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Virginia Congressman Introduces Federal Bill To Reschedule Marijuana


reschedule marijuanaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

Compelled by news of constituents having to move out-of-state to seek medical cannabis, Virginia Congressman Morgan Griffith introduced a bill earlier this week that would reschedule cannabis on a federal level, reducing it from a Schedule 1 controlled substance to Schedule 2, and would grant states with medical cannabis laws federal protection.

H. R. 4498, the Legitimate Use of Medicinal Marijuana Act, is intended “To provide for the legitimate use of medicinal marijuana in accordance with the laws of the various States,” by both rescheduling cannabis to a classification that concedes there is medical use for the plant (Schedule 1 substances are considered to have no known medical value), and establishing protections for people authorized under state laws to possess, grow and use medical cannabis.

Simple and succinct, the bill is just under 4 pages long, and reads almost in its entirety as such:

In a State in which marijuana may be prescribed by a physician for medical use under applicable State law, no provision of the Controlled Substances Act or of theFederal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act shall prohibit or otherwise restrict—

(A) the prescription of marijuana by a physician for medical use;

(B) an individual who is an authorized patient from obtaining, possessing, transporting within the individual’s State, or using marijuana for that individual’s medical use;

(C) an individual authorized under State law to obtain, possess, transport within their State, or manufacture marijuana, from obtaining, possessing, transporting within that State, or manufacturing marijuana pursuant to that authorization; or

(D) a pharmacy or other entity authorized under State law to distribute medical marijuana to an authorized patient, from obtaining or possessing marijuana for that purpose, or from distributing marijuana to an authorized patient for medical use.

No provision of the Controlled Substances Act or of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act shall prohibit or otherwise restrict an entity authorized by a State, in which marijuana may be prescribed by a physician for medical use, for the purpose of producing marijuana for prescription by a physician for medical use, from producing, processing, or distributing marijuana for such purpose.

The bill has been referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce;  anyone interested in contacting committee members to encourage them to support this measure can do so by calling (202) 225-2927.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  1. I sure hope the Senate will act on this, but I’m not holding my breath this year. Like any deeply-entrenched government agency, the DEA seems terrified of losing power, and will do or say anything to stem the tide of legalization. Disgusting.

  2. Remember, the House voted to ban the DEA from interfering with state-legal cannabis operations. It has not passed in the Senate yet. They did not have the courage to defund the DEA, but the sentiments about overreach by the DEA is strong in the House. I am not surprised this was bill was introduced by a Republican, there is strong bipartisan support for cannabis reform, maybe for differing reasons.

  3. How would it do that? Do you think a pilot, who is regularly drug tested, will now say “Hey! Cannabis is now a Schedule II drug, better start smoking it!” The fact is, traffic fatalities are down 8% this year in Colorado, the lowest number in a long time.

  4. Haha your defiantly not judgmental haha. You are a child to believe you have to read the whole bible to be a Christian. I honestly doubt you have read the bible let alone interpreted anything worth a spit. You missed many of the key issues that are in it, based on your basic response. Preaching your Christian elite, last time I checked it’s those that receive little love. Your desktop ego is at an all time high, I think it’s time to prestige

  5. What about where it says you have to follow the laws. Or where it says you should be sober, or even where it says that god wants us to stress because that’s what makes life worth living. (I still think weed should be legal tho just commenting)#onemoretimetokillthepain

  6. Robert Dewayne King on

    From the early days of the RC church reading was actively discouraged among the laity (anyone not a priest) to insure that they COULD NOT READ THE BIBLE FOR THEMSELVES !! And any woman who could read and write was in grave danger of being burned as a witch !

  7. Just getting it to a vote would be huge, much less passing an actual bill. Most of these efforts die in committee and never get close to an actual vote, and because there’s a mid-term election this November, I’d say the chances of this going anywhere are microscopic. Nevertheless, it’s absolutely amazing to see the gentleman from Virginia proposing such legislation. Let’s hope one of these efforts gains traction someday soon. In the immortal words of Firesign Theater, “push something hard enough and it WILL fall over.”

  8. Andrew Zebrun III on

    Why not, legalize everything! You can not legislate people’s behavior anymore than they could’ve made slavery stay to this day! Drug warrior dogma has created human rights violations of the first order in America! The government vendetta of “drug war” dueling with citizens started with the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791. That was less than a decade into our infant “democracy”! One invented crime after another has kept us in a constant state of genocide to the present day. When will the government’s blood lust be satiated? Please make peace with “we the people”.

