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Voice Of The Marijuana Nation Gets Silenced


RIP NORML Network: 24/7 network of marijuana shows closes up shop due to lack of funds

I am shocked and saddened to report that the NORML Network has been cancelled. How that is even possible is beyond me, considering Russ runs the show with no budget. The show gets roughly 2,500 to 5,000 downloads a day, and has 50-70 live viewers each day. The NORML Network consists of 13 hours of original content a week. Radical Russ Belville, “Cannabis Karri” Gallaugher, “Ganja Jon” Hamm, and “Wiz Kaliko” Castille are some of the most talented activists I have ever met, and whoever picks them up next will be extremely lucky to have them on their media team.

It sounds like Russ will stay on with NORML in his original capacity, but the show itself will relaunch in the near future under a different name. I originally posted video footage from the show where Russ says goodbye to his listeners in this article, but the stream channel was deleted unfortunately. If it appears on YouTube, I’ll make sure to update this article ASAP!

(Update) Here’s the video:


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  1. Maybe they’re just going back to their roots, and trying to help lawyers make more money with their legal referrals. I mean, logic dictates that any organization that professes they’re proud of their 40 years of failure to effect any meaningful change should make you wonder if they’re really in it for US, or for themselves…

  2. Kingofnepal on

    If your radical Russ then I am Che Guevara! There has never been any objectivity on this show. Norml sux since the day they opened the doors. Russ opened his mouth and I wanted to answer him in debate , he never gave me the opportunity to straigten him out. Russ and Norml are useless blood suckers that feed off cannabis community. 

  3. James Benno on

    NORML is part of the problem sleeping with the Feds (  FDA, ATF, and the DEA  )  as well as BIG PHARMA . They came out against Medical Marijuana and it wasn’t until recently they have done an about face. Fuck NORML and everything it stands for . Keith Stroup is a drunk from what I’ve been told and NORML is a standing joke in the Medical Marijuana Community.
    Nothing but a bunch of arm chair activists making the people believe they are making change from behind their computers when in reality they are nothing more than T-SHIRT salesman.

  4. Yes, the timing is incredibly strange – right before this election where one successful re-legalization initiative can knock the stuffing out of marijuana prohibition!  – And without any formal explanation?????????

    Perhaps it’s time for an ‘occupy marijuana reform movement.’  

    Personally, I’d like to see marijuana reform become a wing of Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign.  No other candidate has so strongly supported re-legalization as Johnson.  If he doesn’t win the election, perhaps we could persuade him to head a new marijuana reform org.  Johnson has a great reputation for getting things done!

  5. HighInHawaii on

     It’s a bunch of crap of what was pulled on Russ. Also no NORML net work will hurt a lot of the little people. I will take the voices of all the little people to get it legal.

  6. I am devastated by the news. I don’t want to get all syrupy, but your show has meant to me. I just can’t believe it. Speechless and sad. If I believed in emoticons, you would see a frowny face  with a tear. The best to you and Ganja John and Kannabis Kari.

  7. See this is an opportunity rather than dwell on it. Learn what mistakes were made and make it better next time. This is reality for many ‘businesses’ before they crack it. More and more people are awakening also to new directions, community projects, non profit cooperation. Take a deep breath, unite, then seize the day!

  8. Jimmyjoebobjohnson on

    I call 60 to 80 Med card patients per night to tell about Oregon Cannabis Tax Act. We just collected, 87,213 sigs to get it on Fall Ballot. Please people, help!!!

  9. Jimmyjoebobjohnson on

    That is too bad, but it sounds like another show may follow under a new name, I hope it does happen.

  10. I really hope that Greenfaith was hacked and that you wouldn’t post such an offensive comment as this.  It is truly unprofessional and ill timed.

  11. Agreed.  The decision-making and timing on this is breathtakingly bad.

    Isn’t it rather illegal to take funds that were directly solicited for a certain purpose (i.e. running NSL) and do something else with them?  I worry about potential legal repercussions if NORML doesn’t backtrack on this.

  12. Once again WE sit by and DON’T support the organization, more let our voices be heard. WE are our OWN worst enemy in that we just sit by and let the Govt. do whatever in the hell they want. WE’VE GOT TO STAND UP PEOPLE!


    I challenge every one to speak to at least one person every day about
    making marijuana legal and tell every one you talk to, to do the same.
    This issue has the peoples support now we need to unite, organize and
    make it happen.

  14. It’s a sad day for marijuana activists everywhere. The loudest and proudest voice in the movement was silenced because a few folks at the national NORML office didn’t see the value in a show with no budget. I’m ashamed of my organization for whats been allowed to happen here, and have my own “Radical” Rant about the subject coming. 

    As @CannabisKarri:twitter astutely observed: “So, we lose the ability to cover live –  cannabis events during an election year? How does this help us get the message out?”

    Shaun McAlister
    Executive Director at @DFWNORML:twitter

  15. Truckinup3024 on

    thanks Russ for all your work..it was a good show…and all the staff…

  16. “If everyone who used Marijuana would send NORML ONE DOLLAR we’d have it legal”

    Nonsense. All we’d have is NORML paying themselves bigger salaries.

    Cannabis will never be legal as long as the U. S. is championing the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotics.

  17. Hemp Corp Tas on

    Such a shame when politics and budgets get in the way of ideals…

    Be the Phoenix…

    Cheers Russ!

  18. revraygreen on

    thanks Russ for putting Green Central Station on deck for a cup of coffee at the start of NSL 2011….

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