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Virginia To Consider Marijuana Decriminalization


virginia medical marijuanaWhen the Virginia Legislature is back in session next month, one of the bills they will be considering will be SB 686. SB 686 will decriminalize marijuana in Virginia, and make marijuana possession punishable by a fine of up to $100. While it’s not full legalization, SB 686 is far better than the current penalty. Per Marijuana Policy Project:

When the Virginia Legislature convenes in January, a bill to stop criminalizing those who simply possess marijuana will be awaiting consideration.

Today, an individual convicted of marijuana possession in Virginia can be thrown in jail for up to thirty days, fined up to $500, or both! This overly punitive approach can destroy dreams — a criminal conviction makes it harder to get a job, housing, and education. Criminalizing marijuana possession also wastes vast amounts of resources. In 2012, there were more than 20,000 arrests made in Virginia for marijuana possession. It takes time for police to book marijuana users, prosecutors to try cases, and labs to test marijuana. Meanwhile, more than half of all reported rapes and 80% of all burglaries went unsolved.

If you live in Virginia, I strongly urge you to start calling your Senators right now. Call them early and often. Not sure who your Senator is? Go to this page at this link here.


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  1. Does anyone think it will pass ?
    I think the people would vote it in easy
    But Va. Has no way for us to vote on any issue
    So contact your
    Senate and house Reps
    And urge them to pass SB686.
    Do. Now. Today.
    Reply. To. Me.
    Do you think it will pass ??

  2. I have PTSD I Am from Va
    PTSD is as real as the day. You lived it
    Cannibus is the only thing that helps
    And I don’t do any thing other.
    No caffeine
    No alcohol
    No pills
    No meth
    No DRUGS
    I have. No. Hope. And. No help.
    End cannabis prohibition now
    No one should go to jail. For just cannabis

  3. Cannabis needs to be legalized all across the country. I am from VA and I am glad they are finally started to look into this. I have PTSD and explosive mood disorder and use to control my problems. When I don’t have it compared to when I have it is a world of difference. It stops my nightmares, allows me to relax, In stead of always being tense and also keeps me from loosing my cool. Anyone who says it doesn’t help as a medication is completely out of touch. If people don’t believe me the all I can say is walk in my shoes for a day then tell me it doesn’t work. As a retired marine with libertarian and conservative values, I think the govt needs to get on board fast

  4. Its imperative that Marijuana be removed from Schedule 1 immediately.
    If a state wants to be “dry” with respect to recreational Marijuana, then they should be consistent and be dry with respect to Alcohol and not sell Tobacco as well.
    The current situation with respect to Marijuana is NUTS.
    Medically, Marijuana is a wonder drug. No other medicine treats so many conditions so well or has Marijuana’s amazing safety profile — especially its therapeutic index.
    The issue is especially urgent because of Marijuana’s use in Cancer treatment.
    There is no other drug which does as good a job of helping Cancer patients tolerate Chemotherapy, and high dose Medical Marijuana oil therapy is showing amazing promise both by itself and especially in combination with Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy.
    The whole thing has risen to the level of a moral imperative.
    Its immoral and insane to deprive Cancer patients of it.
    Every Cancer patient should have access to Medical Marijuana regardless of their ability to pay.
    Every insurance carrier, both public and private should be required to cover it.
    As a Scientist, and as a human being, it breaks my heart to know that so many people are suffering and dying unnecessarily because of ignorance, arrogance and dogma.
    I urge everyone reading this to call the white house comment line at (202) 456-1111 and tell them that depriving Cancer patients of Medical Marijuana is immoral and inhumane, and to urge the President and Congress to take immediate actions to rectify the situation.
    Dying of Cancer sucks — ask anyone doing it.
    Every minute another American dies of Cancer.
    And its a horrible way to die.

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