  9. Andrew Zebrun III on

    Why not, legalize everything! You can not legislate people’s behavior anymore than they could’ve made slavery stay to this day! Drug warrior dogma has created human rights violations of the first order in America! The government vendetta of “drug war” dueling with citizens started with the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791. That was less than a decade into our infant “democracy”! One invented crime after another has kept us in a constant state of genocide to the present day. When will the government’s blood lust be satiated? Please make peace with “we the people”!

  10. Angela Barnes on

    I think the federal government needs to do something to make it legal like alcohol and cigarettes, no one can purchase it unless they are 18 and than they could collect taxes and help this nation pay off its debts. I myself do not see how the government is going collect tax money on something they say is totally illegal!!!! That is not how our laws work, it can’t be illegal and the government collect taxes on it. Why not start collecting taxes on prostitution, crack, cocaine, hereon, and other illegal drugs,

  11. Dee Rockin on

    Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times, some shall … speak lies in hypocrisy … commanding to abstain from meats which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth. (Paul: 1 Timothy 4:1-3)

  12. Dee Rockin on

    And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen any more. — Ezekiel 34:29

  13. Foxeh Chandonnet on

    Im a Christian too…but stfu, because no one cares. Neither Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, Wilson, Morris, Madison, Hamilton, and Washington were Christians or deists. I see my modern Christians today as NOTHING MORE than judgmental, prideful, cowardly, idiotic, misanthropic and brainwashed pieces of lesser filth. 80% of my fellow ‘Christians’ have never once read the bible. And i base that on a Vatican poll…so thats 1 in 5, that have ever read the bible. Its always the ones who say “Its the guidebook for my life” when its nothing more than a chit you use to win any argument you could ever waddle your way into. Please…get out of my religion.

    ….Seriously! At least the Muslim has the common courtesy to behead you, rather than throw his religion in your face like you could give two fucks.

  14. It’s really easy to get that impression based on the prevalence of Christianity in the US, but the very first amendment of the Constitution tells us that isn’t the case. Our founding fathers were fine with everyone having the freedom to worship whoever, however, as long as it doesn’t harm or infringe upon the rights and freedoms of others. We welcome all faiths, seeing as how many came here to escape the religious persecution happening in the countries they fled. We even welcome those with no spiritual beliefs, at all. That’s always been my belief when it comes to the intent of the founding fathers when crafting the Bill of Rights.

    The first commandment, however, (also known as Exodus 20:3) says “worship no other god before me.” The first amendment and the first commandment are almost contradictory in nature. Were we founded on Christian tenets, the religious freedom clause of the first amendment would have been omitted, entirely.

  15. The better question is if marinol is schedule 3 why such a prejudice against the natural form, money and profits , the hell with patients
    Big business is running this country, they only need our blood to fight their wars, they let us think we are free. Legalize marijuana now

  16. Nostradamus on

    I go with your original post. President Clinton (Chelsea) will reschedule it in 2025 following the Great Chicago Bong Riots of 2024.

  17. Fine, but don’t say ridiculous things like “this country was founded on Christian beliefs.”. That is simply false and saying such a thing makes you look quite ignorant.

  18. To answer dan , short version There has been numerous conversations on this web site. Watch the movie square grouper, available on netflix. The Ethiopian Coptic church, a sect of Zionist, that respect Jesus Christ as a profit, and holy man, not the son of God, tried to make this claim. Where it went badly for them was the importation of weed and letting children consume I Personally I believe like you, a plant is God made and good. As far as pilots, I don’t know,honed. If want to have a real conversation become a memberof.http://medicalmarijuana.com/sensi-social/ this web sit we are on is a limited platform
    go to cannagramma.com. , sarajuana has a great site and is a great communicator.

  19. Dan Denicola on

    I still see the Bible as the instruction book for my religion, and I am sure that I am not alone in my beliefs

  20. Aside from the fact that the CSA Drug Schedule is NOT a purely scientific document but also an extremely political one, why not remove it from Scheduling as caffeine, alcohol and nicotine are? The clumsy incremental approach may seem more responsible but really it just creates new problems and results in awkward dysfunctional regulations.

