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Vote On Harmful Washington Medical Marijuana Bill Expected Tomorrow


washington state medical marijuanaWashington State Senate Bill 5052 would hurt patients. Among other things, the bill would reduce the number of plants that a patient can grow, reduce the amount of medical marijuana a patient can possess, and shutdown medical marijuana dispensaries. The bill is expected to be voted on tomorrow, per Sensible Washington. Below is a message that Sensible Washington sent out yesterday via their Facebook page:

Senate Bill 5052 – to shutdown dispensaries in our state, establish a mandatory patient registry and to reduce the amount of cannabis patients can grow and possess – has been scheduled for a March 13th executive session in the House Committee on Health Care and Wellness, meaning it will almost surely be put to a vote!

Please contact members of the committee (http://leg.wa.gov/House/Committees/…/Pages/MembersStaff.aspx) and urge them to vote “No” on this unwanted, regressive proposal! If they’re going to approve it, ask that they amend it to remove the patient registry (a clear HIPAA violation), allow dispensaries to become licensed with the state, and remove the provision reducing cultivation and possession limits for patients!

If you live in Washington, you should contact your legislators. Although, from looking at the comments on the Sensible Washington Facebook post, it doesn’t sound like they will respond to their constituents. With that being said, it’s still worthwhile to contact them as much as you can so they at least know that this bill is unacceptable.


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  1. If medical marijuana patients are dishonest, perhaps that is acceptable as the government has been dishonest about cannabis for nearly 100 years.

    Getting as medical cannabis card to protect oneself from the government’s unconstitutional laws is perfectly moral.

  2. Arealmedcannpatient on

    …& thank you too, Chris Gregoire, too bad you’re too cowardly to answer for your vetoes which created this mess in the first place!

  3. Arealmedcannpatient on

    Thanks, Rec and fake “med users”! You have really screwed it for those of us who are genuine medical cannabis patients!

  4. Close the “medical” shops and setup “medical” marijuana growers only where the the patient can get a prescription from a real doctor and have free weed. Leave the recreational side as is . It is working fine.

  5. Bongstar makes a good point. If you don’t live in the general region the “piss off” post is kind of a head scratcher.

  6. Whyiowa4medical on

    Any law that impinges on any medical patient (or rec user) is a kick in the face to personal liberties. While I do not personally believe there are nearly as many rec users as are believed (I have researched this issue and many who believe they use recreationally, are treating some situation cannabis can help and they may not recognize this for years) this is a huge reason I am pro total legalization. Medical science could not diagnose me until 2001, so do we force people to wait? Must they be on a deathbed? Or too sick to function? Hell no, this is a harmless method for a doctor to treat confounding situations until diagnosis catches up with their symptoms!!!

  7. Whyiowa4medical on

    Well I am one of your responsible users, but not by choice!!! You clearly do not know the difference between even the major types of cannabis; Sativa and Indica. If a person (like me) prefers a sativa the drop off is much faster. An indica is famous for the melted into the couch effect, but pain can easily break through even this effect, until a person can easily consume more than I could think of. THC is as medical as any CBD, as all cannabinoids show great medical promise in their entourage effect, not alone, so I use a lower CBD moderate THC strain when I can find that perfect strain. If I could enjoy legality I could risk more than a few crumbs a week between my wife and myself. I saw these “beginner” strains work miracles for my wife and greatly reduce the pills I must take without it. A sativa can easily be smoked every 2 hours and if it takes a person 3-5 doses your fantastic dosing regime does not seem so out of the ballpark does it? Those 6 doses can easily become a gram a day per person, very easily more!!! Many of these differences are no different from IM Morphine compared to quick release and then to the highest level long acting morphine; each requires different dosing, a different loading dose, different hourly requirements, and each person is an individual to all of these factors! Medical professionals understand this; why don’t you leave dosing to us?!?! What is “heavy” to one person can be quite moderate to others!!!

  8. He’ll grow up someday and realize he was an idiot. But by then it will be too ingrained to reverse course. He’ll have to stay an idiot for the rest of his life….

  9. seven_deadlies on

    Someone is a little salty. I don’t grow but I need concentrate to stop the symptoms of my illness and this law will get rid of that relief. My quality of life before cannibis was such that I considered suicide to avoid the pain. That is when my hospital doctor told me about his 80 year old mom and marijuana. It was his advice which caused me to move back to Washington which I left at 9 years old. A year later I was in tears of joy not tears of pain.

  10. seven_deadlies on

    I do not care if I can grow as a patient, my concern is that we cannot have concentrate if this passes. Flowers alone don’t stop my vomiting when I have bleeding ulcers it usually takes a single big dose of a concentrate. It’s proved so useful my Dr let’s me have it in the hospital. Are you a doctor? Do you think medical centers are black markets because in Olympia they are legit and godly people with a treatment the state charges 4 times more cash to obtain at a lower dose.

  11. There is nothing wrong with disabling the black market, which this bill will do to a certain degree. To me though it just feels like the retail market wants a larger piece of the pie.
    First off, I love the idea of everyone getting to grow. I don’t like the idea that patients are forced to reduce how many plants they are allowed to grow.
    Secondly, some medicinal growers are likely growing in dirt, which will take longer to produce functional medicine. Probably a decent portion of them do not have the most updated/powerful lights and methods to optimize yield. Some folks are getting 12oz per plant, but I would be willing to bet the average yield is somewhere near 4oz per plant. If that medicine is then made into butter for edibles there are far less doses available per crop.
    Additionally, at the very least, dispensaries need to be allowed to transition to retail shops, not just shut down.
    I also agree that there are still plenty of medicinal users who are extremely dishonest and are living off of the black market perks [I have acquaintances that are living this life, alright enough folks, but they are quite happy they can use the system to their advantage while many legal users pay inordinately high prices at retail establishments because they support legal products].
    That said, there is enough to dislike about this bill that it just needs to be killed.

  12. It’s time for his parents to kick him out of the basement.
    No more hot pockets bong boy!

  13. while it sucks for patients, it sucks for the SAME patients who were JUST FINE with “15 plants for me, none for anyone else!”

  14. I think that President Obama does not want to be remembered as the president that legalized weed. This would be retarded logic because hundreds of millions of people would say he was a hero for doing it.

  15. This bill will shut down medical dispensaries and drive up prices in the recreational stores to $30 a gram. 5052 will make the recreational stores a lot of money.

  16. Nope…it just needs to be rescheduled or at least reduced to something that can be imported and exported by licensed producers…..medicalization is just a “reason” to escape taxation. Its not like there is actually a great need for heavy medical use- there just isn’t

  17. What is harmful about disabling the black market?

    Do you really want us to believe that its common for people to need 350 doses a month?

    Ya, shutting dispensaries down is lame…..but way too many medical users are dishonest

  18. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    Two words to Government “Piss off”. The people have spoken, so respect our voice, or lose your seat in office. Enough is Enough.

  19. Jeff deutsch on

    Its critical to get Medical Marijuana legalized at the national level. Please call the white house comment line. The President can call the attorney general and get Marijuana removed from Schedule 1 with a single phone call. The president has broad powers to protect the American public. Americans with Cancer need safe and legal access to Medical Marijuana — President Obama can make that happen. Their phone number is (202) 456-1111. Ask all your friends to call too.

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