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Using A Tragedy To Spread Reefer Madness Is Disgraceful


Reefer MadnessRobert L. Dear Jr. is a monster. Mr. Dear was the individual that recently shot up a Planned Parenthood in Colorado, killing three people and wounding 9 others. The event was a tragedy to say the least. By all measures, Robert is a disturbed person who suffers from mental problems. There is nothing else that people should be pointing to as the cause for his actions.

However, that hasn’t stopped marijuana opponent Christine Tatum from suggesting that ‘marijuana psychosis’ was the cause of his rampage. Per Westword:

As we noted in our coverage of the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood attack, the alleged shooter, Robert Dear, reportedly shared apocalyptic rants on the Cannabis.com website approximately a decade ago and also posted a sex ad that noted his interest in marijuana use.

But did pot use play a role in the horrific shootings, which killed three people and injured nine others?

That’s the insinuation of Christine Tatum, a writer, anti-pot crusader and wife of Dr. ChristianThurstone, among the most prominent Colorado voices decrying the alleged dangers of marijuana, particularly for young people.

Below is a tweet that Christine Tatum sent out after Colorado’s Governor issued a statement about the shooting:

Christine Tatum is not new to trying to use a horrific tragedy to try to promote marijuana prohibition. She did the same thing following the Boston marathon bombing, and has suggested that marijuana was responsible for the Columbine High School massacre. To say that Christine Tatum’s tactics are disgusting and disgraceful is a huge understatement. Shame on her, and anyone who supports her. Poor mental health is what caused these tragedies. To suggest that marijuana is the cause of people killing other people is irresponsible. It wasn’t true in the 1930’s, it isn’t true today, and it will never be true.


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  1. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Like someone eating chocolate and then hunting so they can eat good food and give some away?

    Don’t be fooled by the scare tactics!

  2. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Don’t believe the fictional scare tactics.

    Liars come up with fake news stories as scare tactics/ advertisements all the time. There used to be laws banning freed slaves from carrying sharp objects.

    The people who try to ban/ regulate herbal cannabis and hemp are the same ones trying to ban guns. So people who have a certain family background or views have been robbed of the rights to self provide meat, hemp superfood, and natural herbs. The prohibitionists would just as soon the people they discriminate against be totally dependant on others for meat, hemp superfood, and natural herbs (if they so chose to use herbs).

    The drills which are passed off as truth on the “yellow journalism” style news serve to justify these sorts of prohibitions.

  3. stellarvoyager on

    Prohibs are lying parasites, so it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they left out the important detail that his posts were anti-cannabis rants, if that is in fact true. Which would make her accusations even more despicable.

  4. Last Spring, both Dr. Oz And Lady Gaga preached that Cannabis is addicting. Neither suffered any consequences after doing so that i know.

  5. Did he smoke weed? Read MrPCs post which was written after yours. Something about the news on the shooter being reported stinks.

  6. Can you verify what you are saying? Because all we hear is that he was on MJ websites. Not what the content of his posts were. If you have proof it should be known to the world. Not the biased Prohibitionist BS everyone hears from the news.

  7. William R. Jones on

    Reminds me of an (very) old Playboy mag cartoon where one old beat cop with deadpan face is strolling down the sidewalk with another and says, “I tried marijuana once…made me want to rape and kill”. Believe me, if you are dealing with me, it’s better when I’m high. I might hug you too hard…

  8. I hear what you’re saying, that’s why I think sean parker and the other billionaires in silicon valley who have billions, mark Zuckerberg, peter theil and the rest have a responsibility to make a difference, and over power the current political parties.It’s time for them to step up to the plate, WE NEED A REAL REVOLUTION, NOT JUST A TECHNOLOGICAL ONE!

  9. Drugs and guns can be a deadly combination … But marijuana and guns is a much bigger debate than say alcohol and guns ….

  10. Most of the speeches/debates I’ve seen Sabet speak he spends 1/4 of the time on cannabis and 3/4 talking about how terrible tobacco and alcohol are and then implying that cannabis is equal or worse.

    They also still use the bad math for addiction rates and never publicly acknowledged using the completely wrong chart from a study to try to prove harm.

  11. saynotohypocrisy on

    Virtually all political power in the US comes in winner take all electoral districts (whole states in the case of the US Senate). This is a very heavy burden for a third party, they could get a significant % of voters everywhere and not win a single district anywhere. The only way I see around this is for a third party to focus its resources on a very limited numbers of districts where they have the best chance of winning. A third party does have one possible trump card, with the Dems and Repubs at each others throat, a third party that held the balance of power, even with just a few seats, would be in a powerful position to push their key goals.

  12. This is no different than using shooting events to promote gun confiscation. Say. Wasn’t the Planned Parenthood shooting used to do that very thing? Pot meet gun “control”.

