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Vermont Marijuana Legalization Bill Receives Final Approval In Senate, Heads To House


vermont medical marijuanaThe Vermont Senate gave final approval to a bill Thursday (17-12) that would end marijuana prohibition in the state and regulate the cultivation and sale of marijuana for adult use. S. 241 received initial Senate approval on Wednesday. It will now advance to the House of Representatives, which will begin working on it after members return from Town Meeting Week.

“We applaud the Senate for advancing this important legislation,” said Matt Simon, the Montpelier-based New England political director for the Marijuana Policy Project. “Like most Vermonters, most members of the Senate recognize that prohibition is a failed policy. They voted to regulate marijuana because it will make our communities safer.

“We are confident that House members who take an objective look at the evidence will arrive at the same conclusion as their colleagues in the Senate,” Simon said. “Marijuana is objectively less harmful than alcohol to the consumer and to society. We should be regulating it and controlling it, not forcing it into the underground market.”

  1. 241 would make it legal for adults 21 years of age and older to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and establish a tightly controlled system of licensed marijuana cultivation sites, testing facilities, and retail stores. It would also create a study commission to examine issues such as edible marijuana products and home cultivation, which would not be allowed under the bill. It would remain illegal to consume marijuana in public or drive under the influence of marijuana. If approved, rulemaking would begin this summer, but the new law would not take effect until January 2018.

A group of more than a dozen local clergy and faith leaders from across Vermont sent a letter to members of the Senate on Tuesday encouraging them to support S. 241. Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell and two former attorneys general, Jerome Diamond and Kimberly Cheney, sent a similar letter to legislators last week.

On Monday, Vermont Public Radio released the results of a poll conducted by the Castleton Polling Institute that found 55% of Vermonters support passing a law to legalize and regulate marijuana for adult use. Only 32% said they are opposed.

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The Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana is a broad coalition of citizens, organizations, and businesses working to end marijuana prohibition in Vermont and replace it with a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed. For more information, visit http://www.RegulateVermont.org.


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  1. russell bowles on

    I’ve watched their pot war lies destroy and bankrupt millions of American Families and murder Americans in our military, jails, and prisons, as complicit government employees became fat and rich, their paychecks are built with American blood…

  2. I am not old enough to have heard of these stories first hand, but I am well aware of the movie “reefer madness”– Probably the funniest movie of all time.

  3. russell bowles on

    I think Cheech & Chong should do another movie where Cheech lives on a mountain top on one side of the border wall and Chong lives on a mountain top on the other side with our pot and drug wars blazing away below them…

  4. russell bowles on

    The pot laws were created by a lying law enforcement egotistical power hungry thief that has robbed the American taxpayer of trillions of dollars with his reefer/madness and a racist power hungry media tycoon bully who propagated a world wide propaganda that brainwashed the ignorant and emboldened the intrusive greedy government employees to rob and mistreat the American Citizen of all ages and sex at any moment they deemed, I think nothing more of those that still support their lies and laws that destroy the soul of my country, they are traitors to the American Dream…

  5. russell bowles on

    Why get rid of a pot war tax built on racial and social hatred when you can just pass another theft of the American Peoples Families retirement savings, they want US all unable to vote and poor enough to work for scraps…

  6. russell bowles on

    The unconstitutional christian radical bullies know now that their reefer/madness lies have been revealed as cruel and unusual punishment built out of racial and social hatreds, but yet Americans continue to be tortured by their intrusions, I lived in a kkk run town once and the kkk police sergeants and the deputy sheriff were laughing because they used the old “you can’t carry a lunch pail down main-street unless it was painted flat/black so the sun’s rays wouldn’t bounce off a shiny surface and blind the horses” to jail another pot smoking hippy for 72 hours so he could wash the cars and mop the floors of the jail, I have hundreds of these stories of abuse of power over 60 years…

  7. I think that PA is the most conservative state in the northeast. Home of a large Amish community as well. Only the larger cities (Philly, idk what else) are the least bit progressive. Basically in PA rural=conservative, and urban=somewhat liberal.

  8. Okay the Pa. governor must have rejected the sales tax increase bill. Haven’t heard anything lately. But the state government still doesn’t have a budget. This week the gov. announced he has prostate cancer. Think he’ll consider treating it with Cannabis/Hemp? No legalization has been passed in Pa.


    i feel its gonna get killed as well it has safeguards for every bs excuse a prohibitionist has and u can see that stigma is closing in on the people who think about reality

  10. russell bowles on

    As our country drowns in $19trillion in debt the lawyers and judges protect their government jobs by protecting their soul eating enforcement of “their” unconstitutional prohibition that fuels cruelty to the point cops wound rather gun down citizens in the back rather than chasing them, how important were blue collar jobs when these same white collar government workers wrote laws to avoid our minimum wage laws and sent American Workers jobs to foreign five cent an hour slaves that bankrupt the Middle-Class Blue/Collar/Worker’s Family, and then those same white_collar_government_workers wrote the law to give those foreign sweatshop profits a tax holiday so the corporate management could pay billions in bonuses to those that transitioned the transitioning, maybe it’s time for once that the establishment white collar government workers lose jobs that they never should have had and repeal their unconstitutional prohibition…

  11. IT’s time to ready the ruin of “repeal&replace” and expose it as a rubio/con/mans attempt to steal our health-care(PublicPlan(where was Uncle/Joe))…

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