    Marinol is already Schedule 3, correct? What sense does it make to put raw cannabis at 2? See, awkward dysfunctional regulation happening already. Nice of this guy to try this, but it’s another example of people who don’t really know what they’re doing being the ones in charge of making the rules.

  21. You should know better than to say that “this country was founded on Christian beliefs.” The “religion” of choice among the founding fathers was deism which is just a step away from atheism. Read what Thomas Jefferson had to say about religion, especially in his “Notes on the State of Virginia.” If not that, then at least read what the First Amendment has to say about organized religion. Shame on you for bringing a quasi-evangelical slant to the debate on marijuana reform.

  22. Dan Denicola on

    just a question, how will rescheduling marijuana affect commercial truck driving, playing pilots and engineers?

  23. Dan Denicola on

    this country was founded on Christian beliefs, I think that anything in the Bible that God gives us is for everyone, it says we have access to all of these things so sayeth the Lord, I don’t see any other interpretation of that myself

  24. It sure is!
    “reducing it from a Schedule 1 controlled substance to
    Schedule 2”, should/could shut Leonhart’s big, ignorant mouth up for a
    while. And her buddies too.

  25. I have seen many comments along the line of “God has given us all the plants and seeds we would need” connected to cannabis, but the laws of man persist, and the term “need” will always draw debate. Since the WOD has set rational thinking back several decades, even for some of the more reasonable minds, it will take a bit longer for a majority of people to realize – once again – how much mankind needs weed.

  26. I’ve had lengthy discussions about this, before — at the end of the day, the law almost always errs on the side of caution when it comes to cannabis use for legitimate religious reasons. Seeded plants are certainly mentioned in Genesis, but to have cannabis accessible for religious purposes, you’d need to be a member of a church/faith that is already well-established (you can’t just launch a website and declare yourself Pastor Dan of the cannabis temple) with all the trimmings that constitute a no-kidding religion: a meeting place, a congregation, a diocese or hierarchy of leaders, a written religious doctrine or a known oral tradition, etc etc.

    But most importantly, there must be an established history of using cannabis as a sacrament of your faith, like Catholics let kids drink wine, some native american religions use peyote, and the Rastafarians….well, you know. A case involving a Rastafarian and the use of cannabis as a religious sacrament came up once in Guam, I believe, but the court ruled that the amount the plaintiff was in possession of (five ounces) was far more than one person would need for a simple religious sacrament.

    Besides, we don’t want EVERYTHING that’s mentioned in the Bible legalized for the sake of religious freedom. Give Leviticus a glance — the verses range from peculiar to offensive and everything in between. Also, even if there are people who do view cannabis as a no-kidding spiritual sacrament, the church people of the Bible Belt would have serious doubts, thinking that access to cannabis for religious reasons is simply “wink wink nudge nudge” legalization — just a legal loophole being exploited, not a real faith. And they wouldn’t be wrong. I’m sure a number of people would fake a “come home to Jesus” routine if it meant they were able to smoke legally. In the case of the person I was discussing this notion with, they would be 100% correct (my impression was that he was simply trying to find the path of least resistance to legal access, even if he had to defraud people of legitimate faith to do so).

  27. Dan Denicola on

    The bible talks about plants and seeds in Genesis 1:27.I’m very surprised nobody has looked at it from a religious angle yet, seems as though the federal government is depriving us of our religious beliefs

  28. If not passed by our congress/ Senate then the president will reschedule cannabis by 03-2025/04-2025 he just waiting for the mid-terms to past…just say yes grow your own!

  29. I don’t understand why they keep pretending it should be scheduled at all. I mean, they’re fairly straightforward. Does it fit into any categories in any Schedule? No. Not by any of the actual data that’s available worldwide, some of which was produced by our own government.

    It certainly doesn’t belong on any if Tobacco and Alcohol aren’t. Why do we leave them unscheduled when they fit criteria to at least be in Schedule 2, if not 1, and cause hundreds of thousands of deaths yearly?

  30. I don’t see how the fucking hell it wont pass. It is not anywhere the level of the other schedule 1 drug. It clearly has medical benefits. Hell half of the states have medical marijuana. If this does not pass…….

  31. It is extremely unlikely to pass but baby steps right? A Virginia republican introduced it, that is nice to see

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