sure I have this straight.

    Me: “if someone who abstained is a ‘hideous excuse for a human being,’ then what is someone who actually voted no?”

    You: “Even worse, for sure.”

    And then you go off on Schultz again.

    I’d like to hear more about what’s worse than a “hideous excuse for a human being.”

    You know, like, what should the GOP do about the 205 members–including the leadership, that voted against this?

    What should the voters in those 205 districts do?

  37. “Whoever lost against Gibson does not matter because they LOST — they don’t have a vote in the House, do they?”

    Wow. Your memory is so short. Here’s you above:

    “Good thing your neighbors don’t vote as blindly as you do, isn’t it?”

    We had a choice between Gibson and Eldridge. Gibson opposes legalization. Eldridge is for legalization.

    Understand now? My neighbors DID vote blindly. That’s what they do up in Upper Appalachia. They blindly vote for Republicans. And I assure you, most of them are upset at his vote on this. They would prefer one of those fascist Republicans you don’t want to talk about.

    “I never admitted that we have to wait two years because we DON’T”

    You above:

    “The overwhelming majority of Democrats supported the amendment, except these eight. If your Rep is a Democrat and on this list, you need to make sure they do not return in 2016”

    So, there you are saying we have to wait two years to replace those folks. Funny, that, since you suggest sending “scathing” letters to the Republicans who vote wrong, to ” make them regret their decision.”

    Oooo, I bet they’re scared of you!

    Why not make sure they don’t return in 2016?

    Huh? The bad Democrats you want out, but the bad Republicans? You just want to send them a “scathing letter.”

    Fucking joke.

    “talking about the motives of 86% of R’s does nothing to explain why 8 Democrats voted against 175 of their colleagues”

    What’s with you and motives? They didn’t vote the right way, so let’s replace them with someone who will. I’ll support a primary opponent, you find yourself a pro-weed Republican.

    I don’t give a shit about motives. I give a shit about how someone votes. They vote the wrong way, they might have some explanation, I don’t care. I want them gone.

    Now, whatcha gunna do about all those fucking Republicans? You know, because I got 8 to worry about. You have 205.

    Better get busy, bud.

    ” A vote that is *nearly* united isn’t united”

    Disingenuous bullshit.

    But let’s put it this way: 96% is more united than 86%. So, Democrats are more united for this bill than Republicans are against it.

    Here’s a shorter you on this:

    “Good for the Republicans! Fucking Democrats.”

    Like I said, you better get busy. You have 205 Republicans to replace. I only have 8 Dems.

    “Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act”

    Heh. Yes, there are votes were Dems are “unanimous.” Especially on party line stuff. Like this, for infrastructure, which Republicans are apparently fine with letting crumble. But the fact is that 96% is very united, and you know it.

    $50 is a starting point within my budget. I have many things worth more than betting with you. I’m thinking you don’t really want to bet anyway. You’re probably not completely sure that Obama won’t reschedule before he leaves.

    I’m still trying to get PredictIt to create a market. Then you can come try to take my money anonymously, you know, the pussy way. Like the little boy who runs and tells another boy’s Mommy that her son stole his lunch money.

  38. When they’re the DECIDING vote. They’re IN the chamber during the vote, they just choose to tell America’s Veterans to FUCK OFF. We have every right to call her out. This’s Bill didn’t affect YOU, I guarantee you, so why are you going to the mat trying to defend the indefensible?

    I’ll tell you why… Because you’re more worried about Political Partys than you are America’s wounded warriors!

  39. Dude, don’t even respond to him. what he wants.

    “NEVER wrestle with a Pig. Everybody gets dirty and the Pig likes it”

    Ignoring him pisses him off more than anything!

  40. If 2 more Democrats (who ABSTAINED from the vote.) Debbie Waserman Shultz and John Lewis had found it pertinent enough to even vote on this VETERANS issue. We wouldn’t be having this conversation. She ABSTAINED b/c SHE would’ve been the deciding vote and she can’t have that! So you ABSTAIN and act like YOU weren’t even there?