  13. Maybe perhaps we need to establish a new party from a different perspective. Take for example: Sean Parker, co founder of Napster, former President of facebook, he recently came out in support of weed legalization.

  14. Lawrence Goodwin on

    America’s politicians are under tremendous pressure to relent. Finally! The pressure is coming from scientists and doctors here and around the world; from other current and former world leaders; from millions of their own constituents; from the Great Spirit itself, whose natural laws are defied day after day by our federal/state/local marijuana prohibition. Still, America’s politicians no longer work for America. Both major parties serve only the “military-industrial complex,” suggested Eisenhower.

  15. This war on weed has so many dimensions /levels. On a political level, I think it’s vital for politicians here in America as well as on a global level to speak out and support this war. So far the only 2 canditates who are wise enough, brave enough to speak about this issue, are Bernie sanders, and Rand paul. It is afterall more about freedom, not just about getting high.

  16. She is a moron. This guy was reportedly posting on “marijuana websites,” but he sure wasn’t extolling the virtues of cannabis. Instead, he was spouting some weird pseudo-Christian ALL CAPS promise of eternal damnation for all of us perverse reefer fiends. He was hardly a nice mellow toker, just murderous and crazy white trash.

  17. Lawrence Goodwin on

    FYI, YMI, I concur with it all. Brilliant! The relentless anti-cannabis campaign–fueled for 45 years by the fraudulent legal term “marihuana” in Schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act–is just one fat tentacle of the giant industrial octopus warned about by none better than President Dwight D. Eisenhower. “Who controls the past now/controls the future/who controls the present now/controls the past…It’s right outside your door/Now Testify!”–Zach de La Rocha, Brad Wilk, Tim Commerford, and Tom Morello, aka Rage Against the Machine.

  18. saynotohypocrisy on

    “Would be fun to know what Gov.Hickenlooper makes of shooter’s reported pot use.”

    Is this just a fun game to her?

  19. Speaking of psychosis, the trillion dollar mafia, corporations kill thousands of people with their toxic “medicines”,. To all my fellow herb lovers around the globe : We are in the midst of a MAJOR war, it’s a silent one, between those in power, big corporations, government, etc And those of us who are awake thanks to this magical herb that unleashes the illusion of the matrix.It’s a battle of the mind control, that’s why weed is illegal. WE WILL NEVER STOP FIGHTING, WE WILL CONTINUE TO EXPRESS OUR FREEDOM, BY PARTAKING IN THIS MILD PSYCHEDELIC MEDICINE TO HELP HEAL US. STAY STRONG MY FRIENDS! PEACE!!!

  20. stellarvoyager on

    Of course, she completely ignores the obvious cause: a toxic mix of guns, hateful radical fundamentalist ideology, inflammatory rhetoric against planned parenthood from right-wing politicians and radio/TV hosts, and the constant incitements to violence we see from religious fanatics everywhere. No, Robert Dear is not just some disturbed loner who smoked weed a decade ago. He is a terrorist who deserves the death penalty.

  21. saynotohypocrisy on

    they’re both demagogues, they’re not interested in playing fair.
    Where is the prohibitionist who plays fair? They all shut down discussion when you ask questions they don’t have answers for. They need to be called on it.
    All Kev’s fancy charts or whatever he does are there to distract people from the central issue. When it comes to the most serious problems caused by drugs, including deaths, maimings, rape, child rape, domestic violence, fetal damage, there is utterly no comparison between cannabis and alcohol. The Centers for Disease Control knows all about it, but pretends they don’t. Public health and safety demands legalization of the far safer alternative to alcohol, tobacco and prescription opiates.

  22. What is Christine Tatum trying to say here? That everyone that uses marijuana for healthful purposes is more prone to violence? Studies contradict her assertion. I took a look at her husband Christian Thurstone articles and it borders on quackery as it leaves out the results of recent and more credible studies while Christian Thurstone’s opinion pieces rely on obscure politically motivated study groups bent on coming to a negative conclusion for cannabis use and he should be disbarred.

  23. saynotohypocrisy on

    “Would be fun to know what Gov.Hickenlooper makes of shooter’s reported pot use”. Would be useful to know what Christine Tatum thinks of the 100,000 or so lives KNOWN to be lost to alcohol abuse each year in this country, no speculating needed. If she ever gives it a moment’s thought.

  24. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Christine Tatum obviously suffers from her own “poor mental health.” It “would be fun to know” why she refuses to see the anti-marijuana campaign’s insane, daily destruction of our founding concept of ‘life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.’ If people like Tatum keep guiding public policy in regards to cannabis plants,, our republic will be dead before we know it. And the 80-year-old Anti Marihuana Tyranny has no interest in proper funeral services.

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