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Washington Bills Filed That Would Allow Home Marijuana Cultivation


marijuana garden plants growing cannabisOne of the biggest arguments against Washington State’s marijuana legalization model is that it doesn’t allow home cultivation of marijuana. While it’s good that people aren’t being arrested for simple marijuana possession in Washington, the black market will never be fully eradicated if people can’t grow their own marijuana at home. Especially when the only legal way for them to obtain marijuana is by paying upwards of $19 per gram for it at Washington stores. A bill has been introduced in both the Washington House and Senate that would allow home cultivation. Per KIRO TV:

The bill, as well as a companion bill in the House sponsored by Rep. Brian Blake of Aberdeen would allow adults over 21 and older to grow six marijuana plants for personal use.  Growers could also possess up to 8 ounces of useable marijuana, and donate up to one ounce to another adult without compensation. But if people can grow their own pot would it hurt the recreational marijuana industry?

One recreational store owner says no. “I think it would be good for everybody to actually try it themselves and experience themselves,” said Noel Roberts, owner of Mary Mart in Tacoma.

Allowing home cultivation is long overdue in Washington State. Colorado, Alaska, Washington D.C., and soon Oregon, all allow home cultivation as part of their marijuana legalization models. Washington clearly has the worst model in the country when it comes to marijuana legalization. Hopefully that changes soon with the passage of these bills.

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  1. IlIIIlllIlII IlIIIlllIlII on

    did this bill ever happen?
    i cant find anything to confirm.
    1 article from Jan. 2016 said that House Bill 2629 needs support.
    but you guys are talking about diff bill from 2015?

  2. The ONLY reason pot was legalized was because the state wants to get it’s hands on all that tax money. Allowing us to grow our own will cut into that fat chunk of coin and that’s not part of the program. We may get it in the end because it is the right thing to do , but I expect they’ll fight us all the way.

  3. Evolutionist on

    Why doesn’t this article (or any follow-up article) list the HB or SB number of these two bills so they can be followed of the legislature web site?

  4. Because the Government is ran by the same people that own the Federal Reserve. People like the Du Ponts and the Rothschilds. These are pediphiles that learned a long time ago that hemp and cannabis interfere with 1.) Their Pharmaceutical/ Cancer Chemo hustles. 2.) Their Plastic textile, oil, alternative fuel hustles. 3.) (and most important of all) Cannabis interferes with The MIND CONTROL PROGRAMMING that they run on everyone all the time. These things make it literally impossible for it to allow the military strong arm on the worlds control to just allow its gun owning citizens the ability to cultivate marijuana freely.

  5. I am with Greg, this is CODE OF THE WEST all over again: Deja Vu….Let ’em grow their own, no dispensaries, for our “children’s sake”…..What’s bad, is that most of us with severe health need of this plant would NOT be in a position to grow their own: we’re talking $$, ability to tend, as well as the utils to grow. This isn’t a spider plant! as other’s have said, the problem is Federal, and until that is addressed, local use will be allowed, then taken away, then we’re back to no cannabis, we keep going around in the same darn circle: no federal changes until ALL the states have agreed to legalize, while the lobbyist keep going to the states that agreed to legalize, undermining bills, throwing “fits” about “the children”…..until those who have allowed dispensaries, agreed to allow medical cannabis and recreational are reversed. This is exactly what happened, btw with prohibition of alcohol, for those who read history. As long as it is locked in this circle, the only ones in the end with something to benefit are those who ‘fear for our children.’ We need federal change or keep facing this over and over again. PS in Montana patient’s died, because they were unable to grow their own due to health problems: and those who ‘dared’ to provide to those in need were/are jailed with long sentences.

  6. Six plants and being able to give some away sounds like common sense to me. It would be fun and one could use it to cook

  7. Angalee Jones on

    People should be able to garden it like tomatoes and store it for the winter by freezing for juicing if they wish. Growing indoors is great for the green thumbs out there but outdoors saves energy, water, etc. Six plants is not enough. How about the gov. just stop pretending this plant is dangerous and let locals grow & sell it in booths & stores just like every other business.

  8. TO be honest don’t they think to legilize it where most people are having issues. The economy in the south has gotten horrible. There is people with cancers, siezers, asthma and a lot more. The schools’ are even horrble! Lousisana needs to open its eyes and get it legilized! If ou wanna talk to me my email is: kittycat90987@gmail.com

  9. It’s all about freedom of choice. I hope this law passes. Some people will grow their own most won’t and just maybe the over priced products on the store shelves will lower and be reasonable. If the grow your own with out any license becomes law, My family and I are moving to Colorado. If you want true freedom call or email your Representatives in Colorado.

  10. Also people don’t have the time and patience to actually go through growing their own marijuana.

  11. Brother lives in Washington and has a Medical Card and can grow a ridiculous amount of plants but without the card you can grow ZERO ….. Hopefully the law changes!

  12. Miles Monroe on

    If you can’t grow it yourself, like echinacea, St. John’s wort, or any other herb, it ain’t *really* legal!

  13. Please everyone call your Washington Representatives today and tell them to vote for Home Grow. If we do not, it will not pass. There are only two weeks left this year for this to pass and it will not pass unless we call. I have called over 10 Representatives and most are not going to vote for it unless more people start calling them and asking them to vote for it.

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