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Wall Street Firm Urges Big Tobacco To Get Into Marijuana Industry


tobacco cigarettes marijuana cannabisFor a very long time marijuana advocates have thought that the tobacco industry would try to get into the marijuana industry. It’s something that I don’t personally support at all. The tobacco industry has used shady tactics to get people hooked on their product, and has gone to great lengths to target children. Tobacco has killed millions of people over the decades, and there is simply no place for them in the marijuana industry as far as I’m concerned. A prominent Wall Street firm has been strongly urging tobacco companies to take a hard look at the marijuana industry. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

The esteemed Wall Street firm RBC Capital Markets apparently has some advice for major tobacco companies: Start thinking about marijuana, because it’s probably not going anywhere.

That’s the gist of a research note that was being circulated and wound up in the hands of Business Insider. The RBC analyst who wrote the memo pointed out several political factors that suggest marijuana legalization isn’t just a fluke, but an ongoing trend that’s likely here to stay.

“We believe it is only a matter of time until investors start asking questions about how it (marijuana) will fit into the bigger picture,” the memo reads. “And while every tobacco company management we have spoken to on this topic has been unwilling to discuss it, we believe full federal legalization of marijuana in the US would likely lead tobacco companies to reconsider this space.”

I would never, ever buy marijuana from a tobacco company. Not only do I not like corporate marijuana, I would call for a straight out boycott of tobacco company marijuana. Tobacco companies have been a plague on American society and beyond. If/when tobacco companies enter the marijuana industry, I urge you to not support them either.

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  1. Ryuk's Last Apple on

    they will put all kinds of nasty chemicals, if they legalize it, only buy from organic goodness

  2. Anti-depressant? Are you joking? You clearly never done research papers on the subject. Indica marijuana is an anti-depressant, which is the reverse of tobacco. How the Native-Americans smoked tobacco, was obviously not “modified” tobacco of the last 100 years, or even less than that.There is no true addiction of marijuana many studies have shown this among the moderate user. Some people need more for medical reasons, conditions and so forth, some people need less, or just oils. You really need to research a subject before making any comments. You seem to know very little about marijuana.

  3. NOTHING but NOTHING can replace or duplicate the product grown by one’s self. You have full control of every minute of that plant’s life cycle.
    And, there is NOTHING but NOTHING finer than one’s own finger hash from a recent clipping session —- NOTHING !

  4. You’ve got that right — a painful side effect from legalization. And look at the gazillions they can throw at it so as to wipe out all of the small businesses involved in sales.
    When this happens, they will hide their name very deeply back and down from whatever name they employ for their business. But they will get into this market in the most clandestine way they can so as to distance themselves in the eyes of the public so far away that you’ll have to be a Philadelphia lawyer to find the connection.
    But they WILL succeed in figuring out how to do it because of what’s at stake — “Hmmmm — how can we pull this off?”

  5. … and DDT, Massive amounts of DDT. Good grief! How can so many obviously nice, well intentioned people have absolutely no historical perspective for where they are going with this?? They must think the ringing from their prefrontal alarm bells is just tinnitus.

  6. But, isn’t the snack food industry going to try to protect their existing intellectual property? Maybe they didn’t cover the “all at once” case …

  7. Captain Obvious on

    Good point. Hopefully testing methods/electronics will be developed and home grows can always keep it pure. Monsanto surely knows how to test unwilling farmers crops to later sue them when they wanted nothing to do with GMO in the first place, so we know it is possible.

  8. Can someone please ban this troll, M. Simon? The amount of Red Herring and Straw Man arguments he is using in eristic fashion are not productive in any sense of the word. This could not even qualify as merely playing Devil’s Advocate. Seriously, he is merely arguing for the sake of argument itself.

    “Big Tobacco” does not care about the health of the people using their products. This is an ethical issue. The argument for legalizing cannabis is largely based on how it does not fit the required criteria to be classified as a Schedule I drug under 21 U.S. Code § 812:

    The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse.

    The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.

    There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision (1).

    If “Big Tobacco” becomes involved, treating marijuana like they have treated tobacco, there is a good chance that marijuana WOULD fall into the 3rd portion of the above list (C – “There is a lack of accepted safety . . .”). That is on a recreational level alone. It is hard to imagine “Big Tobacco” becoming involved on a medical level. How can a corporation produce a substance that kills you, on one hand, and then turn around and tell you that they are interested in your health and well-being?

