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Warning: Feds Preparing For Medical Marijuana Assault In Oregon


Oregon marijuanaBy Steve Elliott of Toke of the Town

The U.S. Attorney for Oregon has served notice on all medical marijuana growers and dispensary operators, saying the federal government “will not allow” the sale of cannabis anywhere in Oregon.

U.S. Attorney Dwight Holton issued the warning not only to growers, but to landlords, reports Thom Jensen at KATU News. Holton’s warning is part of what seems to be a federal campaign to intimidate medical marijuana providers and patients nationwide in states that heve legalized medicinal cannabis.

“Knowingly financing a marijuana dispensary or allowing one to operate on your property also violates federal law and could subject financier and landlords to civil and criminal penalties,” Holton’s warning reads [PDF].

According to KATU, there are “dozens” of cannabis growers’ markets across Oregon. But many patients and growers maintain that these are farmers’ markets or grower co-ops, not dispensaries, and that there is not a free exchange of money at these operations.

They also maintain that it is just another assault on the medical marijuana law passed by Oregon voters back in 1998.

Oregon capital marijuanaOregon medical marijuana patients who got cannabis at a strip mall in Portland said the facility is not a dispensary, but is a farmers’ market. They make a donation and for that donation they are given a playing card. They then give that card to a medical marijuana grower. They may get medical marijuana for the card.

Since there is no quid pro quo — no guarantee they will get marijuana for their money — patients and operators say they do not believe they are violating laws because they are not actually buying or selling cannabis.

Bill Elliott, a 65-year-old Vietnam vet, has been an Oregon medical marijuana cardholder for about three years. He manages the Cannabis Cafe in Portland and said he knows a lot of people who get their marijuana at the local cannabis farmers’ market.

“If we don’t have any clear-cut decisions or clear-cut guidelines about what they are defining as dispensaries and what they are defining in terms of what we define as a farmers market — yeah, we could find some gray areas that could cause us some problems,” Elliott said.

Elliott (no relation to the editor of Toke of the Town) said he would like guidance from his government, not threats for doing what he believes is his legal right as a resident of Oregon.

NormlMadeline Martinez, the director of Oregon NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) said closing farmers’ markets and growers’ co-ops could force medical marijuana patients onto the street.

“They’re not allowed to try to find medical marijuana except on the black market,” Martinez said. “And so this type of behavior and law enforcement with the heavy hand is just pushing people out to the black market. Instead, what the government should do is try to capture that revenue and put it into our state coffers.”

Whether you call them dispensaries or farmers’ markets, patients and supporters agree that these facilities help to drive illegal black market dealers out of business, because they dealers often can’t compete with the prices and quality available at the markets.

Article From Toke of the Town and republished with special permission.


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  1. The government is only the government because we appoint these idiots to handle or affairs all of us no good medical marijuana pepole need to send the government a message and let them know we are the same pepole they depend on to get elected instead of letting them push us around they need to quit worrying about mmp and caregivers what “WE THE PEPOLE” need to do is get off or asses and vote for pepole who arent into big oil or the go green ozone pepole with there big money schemes we need to put a end to the free trade agreement and that will bring america back there jobs and make us the super power again or goverment sold us out in 92 for free trade thats why the feds have to pick on us they dropped the ball and all of the big money in america is gone to other countries with unfair labor laws and low wages and we are still charged top dollar for american made name but foreign products if there was no free trade agreement you me and who ever else is reading this would be in a better place financially the jobs are not coming back with it in place anywhere in the us and now everystate that has legal marijuana the feds want to steal or money so they can move more arabs from iraq or pakistan and give them no taxes and free 750,000 dollars grants to open a buisness (gas station or party store) and then we the tax payers get to give them free living free food and cash assistance it pays better to be a foreign nationalist immigrant in america then an actual american marijuana is a minor issue compared to everything else the goverment has to deal with and we can have a president that cant provide a birth certificate or social security card i urge my other caregivers paitents and doctors to please speak up on all of or issues help take america back from the foreigners and the goverment and let them know they work for us put leins on police departments and officers homes that were involved in the raids sue the officers in state court using state laws fedral agencies and officers as well if you read the laws you will see you can do just that beat them in court legally lets find a independant president

  2. Maybe now Oregon NORML will make the effort to hook up card holders with non-greedy growers for non-monetary exchanges.

  3. The goverment should leave people alone. Were supposed to be free, thats not what ive read above. We should all just move to a different country where the freedom is actually real and not fake like our goverment. They legalize it for medical purposes but everytime somebody gets their pannies in a bunch is washington it comes crashing down on the public that uses. But let somebody IN WASHINGTON try to stop the distribution of pharmacys distributing pills from the goverment and you wont get anywhere. You might even end up having a hit put out on you cause you pissed somebody off.

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