    You know what that white speck on the top of chickenshit’s called? It’s called chickenshit too!

    She KNEW the amendment would’ve passed had she voted YES! What she did was chickenshit! PERIOD! You can play all this “progressive” shit that you want. Bottom line is… She once AGAIN told America’s wounded warriors to FUCK OFF!

    I never mentioned Republicans, one way or the other. But you incessantly throw that shit MY way bro. I’ve told you over and over that I don’t care what PARTY it is. If they screw up, I’ll call em out!

    I never brought Republicans up! That’s on you bro! I made a TRUE statement… Had DWS and John Lewis felt it necessary to even VOTE on this Amendment, it WOULD’VE passed! PERIOD! But they didn’t feel it necessary to afford America’s Veterans, the SAME access to Medical Marijuana as their civilian counterparts have, in mmj States? The Republicans who voted NO, we’re taking care of as well. When it comes to many issues, I’m not told where I stand by ANY Party.

    Don’t start throwing out percentages to me bro. They don’t fly with me. YOU have for some reason, stuffed me into this little box in which YOU think I belong. You’ll INSIST that’s where I belong even though you’ve been told over and over I don’t belong to any party. I call em as I see em! You’re the one stuck on party errrr… Stupid actually!

    The bottom line is… My statement was ACCURATE and you can’t stand that! DWS actually tried to SELL her support to Floridians, John Morgan & the “Yes on Amendment 2” campaign. She’d support it only if John Morgan would walk back statements he made about her. When he refused, she refused to give them her support FOR Amendment 2 and it lost by 2% of the vote. Had SHE given it her support, it WOULD’VE passed AGAIN! DWS has a LONG history of not supporting Medical Marijuana laws as well as voting against many issues that would help Veterans and their families survive PTSD!

    We’ve got 22 Veterans a day committing suicide! (soft numbers, it’s more like 50 Vets/day are committing suicide b/c 3 States who house the most Vets (CA, TX, FL) didn’t report their data.) That’s unacceptable! Especially when you USE those SAME Vets for your own political gain! Yet you consistently vote against their needs. Abstaining is a NO vote, bottom line!

    So I don’t care if you put an ELEPHANT or a JACKASS behind their names. If they vote AGAINST Veteran issues and YOU were the deciding vote and you abstained? I’m calling you out!

  41. Whoever lost against Gibson does not matter because they LOST — they don’t have a vote in the House, do they? He/she didn’t slip my mind: they never made it passed the gate because they don’t matter *at all* when discussing reality. That person is only a voting member of Congress in the fantasy world inside your head. Oh, and by the way, I never admitted that we have to wait two years because we DON’T. Had I said anything even resembling that statement, you would have cut and paste it without fail.

    As for my proof of the GOP getting on board, how about the proof I’ve already given? If you didn’t notice, I already listed 35 of them, including the Speaker. I can list Republicans at the state and federal level all day long who have written and cosponsored pro-cannabis legislation in the last three years. Just because you would like to pretend they don’t exist, doesn’t change reality. How dense must you be to ask for something I’ve already supplied, Scott?

    As for the question you tried to answer with another question, talking about the motives of 86% of R’s does nothing to explain why 8 Democrats voted against 175 of their colleagues. That deflection wasn’t even thinly veiled. You’re the resident Democrat apologist, so the burden of proof is yours. Your “follow-up” question hasn’t distracted me in the slightest. Why did 8 Dems, 5 from MMJ states, vote against their party? And to answer your other deflection, three: only three Republicans missed this vote. It’s easily calculated by subtracting the 5 D’s who abstained from the total of 8.

