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Vallejo, California Set To Waste Millions Fighting Medical Marijuana


vallejo medical marijuanaThe medical marijuana industry is under attack in California, and has been for a long time. There are many government officials that have taken advantage of the fact that California does not have a state regulatory system in place for medical marijuana dispensaries. Many local governments have cracked down on medical marijuana establishments, including the City of Vallejo. Long time activist and attorney James Anthony posted an article on his blog detailing how the City of Vallejo is about to waste two million dollars fighting medical marijuana dispensaries:

Next week Tuesday 3/24, the Vallejo City Council will waste over $2 million dollars on an issue that is not a major priority—and that should be making money for the City, not costing it.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are not a priority issue on anyone’s list in Vallejo. There are plenty of other important projects to fund: the $6 million dollars in unfunded pavement maintenance would be a good place to start. Investing in high speed broadband for Vallejo residents and businesses would be another. Neither one of these projects will move forward because the city budget is barely breaking even for the first time since bankruptcy.

Instead the City has budgeted at least $550K for lawsuits against dispensaries and will probably spend at least twice that. The City will also forego at least $600K in revenues by refusing to accept taxes from dispensaries. Earlier this month, they refused over $50K in monthly taxes.

You can click on the link to the original article to find out more about pending lawsuits, and more importantly, how to contact city officials in Vallejo. Make sure to contact those officials early and often to point out that these dispensaries are vital to patients, and cause no problems for the City of Vallejo. The City of Vallejo needs every dollar they can get, so they shouldn’t be spending money fighting medical marijuana dispensaries, and should embrace them, and collect the revenue that the dispensaries clearly want to provide to Vallejo.


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  1. PhDScientist on

    Thank you, and please keep up the good fight. Cancer patients, and so many others, who can benefit from Medical Marijuana, and so many others, all over the world, deserve the right to have safe, legal, access to medical marijuana. The current situation is tragic. The more people who speak up against it, the faster the situation will change.

  2. Thank you Jeff for bringing some credible science to the table.
    Here in Australia we have the experienced professionals fighting for while the professional politicians with no knowledge or expertise fighting against, So Frustrating !

  3. Consider this a vote up since this blog will no longer allow a simple click to vote up a comment.
    Good mental health shouldn’t require “medical” as a qualifier.

  4. “There are many government officials that have taken advantage of the
    fact that California does not have a state regulatory system in place
    for medical marijuana dispensaries.” AGAIN, this has nothing to do with regulations. Cities have the option to opt out of allowing dispensaries and that’s all it boils down to. The same thing applies to Colorado and Washington, and they’re very “regulated”. If you want this to stop happening, “regulations” will not help. Making it a provision that cities can’t ban WILL stop this from happening.

  5. Even with many doctors support and supporting studies. Politicians and media still portray cannabis as having no medicinal uses. That it can only be abused. Every cannabis user is a Cheech & Chong movie reject. Yes their are people who abuse the system as with any drug. Vicodin, Oxycodone, Valium and thousands of other far more harmful and yes useful drugs are prescribed without any such belief or misconception on a daily basis through out the US. Many of those prescriptions are destined for resale on the street to users. Here the rub, they cause thousands of deaths. Yet while I’ve seen hundreds of stories about closing cannabis dispensaries. I as of yet seen no attempts to close Walgreens ,Rexall or any drug store large or small from such problems. Seems like if enough people complained at the Vallejo city council meeting about the double standard. If cannabis is banned so should the drugs stores and pharmacies. If they can’t cite a overdose death to cannabis how can they accept killer drugs being handed out. Why lockup kittens, while letting tigers roam the streets.

  6. PhDScientist on

    Every American with Cancer deserves the right to have safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana.

  7. PhDScientist on

    I don’t know why this comes up as “waiting to be approved…” I’m a Scientist with a strong interest in Cancer research and an advocate for Americans with Cancer who need Medical Marijuana. I feel passionately about this subject and want to see our national Marijuana laws changed.

    There’s a horrifying “war on people in pain” and “war on democracy” going on. There’s nothing wrong with Marijuana, either as a medicine or when used recreationally. There’s everything wrong with prohibition. See http://www.leap.cc. When used as a medicine, Marijuana is a “Wonder Drug” and a “Gift from God” for those that need it. There’s no good way to enforce a bad law. The right solution is to repeal prohibition.

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