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Vast Majority Of People In Rehab For Marijuana Are There Involuntarily


Urine SampleKevin Sabet always acts like if someone consumes marijuana, in any way, in any amount, then that person is an addict and needs rehab. That’s a point that many prohibitionists make. Never mind the pesky fact that many of them are supported financially by the drug rehab industry. Marijuana opponents will always tout the high number of people in rehab for marijuana as proof that there is a marijuana addiction problem in the United States.

The problem with that claim is that a vast majority of people in drug treatment for marijuana aren’t there voluntarily, and usually are forced into rehab as part of a court ordered program. Tom Angell recently covered this on Marijuana.Com:

A familiar talking point deployed by supporters of marijuana prohibition focuses on the seemingly large share of people in drug treatment who are seeking help for a cannabis use disorder.

A new federal study sheds some light on how meaningful — or not meaningful — that claim really is.

Nearly 52 percent of people in drug treatment primarily for marijuana were referred by the criminal justice system, according to the latest Treatment Episode Data Set, which was released last Thursday. Fewer than one out of five people in treatment for marijuana checked themselves in voluntarily or were referred by another individual.

I know A LOT of marijuana consumers, and not one of them has ever voluntarily went to rehab for marijuana. On the flip side, I have dozens if not over 100 friends and family members that have been forced into rehab for one reason or another. The drug treatment wasn’t cheap, and since all it focused on was marijuana (requiring urine tests at every ‘class’), it was completely ineffective because every one of them started consuming marijuana again the second the urine testing was done.

And rightfully so, because they didn’t have a marijuana addiction problem, they just had a marijuana prohibition problem. Marijuana makes every one of their lives better, as they will all be quick to tell you.


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  1. No I would not. I would prefer all sanctimonious, self-aggrandizing religious zealots keep their noses out of my business.

  2. Follow the money ! The “marijuana rehab” industry makes MILLIONS for expensive and totally unnecessary “treatment”, which is usually paid for by our health insurance. How many judges receive kickbacks from this corrupt industry ? One of the biggest scams of the failed War on Drugs !

  3. Agreed. Alcohol was tough(Last use 1976) Nicotine -dreamed about smoking for almost 3 years after quitting- was a bear(1978) I had no trouble stopping speed or opiates(I don’t refuse strong painkillers for post op pain but tell the VA Docs Motrin is fine for later – with a little herbal help) . I’ve quit on caffeine a bunch of times – nasty headaches for a few days- but always returned to my wake up aid – the aroma is almost as good as chocolate’s. Never had a problem with stopping Cannabis use, and see no reason to ever quit permanently. Think of the rehab/12 Step process(where a lot of prohibitionists have come from) as brainwashing. I still hang on to total abstinence when it comes to alcohol and nicotine but have left most of the rest of that philosophy behind.

  4. saynotohypocrisy on

    That doesn’t logically follow from what he said. In countries where Muslims have power or influence, cannabis prohibition feeds a Muslim sense of moral superiority.

  5. The real addicts are owners of rehab “clinics,” local police, federal police, the DEA, prosecutors, etc. etc. They’re all addicted to the money that prohibition creates. Plus, it feeds their Judaeo-Christian moral superiority.

  6. “…a factory in Ohio that has a policy if you get hurt, through no fault of your own, you have to be drug tested”

    Let me guess. Cannabinoids in your system means no liability for the accident on the part of the factory. What a scam.

    It amounts to Government sponsored immunity for any factory that stays on board with the feds and their drug testing.

  7. Good grief, cannabis is easier to quit than coffee. Prohibitionists are absurd. It’s like a virgin telling you about sex… what the hell do they know? Nothing, why would anyone listen? If you don’t do it, you don’t know about it so shut up idiots!!!

  8. I work at a factory in Ohio that has a policy if you get hurt, no fault of your own you have to be drug tested. I did not use cannabis at work but in order to keep my job I had to say I need help and was force into rehab. When I told the doctor why I was there she said ” not another one this is bullshit I am fed up with this”. She laughed when I asked her want drug she was going to give me to whine me off cannabis. I use cannabis to relieve pain in my back from being hit twice in the rear in an auto accident. NO HARD DRUGS FOR ME.

  9. saynotohypocrisy on

    The pigs went full Gestapo on you. Real criminals like to prey on cannabis users, they know how reluctant we are to have anything to do with the cops, with this being a perfect example why.

  10. I have never been in trouble with the law, but in 2012 my son was being bullied and harassed at school (Southeast High), when it progressed to death threats and vandalism at my home (sugar in the gas tanks of my cars and holes punched in my tires), I contacted both the school and the local Portage County Sheriff’s department in Ohio, neither did anything to stop the situation from escalating into a more serious situation.

    The situation eventually progressed to two drive by shootings (ten days apart) at my home, and more death threats… after calling the sheriff to file a report on May 16th of 2012 related to death threats left on my answering machine and my voice mail, I finished filling out the report and handed it to one of the deputies that had responded to my call… they then stated that they smelled marijuana and wanted to search my home, and additionally stated that if I didn’t consent they would detain both me and my son at our residence while waiting for a search warrant.

    I was arrested and charge with three felonies relating to marijuana/cannabis and eventually took a plea deal called “Intervention in Lieu of Conviction”, which is a program that offers addicts help instead of just convicting them for drug use… and in my opinion it is complete bullshit because I am not an addict nor am I a criminal just because I choose to use marijuana/cannabis over prescription drugs to treat my illness. I was put on probation for 1 year, I had to report to a probation officer, I was forced to attend two NA (narcotics anonymous) meetings per week, and I was also forced to go to Town Hall II in Kent for drug rehabilitation treatment (WTF… for cannabis/marijuana???), which in itself is a complete joke, a complete waste of the taxpayer’s money, and a complete waste of time when it relates to a charge that involves a cannabis/marijuana violation.

    I am not an addict, but I was treated as if I was one… anyone that’s ever used it knows that cannabis is not addictive. Furthermore, I was using it medicinally to help treat the panic disorder, social anxiety, and agoraphobia that I have had since October of 2004 (which was medically diagnosed)… additionally, I don’t even get “HIGH” from using it, I ingested the raw (non-psychoactive) cannabis material in a process known as juicing to treat my illness and it actually works far better than any of the highly addictive prescription drugs that the doctors and psychiatrists have prescribed to me over the ten-plus years since I had my first attack.

    This program is all about “the money” (government funding) that local law enforcement and the court systems receive for the treatment of so-called “drug addicts”, and unfortunately the system has labeled cannabis/marijuana users as “drug addicts” and thrown us into the group with heroin, cocaine, crack, and other hard drug users who could really benefit from this type of situation… in my opinion they are wasting this treatment option on people like me, people who are not addicts, people who don’t use drugs to get high, people who are not criminals, but instead use marijuana/cannabis medicinally to help with serious medical issues that modern medicine just can’t help us with.

    Our legal system is corrupt, it is currently a money machine that’s sole purpose is generating funds to pay the salaries of the people that work at the established court house for that area, justice is not its primary objective, it is a business just like any other company that’s designed to make profits!!!



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