    And to touch on the other point, no, I’m not new to politics. Hence, I know what the word “united” means. 96% isn’t united. Neither is 86%. A vote that is *nearly* united isn’t united, so you cannot generalize: not for Democrats, and not for Republicans. As for votes that *are* united, they happen all the time. There was one over an amendment to HR2028 on FRIDAY — all D’s voted one way, all R’s voted the other. Perhaps you should *actually* check the voting record before you make more false generalizations about how the House votes.

    As for your wager, the letters I sent your family have my local Home Depot as the return address. My anonymity is worth far, far more than a pittance of $50. The fact that you consider a mere $50 an act of charity speaks volumes about how charitable you are, Scott. Or rather, it tells me a lot about how tight the budget is at home. In that case, you have my sympathies. LOL

  42. Oh, look… so long you wouldn’t read it. Well, I did, and I don’t see one mention of the fact that had my neighbors, who you seem so pleased with, voted for Gibson’s opponent, they’d have been electing a pro-legalization progressive who’s not only BETTER than Gibson on this issue, but would immediately release ALL the victims of this drug war who are incarcerated.

    Guess that just slipped your mind?

    As for “waiting”–which, BTW, is something you admit we have to do in other comments in this thread–well, what option is there? Hold a gun to 86% of the GOP’s head and demand they start voting like the Dems on this?

    A bill like this, like so many other reform bills, WILL NOT be passed by this congress. We have no other option that to PRIMARY hippie punching Republicans in order to get better Republicans, or, if we really were serious about reforming marijuana laws, use Hillary’s coattails to send a bunch of progressives to congress who will end this once and for all.

    ” We currently know of 5 Democrats who couldn’t be bothered for this vote”

    And how many Republicans didn’t vote? You really seem to have a problem with basic math. When you have a party that votes 86% against you, and another that votes 96% for you, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out what the problem is.

    ” you’ve offered up zero explanations as to why these eight Democrats sided against us”

    Where is your explanation for why 86% of the Republicans sided against us? Honestly, the answer is so freaking simple I figured you’d figure it out. They’re in districts where someone who doesn’t punch hippies would likely lose. Duh.

    “The GOP is getting on board with reforming our broken cannabis laws, whether you like it or not”

    What is your proof of this? 14% voting with the Dems on these issues is EXACTLY the same as it has been for a while now. But, gee, when you’re 86% against an issue, you have a LOT of room for improvement.

    ” demonstrably are *NOT* united with us on this issue to solve the problem.”

    Are you NEW TO POLITICS? 96% is about as united as a party ever gets on any given issue.

    AND AGAIN…. when you bitch about a party that 96% agrees with you before you bitch about a party that’s 86% against you, you really say a lot about yourself.

    “as naïve as believing the PRESIDENT is going to move on this issue.”

    I offered you, and any other GOP apologist here, a chance to bet $50 that marijuana would be rescheduled by the end of the President’s term. Not one of you big talkers took it.

    But then, I don’t know who you are, so, it’d be kinda hard to make sure you paid my charity when you lost.

  43. I sure hope so. Presidential year means at least a chance that Dems can take control of the House back, because THIS house isn’t ever going to pass anything like this.

  44. plaguebeast on

    maybe, but tell me why your own DNC chair didn’t even vote? There were 8 non-voting reps that would have changed the outcome.

  45. newageblues on

    Even worse, for sure.

    Pig Wasserman-Schultz opposed the Florida MMJ initiative, and hasn’t proposed any alternative, so it seems safe to assume the only reason she didn’t vote no was political cowardice. Look at her, and tell me she wouldn’t run to grab MMJ if she needed it for herself. The Dems are shooting themselves by keeping this creep in a leadership position. She’s one of the reasons they lost so bad in 2014.
    We should be putting pressure on the Dems to remove her from her leadership role.

  46. newageblues on

    Scott – while you’re certainly right to highlight the difference between the parties on this, I don’t see how it takes the slightest bit of political courage to voter for MMJ today, with support for MMJ sky high. It anyone showed political courage in this vote, it’s the scum fascists who voted to throw veterans overboard. Some of them might go down because of their insane hatred of cannabis

  47. A waste of time would be your way, which is polarizing the issue in an attempt to USE cannabis reform to put more Democrats in the House TWO YEARS from now. If that’s not your suggestion, explain to me how to pass a bill in a legislature controlled by Republicans without any Republicans voting in favor — you can’t. Which means your solution is to wait two years.

