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Washington DC Council Bans Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing


drug test testing welfareThe pre-employment marijuana test has plagued job seeking marijuana consumers for many, many years. There have been numerous jobs in my life that I would have been great at, and that I desperately needed at the time, but I couldn’t pass the pre-employment drug test because I knew I had marijuana in my system. I know that I’m not alone. Fortunately for Washington D.C. residents, arbitrary pre-employment drug testing for marijuana was banned by the D.C. Council this week. Per the DCist:

The D.C. Council unanimously passed temporary legislation yesterday that will prohibit an employer from drug-testing potential employees for marijuana before a conditional job offer has been made.

The bill, the “Prohibition of Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing Emergency Act of 2014” was introduced by Councilmember Vincent Orange (D-At Large) in March of this year, and explicitly states that an employer cannot test a potential employee for marijuana use until after an offer for employment has been made. After an employee has been hired, however, they “must still adhere to the workplace policies set forth by their employer.”

The bill still allows employers to require a drug test after employment has been offered, so applicants still run the risk of not getting the job. However, that denial of employment due to a failed UA will only come after the job has been offered. I’d love to see how many employers get as far as screening applicants, determining which one is the best fit, offering the position to what they feel is the best candidate, then have to grapple with a failed UA by said candidate. The candidate will have risen above everyone else, and employers will be forced to face their reefer madness fears and balance that against what seems in every way to be a qualified employee and the decision to retain that employee. From my experience, marijuana consumers can be very excellent employees. They shouldn’t be discriminated against solely because they choose to unwind with a substance that is far safer than alcohol or tobacco, two substances that most employers don’t deny employment for.


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  1. Juanita Bailey on

    It isn’t worth the humiliation… I’m 62 and I’ll never quit smoking. Never been in trouble or stole to get my weed. It’s nobody’s business that I use weed. So now I took early retirement and I was going to look for pt work but the testing is holding me back. They need to stop looking for weed and focus on chemicals!

  2. Anyone know if this applies to hospital volunteering? I will be receiving a drug screen for a volunteering opportunity at a hospital in DC soon and want to know if they’re testing for marijuana. Please advise, thanks.

  3. think i will go back to denver, but it saddens me, a couple of days ago, i had to call the police on my mom, it all started when i kept getting calls, but the phone said i was out of voice minutes, it had ran out the day before, well, mom didnt know that, and kept trying to call, cause i kept getting a message that someone was trying to call, but that i needed to reup my voice minutes to see who it was, so i went to where there is a phone, and talked to mom, she told me she was lost and that she didnt know where she was because it was dark out and she can not see in the dark, and she had been gone since 10:30am, and it was nite time, i didn’t know where she was, she didnt know where she was, so my sister and i decided to call the police and let them find her, which they did, and SOME people think police have no value much like high treasonous crowd of bullies, the idiots think cannabis has no value, she was i think they said around bedford, who will be here for her when she needs me?
    Pence won’t with his pill care, what he and his kind has done to this state with his terroristical laws against the cannabis community is a crime which goes unpunished, and i can not figure out why the world allows it, they did finally admit that torturing people is not a good thing, now how about my situation here, this is a form of torture that this state endorses the high treasonous traitorous war loving murder loving mutants of life
    they evidently hate Jesus too, as i have uncovered evidence that he used cannabis, its in the early texts of the bible before the king james version, which makes this state guilty of crimes against our constitution, along with and as i think of all that could benefit from cannabis use in the nursing homes, but are instead allowed to scream in their pain, really, the state is guilty then of crimes against humanity, sure, they didnt start the war against the cannabis community, but they did not do the job they swore under oath, to protect all of our rights which makes them all guilty, there is no question, so i will just move out, i refuse to reside in a state that is for all people but the cannabis crowd, their hate will one day be seen for what it is, true hate, and i dont know what else to add, will think of something after i re-up, only it is not godly of them to do so, so then, question, why is in GOD we trust on usa coins?
    if there is only one god, they claim Jesus was God, then why do they hate what Jesus did?
    Jesus healed people with cannabis

  4. we don’t.
    we become our own employers
    we discriminate and only allow those to work for us, if they test positive for thc
    we do not want any negative dregs of life working for us

