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Vote For A Florida Gubernatorial Candidate That Supports Medical Marijuana

nan rich florida medical marijuana

(NBC Miami)

There is an effort underway to legalize medical marijuana in Florida. United for Care has been collecting signatures for a medical marijuana initiative, and last I heard, they already had over 200,000 signatures. There have been attempts to try to block the process by top Florida Republicans. I’m not sure why they are trying to squash the democratic process, but then again, they are politicians.

It appears that a Democratic candidate for Florida Governor has came out in support of the medical marijuana initiative. Nan Rich, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Florida Governor said the following according to The Sun Sentinel:

“I’ve seen the research, I’ve studied the issue, and I’ve met with patients who clearly benefit and desperately need medically prescribed cannabis,” Rich said in a statement. ”That’s why I’m signing the petition to get this important measure on the ballot in 2014 and I’m calling on all of my friends and supporters to do the same.  There is simply no reason patients should suffer when an effective, safe, and organic remedy is readily available.”

It’s a very refreshing thing to know that at least one politician out there believes in science and compassion. If you are a TWB reader that lives in Florida, make sure to remember to vote for Nan Rich. To find out more about her and her campaign, click here.


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  1. Patrick, this is “The Peoples/Citizens Initiative” and as such, bypasses the legislation (they can only try to stop it). Yes our (supposed) representative/senators may/can kick and scream all they want, but the arguments they bring up are baseless, pointless, and useless. We have science on our side. The only thing those opposing have is fear and lies, which can be defeated easily. I’ve been working on this for 4 years now.

  2. This is a battleground state, why can’t a demo win? I think she can win. Look what we did for the AG in Oregon.

  3. By “constant defense” do you mean one tweet? And this alone will be her downfall? C’mon man….

  4. She won’t even make the ticket because Charlie Crist will win the spot. But I expect Charlie to support it should he win the office. The problem is even if someone unseats the dick-with-ears we have in office here now, the Republicans will continue to control both houses and will do whatever they can to prevent passage and easy implementation. The only way Florida will ever get it legalized in any form will be through amending the State Constitution because the right will not let even let any such bill even hit committee let alone the floor for a vote.

    The problem with Nan though is her constant defense of Obamacare. On the first day of rollout, she claimed people were voting with their feet just like they did in 2012 with signing up despite the actual sign ups being only 6 on October 1.


    She’s only throwing her support for weed access because she wants to get elected NOT because she believes in our rights to choose.

  5. We need more politicians like Nan Rich who put the needs of the people in front of big pharma and special interest groups. These are the kind of sane people we need in local, state and federal government.

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