    1. http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/21/812

  9. We need a corporation to certify “not corporate grown”. And another organization to qualify the growers spirit. And still others to check their water and soil.

    Once this stuff get marketed you won’t be able to trust anyone.

  10. Only qualified shamans should be allowed to grow it. Government inspected and tested and certified qualified shamans.

    We must be protected from charlatans. Only government and police can do that. We definitely need more police.

  11. Good plan. Avoid out of state competition to keep prices high. Very smart move.

    Only more government can save us from too much government.

  12. The plan is to put heroin, cocaine, LSD, deadly nightshade, meth, opium, and fenatyl in the cannabis. Just to get people hooked and make the women want to have sex with Negroes, Meicans, and Chinamen. All at once.

  13. Well we need a government bureau to decide who can grow cannabis. And enforcers. And the occasional dead person to prove the enforcers mean business.

  14. Tobacco is an anti-depressant. People get “hooked” on it for the same reason they get “hooked” on any other drug.

    Haven’t we had enough Prohibition?

  15. All i have to say is I agree whole-heartedly!! I’ve read many a dispensary site: sometimes its hard to know fact from fiction, but wouldn’t it be cool if organic, outside growers included ‘love energy’ in the soil mix?
    Big Pharma and Tobacco have not earned the right to grow cannabis; nor hemp.
    It’s an honor to grow [industrial] hemp and cannabis. They are far from deserving the honor.
    Thanks…I needed this reminder.
    Off to the Emerald Cup today: my first. Should be interesting and I’m looking forward to it.

  16. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    Good thinking David!!! Anything can be done with the right ingredients, but are they good for you and could this be engineered this into a very dangerous drug. Surprisingly, a patent was and is held on the process. This speaks of Chemical Engineers at work.

  17. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    No, it is as simple as spraying nicotine on the flowers, pre-cure. They already have these assembly line robotics to do the same to tobacco!!! The tech is there folks. Ligget cigs admitted to doing this to make their tobacco more addictive this is when all the lawsuits came. So, they need add nothing to make cannabis addictive in their existing process.

  18. Of course Big Cig will add some sort of addictive adulterant, bringing squeals of pleasure from Sabet and Company, as well as the Wall Street wing of the Republican party. Televangelists will rail against the demon weed, and the (former)Party of God shall be rent in twain forevermore. Wow, I knew I was an optimist at heart.

  19. Maybe they are talking about genetically merging the cannabis plant with the part of tobacco that creates nicotine? I can see Dr. Evil rubbing his tiny hands together now…

  20. This is why Washington’s 502 law was written so only growers located in Washington can sell to 502 retail rec stores in Washington. Also, Medical and Recreational Cannabis grow’s must remain separate from one another (due to lab testing regulation restrictions placed on the 502 grows, not affecting the dispensary grows). There are also strict state designated sq. footage grow restrictions in place (which caused some early supply problems for the 502’s, not allowed to borrow from the medical dispensaries or their grows). I put up another post earlier regarding a Seattle’s Times article yesterday regarding Seattle’s Mayor calling for legislation so the CITY may regulate the estimated 300-340 Seattle medical dispensaries in operation now. OK, before any Washington patients pass out, there was NO mention in the Times article alluding to combining Seattle medical dispensaries and 502 rec. stores. Hope lives! After reading this article the 502 idea obviously made more sense. The WSLCB built into the 502 law whats often referred to as “the Mom & Pop provision”. The idea being to maintain and/or increase potency, quality, eliminating mold etc.. In other words trying to ensure the highest quality locally grown retail cannabis. This provision is based upon how many small local craft breweries operate, and compete with large retailer’s in Washington. If you watch MSNBC’ new series “Pot Baron’s of Colorado” ( which air’s tomorrow night), you may catch a glimpse of what they call there the “Costco of Marijuana” which really is on an opposite end of spectrum from Washington’s 502 system. One more note. Seattle’s retail delivery services of which the Times estimated between 40-50 will be shut down. Although it’s unclear what happens to those delivery services currently supplying only medical cannabis to those state patients having valid Washington state medical marijuana authorizations. No more tourist or non-medical retail deliveries in the future it appears.

  21. Captain Obvious on

    A cannabis GMO ban will only happen at the local level. New initiatives and updated ones must be considered since we cannot rely on the paid political puppets. There is no need for Cannabis GMO considering the plethora of strains available not to mention new ones being discovered all the time. Patenting life is wrong.