  5. I believe that we need to hire only those who test positive for thc metabolites, only, to prevent cheating, we need to take a sample of their hair, they can always toke weed but not inhale, giving a false reading
    all low lifes will find that their seething hate makes us no never mind

  6. I say lets let the discriminatory practices stand, that way, more employers can hire only those who test positive, and lets face it, would we rather work with other cannabis consumers, or with the low lifes

  7. Your right. Evil persists everywhere, throughout history, unless good men stand up to stop it. thx

  8. No more Satanic than Stalin, Mao, or the Austrian Corporal. Which is not saying much.

    OTOH none of the other countries mentioned has done as much good for the world as America. The computer revolution which grew out of military spending being just one case.

    And some one will dominate the world. Bad as the USA is – it is the better choice.

    However, nothing will do more for the world right now than ending Prohibition. And we are leading the world in that direction.

  9. Right there with you buddy. Here I sit, 51 years old with an Ivy League education and a resume that looks like that of a high school dropout; all beacause I couldn’t and, more importantly, WOULDN’T take a UA!

  10. And everything you’ve ever learned in American history is a LIE. The only truth is that America IS the “Great Satan”. From the Native Americans, African Americans to the Middle East, We have stolen, murdered and plundered our way to becoming the most powerful nation on Earth. Make no mistake. We will pay for our Imperialist domination of the world.

  11. Wow the cannabis news keeps getting better and better. I know there is a long way to go but we can already see the world changing……YAY!

  12. This all sounds so great, but I can see employers doing what they do now, just after the employment offer has been accepted instead of before. “hey we’re extending this offer and once you’re hired you need to submit a drug test. You need to pass the test before you can show up to the work site.” They can extend and hire as many people as needed (or more), submit them to a “probationary period,” cut those that don’t pass the test, and then cut any others that don’t work to their standards during the probationary period. Or they can keep the job listing posted, accept resumes and conduct interviews until they’ve hired a candidate that passes the test. Both options stink on either side of the fence.

    Man, I’m so cynical.

  13. something in the news yesterday, was that some feel drawing a persons’ blood will give accurate results
    they are not taking my blood
    they have taking my right to work
    they lied and said that i have freedom of my religion
    they said this is a free society
    they said they look down on all nations that are for slavery, and i thought that is what wars were fought for, to prevent kings from ruling over us all!!

  14. tuscon? Canyon Diablo Meteorite
    etended yeahhhhh! etended sheesh
    ok time to put this laptop to sleep

  15. where is the tuscon arizona meteor like crater of reset when we need it
    they say that when that thing hit the ground, that debris went so high into the air, that there was an etended winter that lasted for years
    i dont think there would be the fear of people having a thc smile
    if there was 1 mile of snow and ice over every major city
    why must that kind of thing happen thousands of years AGO?

  16. that is if i look to others for employment rather than be my own employer
    i need to remember that, other wise i am so going to be dis-appointed
    how do we get even, or even should we try
    seems something has to be done to stop the war in this nation against the cannabis community
    but what can we do?
    what if there will never be a recovery?
    what if the feds plan on persecuting the cannabis community for eternity?
    what do we do then?
    how do we find peace among those who would rather war and discriminate against us, and not be friends?

  17. oh but i just might be able to work a dish washing job
    so all isnt lost
    while others are well paid
    i’ll be in fast food when im 90 saying want fries with that!?

  18. i think we all know that it will be hard, no milk or groceries when the depression comes they say
    thats why it is important to find an escape route, if it looks like the nation will never recover
    sure would not want the meat on my bones to disappear
    but what of those who we hold dear
    lets see what gerald celente has to say
    they need to go ahead and let the country go bankrupt anyway
    that will stop all the people that hate cannabis from being so i am better than you crap and pretending to honor freedom
    lets not pray for anyones economical demise but those who do the discrimination

  19. Im am so happy to hear this Measure is happening ,Im Sick and tired of having to ask my little Brother to Pee in a cup then sneak my brothers urine “that i heated up previously with the car vents ” then sneak it into the testing lab under my mojo to maintain the warmth, Any ways it was a horrible feeling having do be dishonest in a way but when you need the job to take care of your Mom or family you will do almost anything

