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US News And World Report – 92.9% Of Americans Say Sanjay Gupta’s ‘Weed’ Was Right Message


sanjay gupta cnn weed poll us news and world reportU.S. News and World Report, one of the nation’s oldest publications discussing political issues of global significance, asked their readers if Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s pro-medical marijuana CNN documentary “Weed” delivered the right message. 92.92% of Americans surveyed said his message was right on, man.

Dated August 8th, the survey has been taking in reader’s answers for ten days; although there is not total vote count on this particular survey, the popularity of the website and the subject matter indicates the participation has been robust.

Gupta is a neurosurgeon who is CNN’s senior medical correspondent. His documentary was featured on Sunday, August 4th and sparked two weeks of controversy. Although the documentary was not in support of recreational use and advised that marijuana consumption by those “under 24 years of age” was not advisable, it touted the benefits of medicinal use of cannabis and included several stories of children or young adults using marijuana under a doctor’s care.

The U.S. News survey was contained within an article titled, “Was Sanjay Gupta Right About Medical Marijuana?” The article quotes Gupta himself, describing why he changed his mind about legalizing the use of medicinal marijuana. In 2009, Gupta wrote an op-ed describing why he would not vote for medical marijuana. Since then he has apologized to the world for being part of a campaign to suppress the plant from popular access.

Gupta’s quote was not the only one contained within the article. John Redman, the Executive Director of Californians for Drug Free Youth, aired our some very general complaints about marijuana; specifically, he states that medicinal use of marijuana leads to unsupervised use of marijuana by our nation’s kids. He was quoted as saying, “Dispensaries, many of which market their wares around high schools and parks, have no doubt contributed to these higher use levels.”

The article, and the publication, is of a conservative bent; embedded in the body of the story was a link to a page filled with embarrassing political cartoons regarding President Obama and his new health care plan.

One of the many comments posted on the article said, “Poor John Redman, I bet you wished they never opened a poll on this article…”

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  1. Somebody didnt have his Wheaties that morning. Hes not drunk just on Oxycotin. Herion substitute is just fine in this country, because the drug companies are lining the pockets of Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder!!!!!!

  2. I mean really what the hell is this comment?

    If you cannot do what you need and want to do without that then they deserve to lose..”

  3. what the he!! are you talking about? 92% of people who stopped to read it thought he was correct and as the above story noted they do not state numbers surveyed……you must be drunk what you posted makes no sense…….what crap are you talking about?

  4. So 92% of Americans DON’T think Dr. Gupta’s TV special was the right message? Do they disagree with him? Why?

  5. The people who put out the weedblog appear to be liars and duplicitous fools… If you cannot do what you need and want to do without that then they deserve to lose..”92. of Americans surveyed ” is not 92% of Americans…I do hope you do not take this crap on face value.

  6. I would think that with an estimated 93% of America agreeing with the idea of reform that we would see some impressive forward momenteum in the next year or so. If not then I sure would like to know who that 7% are that have so much influence and can block almost all reform (I salute the states making progress). I know how polls and surveys work but it would be nice to see this one be accurate for a change.

  7. Hes gonna try and use the Sativex excuse to take away real medical marijuana! (the plant, buds and homegrows).

    Hes going to say “you dont need medical marijuana, natural plants cant be medicine, natural plants are for barbaric tribes and not for civilized humans of the 21st century, no medicines are smoked, we have pharmaceuticals that work, you dont need medical marijuana, natural medicines arent legitimate, real medicine has to be made in a lab, natural medicine is evil………………”

  8. Mr. Redman’s assertion that dispensaries located near schools and parks somehow contribute to higher levels of use among children is nonsense. Street-corner dealers are the source of drugs for children, not highly-regulated businesses. Does the neighborhood liquor store make middle-school students drink more? And what’s up with that 7.1%?? Guess they were watching football, not Dr. Gupta.

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