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Voters In Key Swing States Want A President That Will Respect State Marijuana Laws

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Very happy to pass along amazing poll results from Tom Angell and the Marijuana Majority:

New polling data reveals that voters in early presidential primary states overwhelmingly support ending federal prosecutions of people acting in accordance with state marijuana laws. Among respondents, 71% in Iowa and 73% in New Hampshire agree that “states should be able to carry out their own marijuana laws without federal interference.” Just 13% of Iowans and 15% of New Hampshirites think that “the federal government should arrest and prosecute people who are following state marijuana laws.”

“Politicians running to become our next president should take note of just how uniformly voters in these key states want to end federal marijuana prohibition,” said Tom Angell, chairman of Marijuana Majority, which commissioned the poll. “Candidates who say they would send in the DEA to shut down legal, taxpaying marijuana businesses are effectively announcing that they’re out of the mainstream and out of touch with the voters they need support from in order to get elected. That type of rhetoric is just not going to score any points in 2016.”

The new data shows that support for letting states set their own marijuana laws without federal interference is especially high among Democrats and independents in both states, although there is at least 60% support across all demographics, including Republicans, 2012 Mitt Romney voters, people older than 65 and those who identify as very conservative.

See http://MarijuanaMajority.com/polls for the full results and demographic breakdowns. Infographics displaying some of the data are also available.

Angell added, “The Obama administration has made some helpful accommodations to allow state marijuana laws to be enacted, but there are still several things this president can do to get the federal government completely out of the way and give these local policies a chance to be fully implemented.”

Under current federal law marijuana is classified as a Schedule I substance, the most restrictive category (even cocaine and methamphetamine are lower). As a consequence, research on the drug is impeded and state-legal marijuana providers must pay extra taxes that other businesses don’t. And federal employees can be fired for using marijuana even while not at work and in states where it is legal. The administration has the explicit power to reclassify marijuana without further Congressional action. Advocates are also pushing President Obama to use his constitutional power to grant pardons and commutations to people incarcerated for nonviolent marijuana offenses, and to call off ongoing prosecutions of people who were acting in accordance with state marijuana laws.

“Since marijuana reform is so hugely popular with voters, taking these actions before he leaves office would be a serious legacy booster for the president,” Angell said.

Previous polling has demonstrated that there is broad national support for letting states set their own marijuana laws without federal interference. For example, a Pew survey showed that 59% of Americans do not want the federal government to enforce marijuana laws in states that allow legal use, and CBS News found 58% support for the idea that marijuana laws should be set by states instead of the federal government.

The new surveys, conducted by Public Policy Polling, include 1,500 registered voters in Iowa and 841 voters in New Hampshire. The Iowa poll, conducted August 7-9, has a margin of error of +/-2.5%. The New Hampshire poll, taken August 21-24, has a margin of error of +/-3.4%.

Marijuana Majority is dedicated to helping people understand that marijuana reform is a mainstream, majority-supported issue. More information is available at http://MarijuanaMajority.com.


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  1. He did originally (in his first campaign ) promise to make medical marijuana the lowest priority of the DEA .

    Last I read ,please don’t hold me to it bc I might be off by a little either way but it doesn’t change the obvious. The DEA put 80% of its budget towards the apprehension and the arrest /prosecution of medical mj growers, providers ,despenseries and even users. For example 4 years back I was convicted of a simple possession of mj 1st off. 650$ or 30 days …. Which realitvely speaking I know that isn’t that bad. But they also take your DL for a year automatically whether u where caught n ur vehicle while driving or picked up at. Bar.the trouble that has called n my life. Is absolutely rediculous. I was finishing my chemo when I got caught.it isn’t legal here but realitvely socially exceptable towards cancer patients …I never had any other problems with that. I must have just got the right one that day…. I’m still waiting on u DL after a year in prison for driving under suspension 4 th off ,which all started with me being caught with half a damb joint…..I still have a year wrote I can get my DL back,after doing a year and waiting years , for nothing but possessing a substance safer than all the RX bs they tried to shove down my throat ….it’s bs….

    Obama could leave out looking like a rock star if he would just end the federal prohibition on mj. They deffinitely will never win that battle ,same as they couldn’t prohibit alchahol . Our gov.would benifit greatly by doing this, and it would save a lot of non criminal types.i could go on n on. such as myself getting labeled as a criminal over a plant …..that has been instrumental in the survival of humanity for thousands of years…..

    On another note if the below picture isn’t evidence of the fact that monster cropping (although agreeably ,a pain n the ass) but damn if once they finally came back they blew up. Two or three times there mothers size…. And that’s at the beginning of flower vs there mommas harvest size….If all continues to do well, these ladies r gonna show out …..

  2. I live in Texas and this state will never legalize marijuana for medical use or recreational use. I wish I could move out of this stupid state and their laws.

  3. Ditto Scott Supak… and this is why they will lose the general election unless Trump all of the sudden remembers his original drug policy position of legalizing all drugs and taking it away from the cartels…which desparately needs to happen.

  4. “Obama administration has made some helpful accommodations”

    Of course, plenty of people who read this blog don’t believe this, even though it’s true.

  5. It has been tested in both my state, California, and just recently in Colorado for private sector. Both state supreme courts have determined it’s perfectly acceptable to fire employees for off duty use.

  6. As can Oregon state employees. I don’t know if the private sector has been tested yet regarding legalization and loss of job, but I know that there was a case regarding a state worker and loss of job and the judge concluded that federal law supersedes state law and that patient had zero protections under the OMMP.

  7. “And federal employees can be fired for using marijuana even while not at work and in states where it is legal.”

    And so can every employee in California and Colorado.

  8. That’s why I’m not understanding, WHO the FUCK told these candidates that it was gonna be good policy to oppose marijuana law reform? I mean have their campaign managers NOT been watching what’s happening here?

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