    More than a few problems with that. The first is obvious: we *just* had an election. You want to wait another TWO YEARS just so you don’t have to thank any Republicans. That’s unconscionably selfish, Scott. But then again, you also put your pride before the safety of your family, so it doesn’t surprise me your ego means more to you than the welfare of veterans.

    The 2nd problem with waiting until 2017 is that the census isn’t until 2020, so no new districts until then. In all likelihood, you’re going to get another legislature with roughly the EXACT same balance of power as we had after the 2012 election. So even if we ignore the fantastically selfish notion of waiting until 2017 for federal action, there are no guarantees. Thursday’s vote proves that.

    The third problem with waiting for Democrats to solve this issue is that, again, relying on them to solve it by themselves has proven to been a failing strategy, and it was proven again last week. I said before, had the GOP been united against this amendment, *maybe* you would have a point — the reason I said *maybe* is that your point wouldn’t be made unless Democrats had a united front SUPPORTING the amendment, which they did not. We currently know of 5 Democrats who couldn’t be bothered for this vote, including the DNC chair, as well as eight others whose votes were easily purchased (considering 5/8 come from MMJ states). That is, unless you’d like to assert they were somehow voting their conscience by voting *against* Blumenauer’s amendment — but remember, right now you’re pretending to CARE about reforming cannabis law.

    And finally, you’ve offered up zero explanations as to why these eight Democrats sided against us, which ultimately is why you don’t have a single leg to stand on in this case. So while you might enjoy being vague and general so that you can keep trying (and failing) to polarize this issue, there are 35 Republicans and 13 Democrats whose existence proves you’re full of it — including your own Republican rep and the Speaker of the House.

    So for you to insist it is better to wait two years for the off-chance the House is controlled by Democrats who clearly, demonstrably are *NOT* united with us on this issue to solve the problem… That’s not just wishful thinking on your part. That’s pinning hopes upon prayers upon delusions. Not only is your suggestion self-serving, it’s completely asinine and POINTLESS when there are 35 Republicans getting thank-you notes from grateful veterans.

    The GOP is getting on board with reforming our broken cannabis laws, whether you like it or not, so waiting two more years on the slim-chance Democrats will finally live up to *your* hype is not only a pointless waste of time, it’s as naïve as believing the PRESIDENT is going to move on this issue.

  48. Until we get corporate money out of politics this is how shit is going to go in politics!
    Follow the money and you will all understand why they voted this way!
    It’s all about the “Benjamin’s”!
    Politicians do not care about us ” we the people”! We need a Baltimore type of protest on Each of the politicians personal lawns that voted against this!
    How many more veterans have got to suffer before our corporate Congress does something…all of them?
    We have a “Emergency” right here in our own backyards that kills more people every year than any other war! It’s a disease called POLITICIANS!

  49. The person for whom I voted would have voted the right way on this, since he was for legalization. You know, a basic progressive position.

    In fact, here’s Sean Eldridge’s answer to whether he supported legalization:

    “Yes, and immediately free all citizens jailed for drug offenses”

    Gibson is quitting, and I’m not so sure the next Republican will be quite as moderate. It’s an odd district.

    But your passive aggressive threats really don’t bother me. They’re just more evidence of the weakness of your arguments.

    “Do the math: if just ONE of those abstainers voted yes and just ONE of those NO votes gone the other way”

    You do the math. 96% of Democrats voted the right way. 86% of Republicans voted the wrong way.

    You start looking for votes from obvious pussies on this issue, you’re wasting your time. The better point would be to go after the goddamn right wing fascist pigs who control the US House.

    But you wouldn’t like that, would you?

