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Vermont Medical Cannabis Dispensary Rules Released


Vermont medical marijuanaThe Vermont Department of Public Safety has released the guidelines for medical marijuana dispensaries to operate within the state, according to a report by WCAX in Burlington. Patients and advocates are pleased to see progress being made to bring medical cannabis dispensaries to Vermont.

Currently, the roughly 450 medical cannabis patients in Vermont must grow their own medicine, or have a registered caregiver do it for them. This policy leaves many people without quality medicine; since growing good cannabis is not easy. The plan is for up to four dispensaries to open throughout the state by the end of the year.

Vermont’s medical cannabis law is, by design, very strict. The law caps the number of patients at 1000 statewide and also has a tightly regulated patient approval process. Advocates and lawmakers agreed the strict regulations should limit fears of federal harassment.

Once the dispensaries open, patients will be asked to choose whether they would prefer to access medicine from one of the centers, or grow their own, but not both. According to a recent survey, 90% of patients would make the switch and discontinue at-home cultivation. Many respondents said the lack of expertise, and the physical labor required makes growing medicinal cannabis difficult.

“They did a real good job,” state-registered medical marijuana patient Mark Tucci told WCAX. “They went from the position of ‘What’s best for the patients’ first.” He says the second priority was preventing diversion to non-patients.

Events of last year, including Hurricane Irene and federal harassment has stalled the dispensary process, and, as Tucci pointed out, smart and sensible rules were more important than implementing the program in haste.

Under the rules, the dispensary must operate as a non-profit and must be more than 1000 ft. from schools or daycare facilities. Additionally, prospective owners will have to pony up $2,500 just to apply for one of the four certificates offered by Vermont. If approved, dispensaries would pay the state $20,000 dollars for the first year, and $30,000 in the years to follow.

The rules also dictate that no more than one patient will be allowed in a dispensary at a time and any visits must be by appointment only. High requirements for building security, strict inventory controls, and background checks for all employees and board-members should help all patients and neighboring businesses feel safe.

Additionally, the dispensary will be allowed to operate a second, separate building as a grow facility, where they will limited to 126 plants, of which only 28 can be mature. When in-transit between the two facilities, the cannabis must be kept in a locked container. The owners must also keep the building under constant video surveillance and allow authorities to inspect the grow as often as needed.

Facilities that exceed the limit will be subject to fines and possible closure if excess isn’t turned over to authorities.

Patients and advocates say that while happy with the rules, they would like the state to make marijuana testing available, allow for a home delivery system, and add an alternative method of receiving medicine for those who grow but don’t produce enough medicine for their needs.



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  1. Ripe for Bribes?

    When a state only allows 1,000 people to participate
    in a program,
    then how many people will offer bribes
    to be among the 1,000?

    Is the State of Vermont unlawfully bullying
    medical marijuana patients
    by only allowing 1,000 of them
    to participate in using the
    new medical marijuana dispensaries in Vermont?

    Isn’t it a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act
    to only allow 1,000 severely ill people
    to participate in a state authorized non-profit
    groups’ programs and facilities?

    Just because the state authorized facilities
    are medical marijuana dispensaries which are
    in violation of federal laws, does that
    negate the patients’ protection under the ADA?

    No severly disabled person would even consider having to bribe
    State Police employees acting on behalf of
    the State of Vermont (the ones who make the decision
    to issue medical marijuana cards even though they aren’t doctors
    and the doctor has “prescribed” it), but for the fact that the new law of the
    State of Vermont only allows 1,000 persons to use a medical
    marijuana dispensary at any one time.

    No. 65. An act relating to registering four nonprofit organizations to dispense
    marijuana for symptom relief. (S.17)
    It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Vermont:
    Sec. 1. 18 V.S.A. chapter 86, subchapter 2 is amended to read:
    Subchapter 2. Marijuana for Medical Symptom Use by Persons with Severe Illness
    Section 4472. Definitions…..
    Section 4474f. Dispensary Application, Approval, and Registration(a)(1)
    (page 25 of 39) (H) (2) (b) The total statewide number of registered patients who have designated a
    dispensary shall not exceed 1,000 at any one time.

    The Americans with Disabilities Act, Title III Technical Assistance Manual
    Covering Public Accomodations and Commercial Facilities
    November 1993
    U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Disability Rights Section
    III-2.1000 General. Title III of the ADA prohibits discrimination against any
    “qualified individual with a disability.”

