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Vietnam Veteran Denied Medications Because He Has Marijuana In His System


Denied stampWhen you’re sick and there is medicine that can help you, and the consumption of that medicine doesn’t hurt anyone, I think you should be able to use that medicine. It seems like a simple principle, but for some reason cannabis opponents can’t seem to fully agree with that statement. They think that the statement applies for some medicines, but not all medicines. And in the case of a Vietnam veteran in Topeka, Kansas named Gary Dixon, marijuana opponents feel that he shouldn’t have any medicine at all because he tested positive for consuming cannabis within the previous 30 days preceding the test. He went to fill his prescription at the Topeka VA and was denied. Per ABC 2:

“I went in to get a refill on my pain medication and they refused to let me have it, because I have marijuana in my blood,” Gary Dixon, Vietnam veteran.

Gary Dixon is a 65-year-old disabled Vietnam veteran. While in Vietnam he was exposed to Agent Orange.

“I hurt, and I hurt from something I got fighting for my country,” says Dixon.

Now he’s got stage four lung cancer, doesn’t have much time left to live and readily admits to smoking marijuana.

A suffering patient who served our country proudly cannot get his prescriptions filled simply and only because he has cannabis present in his system. What kind of country do we live in? This story is absolutely disgusting. If I had stage four cancer, you better believe I’d have cannabis in my system too, in addition to whatever else I thought would help my situation. If anyone disagrees with that, they don’t have any compassion at all as far as I’m concerned. I hope that national media and organizations will pick up this story and spread it far and wide to help bring attention to Mr. Dixon’s situation.


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  2. I live in WA state. I am 62 on disability. I take pain meds. My family doc has to test me once a year but he tells me a month ahead so i can get clean for the UA test. He believes that Marijuana is helpful. The hospital district is in control, of course. I smoke it to help relieve pain but it does help to live with it easier. My pain killers don’t even do it all. I am thankful for my doctor.

  3. I’m glad that they don’t test me because I really need my pain medications, marijuana has been in my system consistently since I was 12 and I’m 26 now you better believe it’s going to be that way till I’m on my deathbed no matter what the laws say or the punishments that they carry out for breaking them.

  4. Robert Dewayne King on

    Just remember this , Big Pharma aint interested in “cures” as it is far more profitable to treat the symptoms for as long as they can (or until you die) !!

  5. You add to anyone struggling with PTSD the Depression from once being treated like a hero to being branded a Felon for doing the 1 thing that helps after years of searching! Or the Aniexty of men half your age kicking in your door exacuting your pets in front of your children and being treated worse than you did enemy combatants. ALL to steal whats taken a lifetime to build under draconian Asset Forfeiture laws will scramble anyones eggs, all over again! HOO-RA AIRBORNE

  6. My father-in-law is a Vietnam Vet…the suicide rate (for all vets)is mind boggling. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS wether you support the politicians or not…God Bless America…God Bless Our Soldiers!!!

  7. i just pray God will make this people legalized the MMJ…so that things can be better for some of us …yeah i myself i dont think there anything wrong with the legalization of MMJ ..I earn my leaving for the sales of this stuff so if its legalize i will probably earn more dollars..marcklitts202@gmail.com.

  8. I am not a veteran but I smoke pot so I don’t get sick I take pain meds for some surgeries I had and they told me if I cant have a clean ua they will cut me off all pain meds even though I have been taking the same meds for 5 years now I don’t smoke a lot of pot only when I am seriously sick

  9. What I find disturbing is that had he taken his pain medication with a bottle of whiskey it would have been “okay” and “legal”. He decides to use a substance that in Israel would be prescribed with it, and is denied medication. Sad doesn’t touch it….I’m proud to be an American, but some days I’m more proud than others…

  10. If I were him I would smoke weed all day long every day. To Hell with the VA and their pills. He needs to get some good oil too. He may be able to cure himself.

  11. No one ever should be denied treatment no matter what. The only way to stop this BS. Is to legalize America

  12. In Texas if you get injured on the job and go to the hospital, you will be drug tested. If marijuana is found in your blood, you lose all worker’s compensation benefits. It won’t matter that you smoked that joint last weekend, and were injured because of someone else’s negligence. If you test positive, you’re out of work with no coverage.

  13. Health insurance companies do the same thing. I was subject to urine tests while trying to get my insurance company to approve an expensive regimen of medication for a life threatening condition that I have and am under doctor’s care for. They have been stalling for months, the urine test was just one of their methods to deny me the treatment.

    I also had a friend who was being treated for cancer (radiation and chemo) who found a source for medical grade cannabis despite living in a state that prohibits any use of the plant. The cannabis helped ease the side effects of invasive treatment so much that people who saw him thought he had been cured of the disease. He was forced to take a urine test to continue the treatments and when he tested positive for cannabis he was then denied further access to treatment unless he cleared his system of the “illegal drug”. Not wanting to return to the state he had been in before beginning to use the medical grade cannabis, he opted to not continue the treatments without the cannabis. He was dead within a couple of months.

    Stories abound. The whole health care system, not just the VA, is broken and continues to use any means they can come up with to deny expensive treatments to those who need them, even to the degree of cutting treatments off because of use of a benign — or arguably helpful — substance.

  14. I have no idea how much cannabis Mr. Dixon consumes or how he takes it, but if I were in his situation I totally believe Simpsons cannabis oil would be what I would use, & alot of it, 2 to 3 grams a day. Check out Rick Simpson oil on youtube, long video, but well worth it. There is a cure.

  15. Robert Dewayne King on

    No one who has never done it knows what deliberately killing another person can do to your soul ! And living under the constant threat of your own death or dismemberment is worse ! ALL who put his/her life on the line for this country deserve better treatment than what I just read about !!! EN1 Robert King USN (SW) RET. !

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