  50. She abstained. That’s an improvement for her, and 50% better than the real fascists who voted NO on this bill–you know, the 4% of Democrats and the 86% of Republicans.

    So, if someone who abstained is a “hideous excuse for a human being,” then what is someone who actually voted no? Like the 86% of Republicans and 4% of Democrats?

  51. And who’s your representative? Honestly, you’re one of the biggest bullshitters on here. I call you on it all the time, and you just wander off behind the little animals.

    For her, an abstention is a big improvement.

    So, tell us, Denny, who’d you vote for? How’d he or she vote?

  52. When you say “congress” is the problem, you’re not exactly correct.

    96% of Democrats voted for this bill.

    14% of Republicans did.

    See your problem there? The problem is Republicans.

  53. So, just to be clear, you think that 96% of a party voting to let US veterans have medicinal marijuana equals “complete cowards.”

    Is that right?

  54. FreedomFromIgnorance on

    Considering democrats are complete cowards about ending the drug war I’ll continue to hate both parties, thank you.

  55. I wouldn’t thank Schultz for anything, she votes only to ensure her reelection and status as a lifelong, professional politician.

  56. steve parrish on

    congress is the largest waste of time and money after the war on drugs. end the stupidity.

  57. Weird no one thought to ask a Vet about their opinion. You know……. because this was a bill about Veteran healthcare. #Fail

  58. Surprise. Chaffetz (R-Utah) voted ‘yes’. He tried to stop Washington DC from implementing its marijuana legalization policy.

  59. Jordan Shorette on

    I meant the GOP it was a gramatical error lol thanks for pointing it out though

  60. When it comes down to three votes, you’re damn right I blame the eight Democrats who voted NO and the FIVE who didn’t vote at all. Especially Joseph Kennedy, the Democrat who filled Barney Frank’s old seat. Your failure to recognize the culpability of those Democrats is why nobody respects you or your blind loyalty. In fact, people like you voted Joseph Kennedy into office simply because he was wearing the right color T-shirt.

    Do the math: if just ONE of those abstainers voted yes and just ONE of those NO votes gone the other way, this would have passed. However, without 35 Republicans breaking with their party — one of whom I think you are familiar with — this wouldn’t have had a chance at all.

    Had there been a united Republican front *against* this bill, you might have a leg to stand on, but as it is, 35 Republicans are *apparently* more compassionate than those 8 Democrats. 15 of those GOPers deserve your thanks, not your disdain, because they don’t even hail from states with MMJ laws. Maybe you’re just upset because FIVE of those Republicans live in New York: Chris Collins, Chris Gibson, Richard Hanna, Tom Reed, and Lee Zeldin. Maybe you’re just annoyed that you’ll have to send a THANK YOU to your Republican congressman, Chris Gibson, for coming down on the morally right side of this issue. Good thing your neighbors don’t vote as blindly as you do, isn’t it?

  61. Here’s the list online to how everyone voted on this: clerk.house.gov/evs/2015/roll188.xml.

  62. I’ll post this all day if I have to, but it’s not “congress.” Both sides are not to blame. One side is.

    96% of Democrats voted for this bill. 14% of Republicans did.

    The GOP is the problem.

  63. While the disingenuous Glibertarian Republicans lovers whine about the 4% of Democrats who didn’t vote for this bill, the rest of us can easily see from the facts here which party you should vote for.

    96% of Democrats voted for this bill.

    14% of Republicans did.

  64. 14% of Republicans voted for this bill. 96% of Democrats voted for this bill.

    And you want to blame the Democrats?

    What a fucking joke.

  65. “You can thank Debbie Waserman-Schultz”

    14% of Republicans voted for this bill.

    96% of Democrats voted for this bill.

    And you want to blame a Democrat who abstained?

    Blame your own damn party. My party did just freaking fine.