  20. lets pray for a quick economic depression leaving the feds with no course of action to take
    other than to step down from their cannabis war against us all for heavens’ sakes

  21. there has to be a way to end the high treasonous discrimination, stop warring on us and allow us all to work
    ‘that is if they are not out busy killing people, too busy to invoke the laws that the constitution had already in it
    namely that all people are free, not to be warred upon you high treasonous no good louts

  22. This is what measure 91 [Oregon legalization measure] was in desperate need of, but did not have. This is a huge leap forward in the fight for legitimization of recreational usage.
    Kudos to the council for making this a priority.

  23. Thank you Washington DC council for putting an end to this despicably abusive dream shattering practice.

  24. BTW I was an aerospace electronic engineer. Denied employment because of the Drug War. I will never again try to pass a drug test. So what have I been doing with my time? Learning about cannabis and fighting Prohibition.

    I have always thought prohibition was stupid. My drug testing episode turned me into a determined foe. I’m going to make everyone of those f*cks pariahs. Ashamed to show their faces. Killing sick people for political gain? The USA is right up there with the Soviets, the Chi Coms, the Nazis. Worse actually. Those folks nominally killed their enemies. The American b’tards went after sick men, women, and children. Not even enemies. Targeting the innocent by design.

    I have been told that calling Prohibitionists mass murderers is Extreme. And I have to admit it is. But here is the kicker. It’s true.

  25. It is not only MJ consumers that have a problem. About 3% of the population can’t pee in a bottle on command. I have had the problem since at least age 5. I’m 70. Look up avoidant paruresis or shy bladder. I’m determined to put these criminals where they belong. In hell.

    The Prohibitionists are involved in mass murder. The Reagan – Bush administration tried to suppress the finding that cannabis is effective against cancer. You can look it up. Of course the Democrats did nothing when they had a chance.

    Cannabis cures cancer. Cancer kills 586,000 Americans every year. Every Prohibitionist is complicit in mass murder.

    Pass it on.


  26. That’s almost better news than legalization. Prohibition or not, I’ve never had trouble finding weed, and I’ve never been arrested. Even my interactions with police have been mellow; I’ve been caught burning a few times, but I’ve just been warned and told to move along–they’ve never even taken my stash (guess what color my skin is). But I have been denied employment.

    I certified as an EMT, which required months of instruction, written and oral testing, and, most pertinently, a peer-reviewed trial period. I excelled at every step, and I was unanimously approved by the members of the ambulance crew–people who are trained to recognize impairment. Then I was called in to the hospital for an “application review”. I was aware it was coming (though sooner than I expected), so I hadn’t smoked in about a week–but I knew that wouldn’t be enough given my saturation level.

    So I tried honesty. “I can’t take that right now. I’ve used marijuana within the past month, and traces are still probably present in my urine. Give me a week, and I’ll give you a clean sample.”

    The interviewer stared blankly for a while; I don’t think she’d encountered this response. Finally, she said, “Refusal to take the test upon request is considered the same as a positive result.” Embarrassingly, I resorted to begging, asking her to please just pretend I was out of town, and reschedule. She wouldn’t, so I rolled the dice, hoping I might get lucky.

    I didn’t, and I never felt so humiliated as when I had to interrupt my stream with a little cup that I had to hand off to a lab tech. I vowed never to do that again, and I’ve since had to pass up numerous job opportunities to keep that vow.

    Perhaps the worst part was when the testing lab called me to tell me I tested positive. “Is there any reason you’re aware of that you would register a false positive?” the tester asked.

    “I don’t know,” I told him. “It’s your test–isn’t it reliable? You tell me, why would I register a false positive?”

    I knew he wasn’t going to tip that hand, but I let him stammer a bit and try to rephrase the question before I just threw him a bone to end this intrusion into my bodily fluids. “It’s not false, it’s because I smoke a shitload of pot, okay?”

    He almost sounded hurt that I stepped outside the clinical line of questioning. “That’s not what I meant, I just wanted to make sure that you were treated fairly.”

    “Then you need to go into another line of work.”

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