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Veteran Maine Policy Advocate Alysia Melnick Joins Yes on 1, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol


PORTLAND, Maine — Veteran Maine policy advocate Alysia Melnick has joined Yes on 1, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, as its political director. Jordan DeCoster has also joined the campaign as field director.

“Now is the time to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana in Maine,” Melnick said. “Passing Question 1 would generate millions in new state revenue, create hundreds of new, good paying jobs, and make Maine safer by freeing up law enforcement so they can focus on serious crimes.” 

Melnick has years of Maine political experience serving as legal counsel and senior policy advisor for the Office of the Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives where she worked to improve Maine’s drug policies, among other issues. Melnick is known across the state amongst patients, caregivers, law enforcement, and lawmakers for her work in 2011 drafting and successfully negotiating passage of Maine’s medical marijuana law while public policy counsel at the ACLU of Maine, which increased access to vital medicine, created economic opportunity, and protected patients, caregivers, and dispensary operators. 

Newly appointed field director Jordan DeCoster is an experienced advocate who most recently served as field director for the successful No on 1 campaign to Save Maine’s Bear Hunt.

“Marijuana laws like this are working well in other states,” said DeCoster. “Maine stands to benefit greatly from replacing the underground market with a more sensible system of regulation.”

For full information on Maine’s fight for legalization, visit the site regulatemaine.org


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