    If there become 1001 cancer patients in Vermont, then you cannot
    discriminate against the most recent one (1) because the State of Vermont
    decided to allow only 1000 patients to have medical marijuana cards.

    III-3.6000 Retaliation or coercion. Individuals who exercise their rights under
    the ADA, or assist others in exercising their rights, are protected from retaliation.

    III-8.1000 General. The ADA establishes two avenues for enforcement of the
    requirements of title III:
    (1) Private suits by individuals who are being subjected to discrimination or who have
    reasonable grounds for believing that they are about to be subjected to discrimination.;
    (2) Suits by the Department of Justice, whenever it has reasonable cause to believe
    that there is a pattern or practice of discrimination, or discrimination that raises an
    issue of general public importance. The Department will investigate complaints and
    conduct compliance reviews of covered entitites.

    Therefore, not only do the medical marijuana dispensaries violate federal
    marijuana laws,
    but they violate the ADA if only 1,000 persons in Vermont are allowed
    to have medical marijuana cards.

    The Department of Justice can intervene in any civil action under the ADA that any disabled
    person files if the State of Vermont denies them a medical marijuana card on the
    basis of discrimination that they will only allow 1,000 people to have
    a medical marijuana card,
    which discriminates against all other disabled persons
    who would otherwise qualify for a medical marijuana card in Vermont.

    The Americans with Disabilities Act, Title II Technical Assistance Manual
    Covering State and Local Government Programs and Services
    November 1993, U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Disability Rights Section

    II-3.7100 Contracting. A public entity may not discriminate on the basis of disability in
    contracting for the purchase of goods and services.
    (the “goods” being marijuana, and the “services” being the cultivation and growing
    of marijuana in the medical marijuana dispensary business licensed by the State of Vermont.)

    Again, you can’t limit the number of otherwise qualified disabled persons to receive
    a medical marijuana card in Vermont.

    II-2.1000 General. Title II of the ADA prohibits discrimination against any “qualified
    individual with a disability.”

    etc., I could go on all day browsing these two technical assistance manuals and
    picking out sections that would be violated
    if the State of Vermont discriminates
    agains qualified individuals who would otherwise be eligible
    for a medical marijuana card
    if the State of Vermont did not put a “cap” on the limit of patients to only
    allowing 1,000 persons medical marijuana cards.

    : All Vermont State Marijuana
    Laws and Medical Marijuana Laws should be REPEALED.
    Repeal, repeal, repeal.
    Because there are so many Federal marijuana laws that it is a fraudulent
    “double billing” against taxpayers to waste Vermont State tax dollars hounding
    and stalking people for marijuana when you could simply leave it all up to the

    Search for marijuana laws, spell it two ways, marijuana with a j and marijuana with an h.
    The federal government has cleverly concealed how many federal marijuana laws there
    actually are by publishing some laws under one spelling and some under another.

  2. Charles Patrick Queen on

    Very strange that they would not even consider glaucoma as a qualifying mecial problem what marijuana does indees help mpre so thatn any medicines that are on the market today.The fact is that medicinal marijuana is the only thing that actually slows down the progression of glaucoma and in many cases has stopped it from progresing altogether.I’m fully aware of the tablet form of medicinal marijuana that is out on the market right now.I am also very well informed that in mot cases and in most medical problems that people may hav that this pill form they have out has a rating of sucess thats around on a scale of 1-10 like around 1 or 2 at the most.In other words it doesn;t work worth a damned for anything medicaly realted at all.However is used witha vaporiser and or with eadibles it has a succes rating og alomst 100 percent fro everything from cancers to mental illnesses.The came out with the supre pain kiler zohydro which is about as close to being almost pure hydrocodoen as they come.Now they have another med thats going to be sold over the counter very soon and it’s base element is oxycodone which as we all know how very dangerous anything with oxycodone in it really is.It ill take no longer than a week or already had been someone outhere who already knows how to extract the oxycodone from this nw med that will be coming to a store near you very soon,yet when it comes to something at totlaly harmless as medicinal marijuana they have major problems with legalising it nationwide for doctors to prescibe it to people who would qualify for it.TYhis shows me just how corrupted our congress and senate trully really are.They accept payoffs and bribes from the major pharms and or their many huhe lobbyist groups in exchange for a no vote on medicinal marijuana

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