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Vermont Voters Leaning Towards Allowing Retail Marijuana Sales


vermont marijuana decriminalizationThe east coast is known for being way far behind the west coast in the cannabis industry. For whatever reason, the colder side of the states is just not as 420 friendly as the stoners that live there would like. So when even the smaller states make a move towards cannabis, it’s a huge deal for those on the east coast. Recently, the voters in Vermont voiced how they feel about the legal cannabis market in a poll conducted by the state wide Castleton Polling Institute, sponsored by the Marijuana Policy Project.

The voters polled showed that 57% of them supported changing the laws in Vermont to allow, regulate, and tax the sale of recreational marijuana, much like the way that they sell alcohol. Retailers would be allow to sell cannabis to adults that were 21 and over, much like in Colorado and Washington. The poll went on to show that a mere 34% of people polled didn’t like the idea of legalization and said that they would oppose it. Support for cannabis like this is extremely important. The voters should be the most important… The polls are the best way to show how they feel on a very public level.

There have been numerous polls confused on this subject in the last few months, in multiple different states. This includes other east coast states such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, and New Hampshire, as well as other states like California, Arizona, Hawaii, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Oregon, and Texas. All of the above states showed that the majority of voters approved legalizing and taxing cannabis like alcohol.

More and more information is being released about the benefits of cannabis and even the most blind people are beginning to wake up. It’s so important to share the most positive parts about the plant, show statistics, and prove that marijuana isn’t a bad thing. It never has been and hopefully, it never will be. The people deserve to be able to use this plant for medicine, recreational reasons, industrial purposes, and whatever else they think it can be used for.

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  1. Larry Waybright on

    Nationally 58% seem to favor Cannabis legalization.
    I’m a Washingtonian and we passed our legal Marijuana law 18 months ago!
    Supposedly the first retail shop is supposed to open July 1st.
    Local jurisdictions in eastern WA have been dragging their feet to comply.
    That part of WA abuts ID so it’s very Conservative.
    Christy isn’t worth the steam off anyone’s sheeit.

  2. Sean Hobman on

    It is not hard to see that this guy Chris Cristie is a lazy , fat slob . His stance on medical and even recreational cannabis is as pathetic as his self-control is around food ! I can only say that I hope something terrible happen’s to this a**hole ! Perhap’s he could even face some horrible form of cancer that cannabis is his only last hope of getting relief from and then he wouldn’t be able to access this potent form of medicine ! But , being the fat slob he is , he would just spend some of your taxpaying dollars to go somewhere he could get it ! Don’t think for one minute that this man would give a damn about other’s need’s for medicine that work’s for some , not eveyone , same as any drug work’s for some more than other’s ! And it is hard to see this fat man as a serious person , when the guy obviously cannot even handle his unhealthy fat , slobbish eating habits !

  3. Are 57% of Vermont voters really on your side? I mean Jimmy Carter supported CO and WA legalization efforts right after the 2012 election. Guess who he endorsed just a few months later? How do I know the people wont do the same thing and betray you like Jimmy Carter did?

  4. Scott Eaton on

    Gov. Chris Christie ( NJ ) is a FAT SWINE that will oppose anything to do with legalization WE DO NOT NEED HIM FOR PRESIDENT

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