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Vote No On California Senate Bill 289 To Protect Marijuana Consumers From DUI


At any given time, I have enough THC in my system to fail a drug test of any kind, whether I am under the influence or not. This means that if California Senate Bill 289 becomes law, I am at risk of getting a DUI while driving through California, regardless of if I am under the influence or not. The California legislature is trying to pass a “Drugged Driving Law” making it illegal to drive with any detectable THC. This is unacceptable. Below is a public service announcement about this unscientific piece of legislation:


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Johnny Green

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  1. Lydia Ensley on

    A similar law has taken effect here in Washington State, we have yet to see how it will play out. I know MAAD would be up in every ones business if there was no DUI law, however I would prefer it be studied effectively first. Limits set in science are best. GOOD LUCK CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!

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