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Former US Rep Mike Ward And ‘Legalize Kentucky Now’ Seek To Reform Kentucky’s Marijuana Laws


legalize kentucky now marijuana cannabisPeople have been fighting for marijuana reform in Kentucky for a long time. The Southeastern part of the United States does not have any medical marijuana states or recreational marijuana states. A new organization was launched today to try to change that. The organization is called ‘Legalize Kentucky Now’ and is lead by former United States Representative Mike Ward. Per The Courier-Journal:

Former U.S. Rep. Mike Ward is trying to bring mainstream credibility to the effort to legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky.

He announced Monday that he is the president and CEO of Legalize Kentucky Now, a nonprofit that will push for Kentucky to become the 24th state overall and the first in the southeast to make pot available with a doctor’s prescription.

“It’s time,” he said. “This is absolutely something that is going to happen in this country and this state.”

Mike Ward became a supporter of medical marijuana after watching it help alleviate his brother’s suffering and helped his brother’s appetite when he was fighting AIDS in the 1990’s. The media reports from today stated that the organization Legalize Kentucky Now would be pushing for a medical marijuana bill in the Kentucky Legislature, but the Legalize Kentucky Now website states that it hopes to bring recreational legalization to Kentucky eventually as well.

Kentucky does not have an initiative process, so the only way to legalize medical and/or recreational marijuana in Kentucky is via the Kentucky Legislature. Kentucky Senator Perry Clark has already pre-filed a marijuana legalization bill. With marijuana laws being reformed around the country, there is no reason why reform isn’t possible in Kentucky. As I said before, people have been fighting for reform in Kentucky for a long time, and I think that with a united effort reform could definitely be achieved. You can find out more about Legalize Kentucky Now on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.


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Johnny Green


  1. I live in KY and smoke alleviate the pain from my herniated discs in my neck as well as taking care of my migraines. Legalizing would be a blessing.

  2. Closet Warrior on

    Somebody in the south east needs to step up. My state has voted down mmj 5yrs in a row now. That’s ridiculous!!! These bible belt hardliners and Reefer Madness spoonfed Republicans apparently don’t believe in the very compassion they preach.

  3. For everyone in Lexington that would like to see marijuana legalized needs to call Tom Buford and tell him that if Perry Clark marijuana bill don’t pass then they are not going to vote for him when he runs for office again. The money coming in from it could help with the budget like it has in CO. they are rolling in the money from it. With part of their tax laws they made so much money from it they had to give part of it back to the tax payers the first year.

  4. darthhillbilly on

    It is about time! Medical Marijuana stands a much better chance than recreational in Kentucky’s political climate. I would love to see this gain traction.

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