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Vote For Alan Jackson For Los Angeles District Attorney


vote for california marijuana initiativesWe Need A Los Angeles District Attorney With Compassion

The Union of Medical Marijuana Patients urges you to go out and vote for Alan Jackson in tomorrow’s Los Angeles District Attorney primary race. Everyone in the medical cannabis community knows that our current District Attorney Steve Cooley, and City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, are bad for patients and bad for Los Angeles.

Although Trutanich promised not to run for D.A. before completing a term as City Attorney, he has broken his promise and is now leading the race among six candidates. A second frontrunner in the race, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey has been strongly endorsed by Cooley and shares her boss’ inimical stance to medical cannabis. Rounding out the top three contenders, Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson poses the most hope for medical cannabis in Los Angeles.

In a KPCC AirTalk debate, candidate Alan Jackson expressed his understanding that state law absolutely allows for over the counter exchanges, so long as patient associations are operating on a not for profit basis. While the Union has not yet been able to further clarify Jackson’s stance on medical cannabis regulation, acknowledgment of a distinction between legal sales and illegal profiteering is a tremendous step forward from the positions of Cooley and Trutanich.

Because tomorrow’s race is a primary, unless one candidate wins a majority of the votes there will be another runoff election. The Union urges you to go out this Tuesday, June 5th, and vote for Jackson because Los Angeles’ patient community cannot afford to elect another District Attorney who believes that all storefront patient associations are operating illegally and subject to prosecution.

United we can make a difference.

The Union of Medical Marijuana Patients


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  1. Don't Believe the Hype on

    L.A. Weekly reporter Gene Maddaus, who moderated the debate, asked
    both whether they would continue to prosecute owners of medical
    marijuana dispensaries if city voters repeal a ban on pot shops. Both
    said yes.

    “It’s my position that over-the-counter sales for money of marijuana are illegal,” Lacey said.

    “Those folks are simple drug dealers,” Jackson said.

  2. Please vote for

    Alan Jackson, Jackie Lacey or Danette Meyers.  Please stay away from Carmen Trutanich.


    ABC (Anyone But Carmen)

    Los Angeles needs to REJECT Trutanich.  The guy is an incapable politician who has to resort to lie after lie.  He will say and do anything to win.  The guy is a total cheat that is using his office as city attorney for political gain.  Thye sooner he gets removed from LA politics the better.


    VOTE for Jackson, Lacey , Myers.

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