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Utah House Of Representatives Votes To Legalize Medical Marijuana Extract


utah medical marijuanaCourtesy of the Joint Blog

Utah’s full House of Representatives, in a 62 to 11 vote, has approved House Bill 0105, a proposal to legalize cannabis extracts for those with epilepsy.

If approved into law, the bill would allow those in the state to receive a waiver from Utah’s Department of Health to legally possess and use cannabis extract such as cannabis oil if they receive a recommendation from a neurologist, though it must contain small amounts of THC.  The proposal, sponsored by Republican Representative Gage Froerer, was initially designed to help the tens of thousands of children and adult in the state who suffer from epilepsy, a condition that causes frequent and severe seizures.

The proposal, which clearly doesn’t go far enough (other conditions should be covered, and the full plant should be allowed), the move is still a positive development.

The measure now moves to the Senate.

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  1. This is definitely a big precedent for Utah.. The place where you’re only allowed to drink 3.2% beer unless you’re in the program.

    But as always, the legalization items must be for whole plant access. Legalizing the extract for pharmaceutical companies but not the whole plant for the people, as is being in by GW Pharma in Europe, is not the answer.

  2. Uhhh its been tested for 100 s of years ,,,its even been mentioned in biblical times…?the FDA …and the drugs you and we all take kill that are FDA approved .Kill more people than all illegal substances not covered by them…give yer head a shake ,You and all of us have been cattle ,and kept from real medicine that will benefit all of humanity ,because of dishonest liars lining there own pockets and ensuring we never think…or find the truths?

  3. A shallow victory, unless you are one of these kids. I’m amazed. They are near passing a law allowing a federally illegal substance that hasn’t been approved (or tested?) by the FDA, IN UTAH!. I’ve lived in Utah, and this is almost unbelievable.

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