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Utah Poll: 66% Support For Legalizing Medical Marijuana

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Utah is one of a number of states that has passed a CBD-only (for epilepsy) medical marijuana law. The law does not provide for a legal way for patients to get their CBD-only medical marijuana, which even if they could, it would still be a very limited medical marijuana program. Patients can possess and use CBD medicines, but that’s it. I don’t know how easy CBD meds are to come by in Utah, but I’d imagine it’s not easy. Instead patients have to break federal laws by obtaining medicine in other states. Clearly that’s not OK. A recent poll found overwhelming support for medical marijuana reform in Utah. Per Utah Policy:

If Utah legislators do what two-thirds of citizens want, the debate over legalizing medical marijuana is over, a new UtahPolicy poll finds.

And the results are not even close.

Sixty-six percent of Utahns want to legalize medical marijuana, as long as it is prescribed by a licensed doctor, pollster Dan Jones & Associates finds in a new survey for the online political newsletter.

There was a strong push in Utah’s Legislature this last year to improve Utah’s medical marijuana laws, but unfortunately those attempts failed. Apparently the elected officials in Utah don’t realize the level of support for medical marijuana in their state. Or, sadly, they just choose to not care about what the voters want. That would be unfortunate for sure, but not uncommon in the political world.


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  1. The vote last year was lost by one vote. The Mormon church put out a statement that they were against the legilisation of medical Marijuana. I am a Mormon with M.S. and was told by a leader of the church it would be just fine for me to use Marijuana.

  2. That is why it’s obvious the political system is broke. They are not representing the people. Or logic or morality or even common sense . We need a third or four party.

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