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Vermont Politicians Want To Ban Alcohol Sales Until Marijuana Prohibition Ends


vermont marijuana decriminalization‘Marijuana is safer than alcohol.’ That statement has been said a lot in the last few years. It’s a statement that has been very effective in the battle to end marijuana prohibition. It’s effective because it’s true. According to a recent study, marijuana is 114 times safer than alcohol. So the fact that alcohol is legal, and even proudly consumed by many marijuana opponents, but marijuana is illegal, is a huge slap in the face to logic and reasoning.

In an effort to highlight the obvious hypocrisy that is marijuana prohibition, two lawmakers in Vermont recently introduced a bill that would prohibit alcohol sales until marijuana sales are allowed. Per The Cannabist:

Frustrated by a lack of action on marijuana legalization, two Vermont lawmakers are trying a new tack: No pot, no booze.

Progressive Rep. Chris Pearson and Democratic Rep. Jean O’Sullivan, both from Burlington, held a news conference Wednesday to announce they had filed legislation to ban the sale of alcohol in Vermont.

Both called the idea “laughable,” but said they are trying to further their arguments that marijuana is less harmful to individuals and to society than alcohol and should be legalized for adults.

The bill obviously does not have a solid chance of passing. However, it got a lot of media buzz, and I’m sure it’s got people talking in Vermont. Alcohol is very commonplace in America, and is generally accepted by most people. It’s beyond time that people realized that marijuana should be afforded that same level of acceptance and tolerance, because after all, it’s far safer.


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  1. “Lots of people have drank themselves to death, their bodies were poisoned”
    “Cannabis is non toxic, period.”

    What makes you think I don’t know those things?

    “I know what you meant , it won’t kill you in small doses”

    Except that’s not what I meant, I’m raising the issue of whether alcohol does any damage at all in small dosages.

  2. We’re talking about deaths due directly to the physical effects of ingestion. – You’re raising a whole other topic.

    Marijuana is not particularly impairing either. Research shows its consumption is NOT a significant cause of auto accidents.

  3. Whenever this little semantic sticking point comes up, I like to tell folks that there is an inverse relationship between the relative toxicity of a substance and how long it takes our bodies to purge it from our systems. The liver and kidneys go after meth, cocaine, and alcohol in a big hurry because the longer they stay in our system, the more damage they do. That’s why standard urine tests can’t detect them unless it’s within several days of consumption — the toxic stuff has, ideally, already been purged.

    Cannabinoids, on the other hand, are not recognized by our immune response as dangerous because they’re so similar to our endocannabinoids, which are so safe, they are found in human breast milk. Hence, our bodies are in no hurry to purge them, and thus, they can be detected weeks after consumption, unlike the toxic substances mentioned above, which tend to get flushed out of the system in a matter of a few days.


    As for sensi social, I shall check it out.

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  5. I know what you meant , it won’t kill you in small doses, neither will arsenic or lead, they are still poisonous to life, that’s why they use it as an antiseptic. Cannabis is non toxic, period. You countld eat , smoke , raw cooked, all the plant. till you shit green and you will not die or suffer any damage, and you would gain weight. and why are you defending alcohol on a weed site ,why don’t you go over to the beer site . Do research, think, don’t Base an opinion, on factless hear say. Lots of people have drank themselves to death, their bodies were poisoned , your liver was never made to injest hard liquor. I enjoy wine, I used be able to drink beer,

  6. William Garrison on

    Come on now.. You know some idiot got smoked up got distracted and did himself in.. Zero is a very unrealistic number..

  7. Ron G. What about the possibility that it works like homeopathic medicines are supposed to work. Good in low dosages, but poisonous in higher ones?
    It’s highly toxic for anyone in high dosage, I didn’t mean to suggest otherwise, by handle it, I meant that most people limit their use.

  8. I’m tired of people telling me what I should or shouldn’t do with my own body. It’s always the morally righteous who are the worst offenders.

  9. No, that’s very correct. Alcohol is highly toxic, for everyone. Like many poisons, it can be processed by the body in low doses, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a poison. Even when used in an arguably responsible way–no drunk driving, domestic abuse, etc.–it can have significant long-term effects. Anything more than two drinks per day dramatically increases the risk of a number of diseases, as well as indicating a shorter life span.

    Alcohol should be presented much like tobacco. Use it if you wish, but be aware that it’s highly addictive and toxic. It shouldn’t be prohibited–we know how well that works–but it shouldn’t be promoted, either. Our current strategy of selling it as a party in a bottle hardly promotes responsibility.

  10. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    2.5 Million Alcohol-Related Deaths Worldwide- Annually. 0.? Cannbis-Related Deaths Worldwide- Annually

  11. I’m not in favor of the government controlling what I put inside my own body. I make my own medical, and life- style, decisions. And I no longer drink alcohol. Like many people, I found that most of the worst decisions, and stupidest experiences of my life, were alcohol related. I don’t tell others what to ingest, but for me, alcohol is just not worth the regret.

  12. If DARE says alcohol is flat out poison, they got that wrong too. It’s only poison to the people who can’t handle it. Most people who use alcohol use it responsibly

  13. About time. Great article, I gave liquor up a long time ago. It solves nothing, it causes problems, its the only drug, DARE got right, they tell our kids its poison

  14. Ho! – That simple truth is, indeed, powerful. Colorado’s initiative campaign was proof of that.

    And since marijuana is exponentially less harmful than alcohol, it follows that everyone who switches from Budweiser to buds improves their health tremendously – as well as the lives of their family and community.

  15. Oh, Vermont. Stop making me fall in love with you. First, you send Bernie Sanders to Congress, now this. It’s an interesting way to simultaneously grab headlines and get your point across. Perhaps their legislature will start moving on this issue in 2016 now that local headlines have turned national, though admittedly, I don’t know much about the Vermont state legislature.

    Here’s hoping this gets a fire lit under some folks in the New England area. I expect Maine to get their initiative on the 2016 ballot. Rhode Island has been on the verge for a few years, now. Eventually, Massachusetts, Delaware, and Connecticut will follow via their legislature.

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