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Washington D.C. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Discounting Meds For Poor People


washington dc medical marijuana dispensaries discount poorA proposed law would make medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington, D.C. give 2% of their profits to a program to provide cannabis to the poor.

The Washington Times reports that, in addition to the profit tithe, “Under the regulatory proposal, dispensaries would give at least a 20 percent discount on marijuana to low-income people at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.” Cards issued to D.C.’s registered patients already indicate if their income level qualifies them for the discounted rate.

The goal is to make access to cannabis easier for those economically disadvantaged persons. Although safe access centers in other states may have individual policies regarding discounts for the poor, “This rule is totally unprecedented in the medical marijuana community,” said Alan St. Pierre, Executive Director for national NORML.

The District’s first dispensary, Capital City Care, charges from $380 – $440 per ounce of marijuana, according to the report. “Marijuana is overpriced because it’s overregulated, so a program for the poor is necessary,” Dan Riffle of the Marijuana Policy Project told the Times. “There’s this outdated hysteria surrounding marijuana, but it’s much safer than many other medications.”

The discount program is still in development and there are issues regarding reporting and collecting that have not been settled.

Several states issue discounts on the cost of becoming legally registered as a marijuana patient for certain disadvantaged groups of people. Michigan recently excluded the disabled from a listing of those that qualify for a discounted rate to join the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program by re-interpreting administrative rules that have existed for four years. The normal fee to apply is $100; the discounted rate is $25.

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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  1. Whoa . . . keep the poor, huddled masses stoned so they won’t complain about how they continue to be screwed by the system. Karl Marx had it wrong: Pot is the opiate of the masses.

  2. Lyle Winterhalder on

    WTF, really? 400 an ounce. These are the people that need to be jailed. It’s a plant. Anyone grow a garden? I never paid prices like that when it was illegal. Marijuana should be selling in the 125-175 an ounce range and maybe 250-300 for solid clean kola’s. If you pay more you are stupid or associate with a bunch of rip-offs. It’s been like that here in Cali for years. If that’s not your experience you need to do more expo’s & reggae festivals to meet some good down to earth people.

  3. This has been a concern of mine quite some time If the state’s keep the prices so high Then the black market Would still be in business With lower prices And lower qualities

  4. It’s hard to work when you’re dying of cancer or AIDS or having severe muscle spasms from MS or can’t see or think straight from glaucoma. These aren’t lazy bum stoners, they’re human beings and they’re suffering. Most of them were hard working people before they succumbed to their illnesses. The money that pays for their discounts comes from the sale of medical cannabis to other patients, not your tax dollars. It’s not their fault you can’t find good weed. Cut them a little slack.

    Qualifying Conditions for DC Medical Marijuana Program

    As defined by the Legalization of Medical Marijuana for Medical Treatment Amendment Act of 2010:

    Section 2.

    “Qualifying medical condition” means:

    “(A) Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV);

    “(B) Acquired immune deficiency syndrome(AIDS);

    “(C) Glaucoma;

    “(D) Conditions characterized by severe and persistent muscle spasms, such as multiple sclerosis (MS);

    “(E) Cancer; or

    “(F) Any other condition, as determined by rulemaking, that is:

    “(i) Chronic or long-lasting;

    “(ii) Debilitating or interferes with the basic functions of life; and “(iii) A serious medical condition for which the use of medical

    marijuana is beneficial: medical or surgical measure; or

    “(I) That cannot be effectively treated by any ordinary

    “(II) For which there is scientific evidence that the use of medical marijuana is likely to be significantly less addictive than the ordinary medical treatment for that condition.

    “(18) “Qualifying medical treatment” means:

    “(A) Chemotherapy;

    “(B) The use of azidothymidine or protease inhibitors;

    “(C) Radiotherapy; or

    “(D) Any other treatment, as determined by rulemaking, whose side effects require treatment through the administration of medical marijuana in the same manner as a qualifying medical condition.

    “(19) “Qualifying patient” means a resident of the District who has a qualifying medical condition or is undergoing a qualifying medical treatment.

  5. valerie knepper on

    Unfuckinbelievable!!!!!! this single white female late 40″s hard working can’t even find decent weed and it’s part of the fukin welfare system….. WTF has this country become???? Who came up with this idea?? WTF do you think “low income people” need another handout? probably be able to take it to Baltimore and trade for heroine. we that work are getting taxed into poverty and those that don’t get this!

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