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Vote Yes On Measure 91 Law Enforcement Press Conference


Thirty members of  law enforcement from the Western United States co-sign a letter in support of Oregon’s Measure 91. The press conference features two cops, two prosecutors, a former Oregon Supreme Court justice, and a minority rights activist. This is very significant, considering that Oregon law enforcement members make up almost all of the opposition to Oregon Measure 91.


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Johnny Green


  1. Right on Mr. Green, I don’t understand how, or why they don’t, or won’t legalize it in every state… They can’t, or don’t want to see what alcohol has done to people in this country, & is doing on a daily basis.. They just sell peoples lives for CONTRIBUTIONS!!! It’s really sad… Do you know who I can contact about legalization here in south Texas, I’m just west of San Antonio, I would greatly appreciate your help, & thank you for what you do, we all need to stand up & take our RIGHTS back that belong to us!!!

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