  66. Well, I can’t do much about photos, but most of the Republicans voted against it, minus these 35 who voted to support our veterans:
    Justin Amash (R-MI), Dan Benisheck (R-MI), Rod Blum (R-IA), John Boehner (R-OH, SotH), Ken Buck (R-CO), Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), Mike Coffman (R-CO), Chris Collins (R-NY), Ryan Costello (R-PA), Carlos Curbelo (R-FL), Rodney Davis (R-IL), Chris Gibson (R-NY), Richard Hanna (R-NY), Joe Heck (R-NV), Duncan Hunter (R-CA), Walter Jones (R-NC), Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ), Mia Love (R-UT), Thomas Massie (R-KY), Tom McClintock (R-CA), Alex Mooney (R-WV), Mick Mulvaney (R-SC), Dan Newhouse (R-WA), Scott Perry (R-PA), Bruce Poliquin (R-ME), Tom Reed (R-NY), Tom Rice (R-SC), Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Tom Rooney (R-FL), Mark Sanford (R-SC), David Schweikert (R-AZ), Steve Stivers (R-OH), Fred Upton (R-MI), Don Young (R-AK), Lee Zeldin (R-NY), and Ryan Zinke (R-MT).

    If your Rep is a Republican and on the above list, send a Thank You. If your Rep is a Republican and NOT on the above list, send a scathing, angry letter that will make them regret their decision.

    The overwhelming majority of Democrats supported the amendment, except these eight. If your Rep is a Democrat and on this list, you need to make sure they do not return in 2016, especially the ones from California, Illinois, Michigan, and Massachusetts who come from MMJ states, but still voted NO:
    Henry Cuellar (D-TX), John Garamendi (D-CA), William Keating (D-MA), Joseph Kennedy (D-MA), Sander Levin (D-MI), Daniel Lipinski (D-IL), Collin Peterson (D-MN), and Terri Sewell (D-AL).

  67. Not to mention five of the eight Democrat NO votes were FROM states WITH medical cannabis access. There were 15 Yes votes from Republicans who aren’t even FROM states with safe, legal access of any kind, including the House Speaker and two reps from UTAH of all places. Also, THREE of the other abstainers were from both CO and WA. Seriously, WTF!?!?!?!

  68. Earlwin Warren on

    thank you grateful Congress guest service to veteransby not passing the bill you make me a criminal

  69. Earlwin Warren on

    hello who didn’t vote for this bill I want their names publicized and that pictures of faces please

  70. Jordan Shorette on

    Its Sad that we can have so many MORONS in congress and they keep marching on their marry way thinking we approve of their thoughtless actions. fuck you congress fuck you hard

  71. This’s vote was disgusting! Once again Project SAM and Kevin Sabet LIED to Congress about cannabis causing schizophrenia. He’s been proven WRONG on that issue for years but still repeats the same mantra! What’s SAD is that we as vets didn’t learn of this amendment until LATE in the game. A bunch of pissed off Veterans with no political experience who got into the fight late, came w/o in 3 votes of beating him. You can thank Debbie Waserman-Schultz for ABSTAINING from the vote. With HER vote we’d have ONLY had to flip ONE vote. Which we could’ve done, but SHE choose to tell America’s Veterans to FUCK OFF!

    The below is our response to Congress telling Vets to FUCK OFF! This is the chance for YOU as Americans to weigh in on this issue. Please READ and SIGN or petition if you agree.


    The ONLY light at the end of the tunnel is that this VA Directive, expires at the end of the year. We believe they’ll have a real hard time reinstituting it in 2016. At least NOW we Vets are organized and aware! That’s troublesome for our Govt. and is WHY they have ATF taking away Combat soldiers personal firearms upon their return from Iraq or Afghanistan. They’re literally afraid of us!

  72. You can certainly thank the 5 asshole republicans from Louisiana for voting against this bill….especially John Fleming from shithole Minden, La who’s a doctor, but sounds like Richard Nixon when talking about cannabis. The infamous Steve Scalise also voted no. So embarrassing to be from this rube state.

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