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Using Facebook While Driving Is More Dangerous Than Marijuana


facebookAlmost Every Activity While Driving Is More Dangerous Than Driving After Cannabis Use

Research released by the Institute of Advanced Motorists in the UK suggests that driving after using marijuana is safer than having a conversation on your cellphone while driving, using a cellphone for social media while driving, texting while driving, and drinking alcohol and driving. Driving after consuming marijuana is even safer than having a ‘hands free’ phone conversation while driving. There are a lot of marijuana opponents that are trying to scare voters by making claims that there will be a stoned driver epidemic if marijuana prohibition ends. Perhaps these same people will go on a multi-decade rampage against everything else that is found to be more dangerous than marijuana…

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  1. Medicalcannabis on

    In the netherlands was in November 2011 a small research among 48.542 drivers.( SWOV-Factsheet, driving under influence of drugs and medicines. the netherlands. 2011 Leidschendam: http://www.swov.nl/rapport/Factsheets/NL/Factsheet_Drugs_en_geneesmiddelen.pdf )

    Well, 2,2,% was on alcohol, 0,3 on a liquor named Coke, 0,3 on Amfetamnies, 0,3 on Other like heroine, … and …1,7 on thc. Now look at accidents. 25% caused due alcohol. 2,7% due drugs ; 1,1 % coke 1,1,% amfetamines and….0,5 due thc…Mm seems to me, you better drive stoned than drunk, i suppose…No, i did’nt say that. i mean, dont drive ! Stoned drives always have a high risk to get hit’……

    by a drunk driver….Mmm maybe not very scientifc, but that’s the truth never…I never had a car, but am thinking about it now…

  2. eating_sunshine on

    UK studies are almost always biased.  Like the one that concluded marijuana made you develop mental illness. 
    In this study it says 21%, with no measurement of impairment.
    Get real!  We all know there’s the “i’m stoned” then there is the “I’m really stoned dude” level of impairment. So which one was it UK driver dudes? 

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