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Vermont Gov Wants DEA To Stay Away From Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


vermont marijuana decriminalizationRecently the United States House of Representatives voted to defund DEA medical marijuana raids in states that have passed legislation to legalize them. The United States Senate has yet to approve the measure, and it seems that the effort faces an uphill battle in the chamber. However, supporters in the United States House of Representatives have received backing from the Governor of Vermont, Peter Shumlin, this week. Per Vermont Public Radio:

Gov. Peter Shumlin says he supports an effort in Congress to block the federal government from cracking down on state-sanctioned medical marijuana dispensaries. Twenty-two states, including Vermont, have enacted medical marijuana laws in the past few years.

“We’re doing the right thing for folks that need marijuana for medical purposes,” said Shumlin. “I think that Congress’s action just adds more voices to the common sense approach to marijuana policy.”

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin is joining a majority of Americans who agree that the federal government should leave medical marijuana states alone. State voters and/or legislatures have spoken, and have clearly established that they want to decide who deserves to have safe access to medical marijuana. Why the DEA feels the need to trample on state’s rights and harass state medical marijuana program participants and dispensary owners is beyond me.

Recently the DEA notified doctors in Massachusetts who are affiliated with medical marijuana centers that they would revoke their license if they continued to work with the medical marijuana industry. This form of harassment is unacceptable. If a qualified doctor feels that a form of medicine will help a patient, that should be enough. The DEA should not take it upon themselves to interfere. It’s beyond time to defund the DEA, not just for medical marijuana raids, but altogether.


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Johnny Green



    Who are these people that set themselves up like some Micro God demanding absolute blind obedience and total subjugation, deciding what is good for everyone. I object. The D.E.A.are a group of evil authoritarian sociopaths., Completely out of control and way over the top.We will not surrender our self disciplined choice to make our own decisions as to whatever we wish. It is time for this group’s evil grip to be released from every free thinking person on this planet. At the very least, America’s asinine drug policy’s should be held in check at the U.S. border. The world is fed up with these equally asinine drug laws and especially the enforcement methods used to criminalize and subjugate everyone.This evil group of authoritarian sociopaths are not content with enforcing law they are making their own, I stand in objection. Please help to resist these evil people who have used law and order to seize power and make a mockery of our justice system..No longer content with enforcing laws, they have crossed the line and begun making their own, and expect other government departments to support them. It is time for the reign of these evil authoritarian sociopaths to end., also the commandeering and misappropriation of state and Federal grants used to expand and support themselves. These sociopath villains are taking the bread crumbs from the needy and elderly to fuel their power base and imprison hundreds of thousands., in an obvious attempt to further subjugate a free spirited people. PLEASE HELP RESIST THEM. This robbing of public funds must stop.

  2. Doc Deadhead on

    In northeast lower Michigan there ‘was’ a group called the ‘HUNT’ (Huron Undercover Narcotics Team) comprising of 6 late term detectives that were paid above and beyond by the special funding(our tax dollars through a millage) to the tune of 600,000 a year combined from 5 counties.

    In 10 years they managed to arrest over 100 teens for pot and 1 guy for 1/2 gram of meth.

    All 5 counties have decided to de-fund the HUNT, they no longer get any extra money from the taxpayers but they sure had a fun ride on our backs for many years.

    Do the math, over $6,000,000.00 for one guy with 1/2 gram of meth…..OH yea, a hundred plus kids with permanent records due to the laziness of the so called detectives. They claim many more arrests but those were handed to them via local sheriffs departments who were also getting kickbacks from the HUNT for the handovers.

    The people finally saw the waste of valuable resources and did something about it. There are many more programs out there like this that need to be de-funded by the people.

    The PEOPLE can de-fund crap programs right at the local level, we don’t need to wait on the Federal government to de-fund everything, we can start at the local level.


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