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Vermont Governor’s Statement On Senate Committee Passage Of Marijuana Legalization Bill


vermont marijuana decriminalizationThere are half a dozen states that have a shot at legalizing recreational marijuana via citizen initiative in 2016 in my opinion – California, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Maine, and Massachusetts. There are also states that could legalize via legislative action, which has never happened before. The three states that seem to be in play from a legislative action standpoint are Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Mexico. This last week a marijuana legalization bill passed out of the Vermont Senate Finance Committee, moving Vermont one step closer to ending marijuana prohibition. Below is the statement that was released by Vermont’s Governor after the passage out of the Senate Committee:

Gov. Peter Shumlin issued the following statement after the Senate Finance Committee passed S.241 – legislation to legalize marijuana in Vermont – by a vote of 6 to 1.

“I want to thank the Senate Finance Committee for their work and Senator Tim Ashe for his leadership. Today’s vote builds upon the good work started by Senator Sears and the Senate Judiciary Committee. I am encouraged by the deliberate approach the Senate is taking on this issue, using the lessons learned from other states to craft a bill that is well thought out. We can take a smarter approach and I look forward to continuing to work to get a bill that ends the failed era of marijuana prohibition in Vermont.”


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  1. Bernie vs. Cruz would definitely be our best possible win-win (at least for weed).. one will be a great marijuana progressive and the other will just get out of the way, at the very least.

  2. I agree, but I live in Pennsylvania which is a about as cutting edge as pop music. We still actually imprison people thirty days for possession of less than an ounce so my expectations are probably unconsciously low!!

  3. Don’t get too worked up it would not go in effect until 2018! That is a long ways off and if Hillary or Trump get elected, you can just shit can all legalization efforts!

  4. Mediocre the bill work not go into effect until 2018. This is pretty slow work for politicians that mostly sit on their rear. The process needs to be sped up about 18 months!

  5. don’t think so. Their bill would not go into effect until 2018. This a little distant, the politicians in Vermont are toying with the citizens of Vermont.

  6. It looks like Connecticut, Is looking into this as well. I hope this will go through, It just makes sense to spend tax revenue on more important things. All you have to do is watch out for that rabid pot smoker. That Poor foaming at the mouth, crazed fun hating violent person who watch’s movies and play video games and giggles a bit.

  7. I see a summer vacation in my future somewhere other than the ocean towns in jersey, Delaware, or Maryland. I’m proud of the Vermont governor. I’ve given up caring about Pennsylvania, my home state, and am awaiting any northeast state to legalize freedom, looks like Vermont for sure.

  8. VT legislature will slow track this legislation until CO bleeds every last ski vacation out of the state

  9. This is a reclassification of marijuana to a “state sanctioned revenue generating substance” (TM) and does nothing to legalize cannabis. This is a convoluted, tax and spend scheme that will line the pockets of an elite few, continue to CRIMINALIZE the growing of this plant for PERSONAL USE, and does nothing to guarantee anything but a few dollars in the coffers of the state of Vermont. The COSTS to set up this elaborate scheme will be many, and the loser with the the average Vermonter who will be subject to the 25% or more tax levied on “designer” marijuana, grown for tourists, elites, and “export” to neighboring states. There has been NO leadership on the Governor’s part to make this a bill for the average resident, and the legislature has not asked the right questions, while being lobbied by a small, elite group of carpetbaggers and business people, as they salivate at the $$$ they will make. This is NOT the Vermont way! Call and write your legislators, and note their actions on this bill, for future elections.

  10. WARNING: THIS IS BS! I am an advocate with Vermont Home Grown. This is a corporate bill. Our rights are being sold. Please join us on Facebook at the Vermont Home Grown Page.

  11. This isn’t a done deal yet, The problems are expected in the House. There is already a Red lawmaker pushing to cut the minimal possession from 1 ounce to half an ounce. I think they would get it done considering the start date won’t be until 2018. There are already no edibles allowed and the Republicans in the legislature are opposing any home grow.

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