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Volunteer To Help Put Medical Marijuana On The 2016 Ballot In Arkansas


Arkansas medical marijuanaI received the following message from the Arkansans for Compassionate Care campaign. Volunteer if you are able:

We now have only two months left for gathering medical cannabis signatures to make the November 2016 ballot.  Although we now have 80,000 signatures, and surpassed the required threshold of 68,000 signatures, we need another 20,000 to ensure we will make up for the many invalid signatures.  Generally, about 65% of signatures are valid.

Luckily, there are abundant events in May and June to help us make this historical achievement.  Please volunteer at as many of the following May events as possible, and show up early to events with *asterisks to catch people before they enter the venue:

Thanks to the amazing work from dozens of hard working Arkansas volunteers, we are very close to the goal.  These next two months are crunch time.  We have come too far to let up now.  Let’s do this!


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  1. Almost half the Nation has it legalized or at least decriminalized it. Think about all the time, money, effort, jail space, ect. It takes money to house and feed all those “green leafy smokers” and while we (Arkansas) would rather put a petty pot smoker in jail than take the time and effort to look for theives, molesters, rapists, murderers, ect., we would throw that pot smoker in jail for a roach. Think about all that tax payer money that is being taken out of your check every week that is feeding and housing that petty pot smoker in jail. Arkansas has some fucked up laws and they need to be changed a little bit.

  2. I understand your frustration but remember state rules require that a percentage of signature are gathered from each county. This is where it takes time. In many rural counties people might go to town 2 maybe 3 times a month. When we went we didn’t go to Salem, Ash Flats or Mammoth Springs. We crossed the border to West Plains Missouri. So chances are many others have similar habits of traveling outside their area or state. So exposure in an area is slow. Most info is word of mouth. Our nearest neighbor was good half mile away. To get to his house or ours you had to cross locked gates and no trespassing signs. Now the issue of local law enforcement. Now while in the big cities you might feel unintimidated by their presents . Out in the boonies reality is they can make life miserable. Now while they may not have anything on you. They likely have something on the people you do business with. I think you get the picture. Having any cannabis legalization movement of any kind in Arkansas is huge step alone. Understand many areas there are still sundown communities. Yes they claim it’s over it’s not.Times are still changing and many areas of the south they still haven’t caught up with the rest of America.

  3. Oh I completely agree that medical if it was the only thing on the ballot would pass..I think we have all but gone over that hump in this country…enough that I think there will be enough medical states in this country, within the next 2-3 years that even every non-medical prohibition state will border a legal state. Thus making at least the chance a person in need could be withing driving distance of a legal state…that will go a long way toward gaining a larger consensus…because at the end of the day..the easiest way to get a person on the side of legalization is to allow them to experience the product…

    I’d venture to say that there is a REALLY, REALLY small % of people that after trying cannabis..would come away as a 100% prohibitionist…

    With that said…I think the best plan is to shoot for the stars and accept the moon….put it all in the proposed ballot measure, full legalization, release the prisoners..present this model to the citizens and rely on good pre-voting polling to see if it will fly…if the numbers are not there…find out why and adjust the ballot measure…

    This is why having the money and resources to wage these ballot measures is so important…grass root efforts while being truly righteous, will fail if they can’t show polling numbers and get signatures…

    This is the unfortunate reality of how our political system works..and ESPECIALLY when it’s around a hot-button issue as legalizing cannabis….

  4. Not trying at all and doing absolutely nothing, like we are obviously doing now, will be how Rutledge will make the claim “there is not enough interest in legalization at this time.”

    If we do nothing at all, like now, she will obviously form that opinion. If people get off their butts and push for this, that will be how she and others see that the cannabis movement and community is on its way. We don’t have to dump tons of money and waste time to show people we are serious. But doing nothing speaks VOLUMES to the current level of interest.

    Hell, we should make a huge deal about how we were given 2 months to collect all of the signatures, but guess what??? No one is doing ANYTHING.

  5. Unfortunately even though medical is 99.9% for sure going on the ballot, we cannot get ANY support behind full legalization from the various cannabis communities. Legalization and referendums such as the one to remove existing prisoners, that’ll be the types of pushes we need to get things like workplace drug testing reformed. I’m all for medical, but that doesn’t seem to spread a message to the feds considering 25+ States already have enacted it.

    At this point, even if full legalization didn’t make it, it puts the general idea in the minds of many, many right-wing people that still push the idea of “reefer madness”. This will let them know that legalization is on the way and they better brace their self.

    At our current state, we have the opportunity to spread the word about legalization, even with an incredibly slim chance of the measure passing. I think we need to lean on this and heavily promote it, at least to some extent.

    One question. Do you think medical marijuana is going to do better on the ballot considering it has already been placed on the ballot? It nearly missed by 2%. Take that same idea and put it towards full legalization.

    Please do not shoot ourselves in the foot.

  6. Leslie Rutledge used a trick that her previous predecessor Dustin McDaniel used. She kept rejecting the ballot measures for wording, typos or spellings. Then validates it when she knows it’s impossible to collect enough valid signature’s in time. She wants them to waste time and money trying. That way later she can point out there is not enough interest in legalization at this time. The only chance they have is keep collecting for next years ballot.

  7. This would make Arkansas’s economy BOOM!!

    Texarkana is only 3 hours away from one of the biggest metros in the country…the DFW metro…

    If Arkansas was able to get this legalization done…they would set themselves apart as the first of the “Southern” states to legalize for adult use…it could potentially be a huge boom for their state economy…and being right smack int he middle of the south will only help cement this economy as tourism gets a huge boost…

    Just think about all the surrounding businesses that will flourish because of it…that have nothing directly to do with cannabis…

    travel industry, hotels, restaurants, etc…

    If activists in surrounding close by states were wise they would send all available volunteers up that want to lend a hand for their effort to get all those signatures by a quickly approaching deadline…

  8. Why are you not putting support behind the Arkansas Recreational law that was approved by the state of Arkansas attorney general, Leslie Rutledge? It was released within the past week and requires 86,000 signatures before July 8th(ish) to be put on the November ballot. It would FREE ALMOST ALL non-violent offenders. Additionally it would allow an adult with a license to produce up to 36 plants.

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