  22. Agreed. I used to think that we had to nudge the tobacco industry towards entering the cannabis industry to pre-emptively deflate their opposition to legal cannabis supplanting tobacco sales, but honestly, they were going to *always* do that, anyway — too much money to be made for them not to pry their way into the cannabis industry. After all, they already have the infrastructure set up for mass-production and distribution of “Wal-Mart” cannabis products.

    All we can do is try to remember that locally grown is *always* going to be a superior product when compared to something mass-produced at a low cost. There will be a “Coors Light” of cannabis, someday, and we should just let the tobacco industry fill those prestigious shoes.

  23. We have a unique opportunity here, in that this new market of cannabis is coming from a different place than the usual route. It’s coming out from the underground. We should all shop local. Keep it Local folks!

  24. I agree 100% about the genetic engineering. Legalization bills should be written to have a prohibition on GMO cannabis as a part of the law. We need to keep our sacred plant sacred, not let the biotech corporations destroy it.

  25. Especially for the millions of the medical Marijuana current and future users, as well as those who do and will use marijuana recreationally, tobacco company intervention will destroy the free trade, growing and use of the high quality and diverse strains available.
    I grew concerned when the Federal Government recently increased its annual marijuana production almost threefold. My first instinct was that they were considering subverting the state laws to create a federal Marijuana supply monopoly.
    The Feds see the “writing in the wall” and, as I expect, greed and corruption will motivate them to begin an agenda to control the entire Marijuana market industry.
    The states MUST assert their rights and we must continue to closely watch for Federal legislative changes that might ultimately move the growth and sale of Marijuana into the control of the Federal government rather than the states.
    Proactively, the States should be ready to further push back against the tyranny of the Feds through enacting legislation that prohibits the Feds from entering the State controlled Marijuana marketing and sales business.
    It is a given that if Big Tobacco and/or Big Pharma become involved in any facet of the Marijuana industry, instead of having a safe supply of healthy and diverse quality strains we will see toxins introduced into the Federal supply of Marijuana and possibly the first deaths from the use of corrupted Marijuana strains.
    This is entirely a States rights issue and Big Tobacco and the Feds have no legal right to interfere in the business of the States’ control and oversight of Marijuana growth and sale.

  26. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    You are correct Nathaniel. In every location GMOs are grown, the native related plants are affected and forever changed. Has anyone even considered nicotine treatment of the product to forever addict their clients? Is this something Big Tobacco might do? I think we all know the answer to that question.

  27. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    As a former grower of six years (until one of our collective got himself federal prison time during Operation Green Sweep of 1991) I do not support any corporation in the business WE created. How many corporations have ever felt the special synergy with their plants? May sound strange, but it is like your plants know you. They reward you most pleasurably for this master level care, not factory line care.
    As an informational post to you and Aarr, The American Green Corporation has purchased exclusive rights to a San Diego grower’s method of oil extraction. This method allows them to effectively place dabs into their ZAZZ machines and allows dabs to be smoked in any vaporizer. I would have to see some to have a clue to the chemistry at work, but it sounds incomplete, or overworked with solidifiers, similar to drug additives (iron oxide, titanium oxide, or other metallic agents that help create long acting drugs), that allow it to remain a wax or shatter looking product that then help the oils to vaporize at a low temp. I would avoid this product like the plague until more is known as it could be as dangerous as the metal gasses released in a crack pipe with a wad of Brillo. I can see no other way a dab that commonly requires a torch could effectively release product at vape temperatures!!! The difference in temperature is like the difference between your oven at broil compared to it set on warm, and still achieve the same effect. Remind me how to take an email screen shot and I will send you the release info from American Green. This will roll out in Colorado first, so no dangers in the Northwest quite yet. Remember, that location in Cali is not far from the invention of easy bake crack cocaine.

  28. I won’t be supporting them, but you can bet your last dollar many will. What worries me more than tobacco co.s entering the marijuana industry is the lack of scruples that will be displayed once they do.
    GMOed marijuana will most certainly make its way to the market and as such might alter how marijuana uptakes. The potential risk of losing the benefits via GMOed/GEed plants should be at the forefront of the discussion in places where it is already legal. If folks are concerned about the tobacco industry entering the business we need to start putting laws in place that prohibit the production/distribution/sale of GMOed/GEed pot.
    The marketing, mass production, and lack of Og growing that will come from Philip Morris, and others, is a small price to pay for the complete eradication of national prohibition. However, the cross contamination/pollinating with GMOed strains would be far more detrimental and maybe not worth the price of prohibition rescission.

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