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Washington DC Marijuana Legalization Law Goes Into Effect Next Week


washington dc marijuanaDuring the 2014 Election, an overwhelming majority of Washington D.C. voters approved marijuana legalization. It was the most resounding marijuana legalization victory on an Election Day to date. The final tally was 70.1% ‘yes’ votes to 29.9% ‘no’ votes. The initiative provides for (21 years or older) the legal possession of up to two ounces, the cultivation of up to six plants within a person’s principal residence, transfer for no consideration of up to one ounce of marijuana, and the use of paraphernalia for the use, cultivation, or processing of marijuana.

An instance showdown occurred once the marijuana legalization initiative was approved by voters. Members of the United States Congress that opposed marijuana legalization were scrambling to try to figure out a way to block the initiative from becoming law. A provision in the most recent federal spending bill sought to block the initiative, but poor wording led to that attempt being thwarted. The DC Council then put the ball in Congress’ court by sending to Congress the Initiative for a congressional review period, which has a deadline. If Congress fails to act, which it appears that they won’t, marijuana legalization will take effect in Washington D.C. after February 26th.

If that proves to be the case, we will see legal marijuana being grown, consumed, and transferred for no consideration in our nation’s capital. That is still hard for me to fit my head around, but it’s a fact that I happily look forward to. I have never been to Washington D.C. before, but if I know I can get my hands on some marijuana there (for no consideration of course!), I’d be much more likely to visit soon.

There is still the issue of legal marijuana sales in stores. The marijuana legalization initiative only provided for the possession and cultivation of marijuana. Any provisions for taxing and selling marijuana, or anything in D.C. for that matter, has to be approved by Congress. I don’t picture Congress willingly doing that right now, but I think that seeing how much marijuana is flowing through D.C. once everyone starts harvesting could change that for some federal politicians. Hopefully they realize that it would be better to bring some of that marijuana into a system where taxes can be collected, rather than just sticking their heads in the sand and acting like the ‘marijuana fad’ will go away.


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  1. Hold congress accountable for that. They are only blocking legal and regulated sale. If they leave it open, they benefit none at all. No new taxes, nothing. They won’t be that dumb. Turn DC into a legal open air market? That’s so worse than what they’re actually trying to block, they couldn’t be that stupid (yes I know we’re talking about the arguably stupidest congress ever). If they do its strategic.

  2. They’re all cokefiends and pill popping drunks now anyway. That’s why they’re not pro green. Plus they make money on shit that results from weed being illegal. As we talk about inner city black males being more likely to have a criminal record before a high school diploma, as one myself, let me tell you, the greatest majority of those are simple weed possession. Most times not even $20.00 worth in a group of 4-6 boys. If you’re white, the cops either took your weed and sent you home, or took you home on some,”boys will be boys” shit, gave you the weed back and told you stay out of sight with it. That’s the first barrier a lot of us throw on ourselves before we even realize that some teenaged fun were likely to grow out of can have lifelong effects. That’s the part I think they hate the most, they can’t completely monopolize the market with cannabis, all you need is one purchase or procurement of seeds and you’re set, as well as largely eliminating and at very least weakening, the prison industrial plantation systems main citizen conversion mechanism for slave recruitment.

  3. If we kick legislators out of office on the basis of failed drug tests, we’re left with the world’s most powerful nation being led by hundreds of people who don’t smoke pot. That’s a terrifying thought.

  4. We need to piss test and FIRE all legislators who have dirty ua’s, just like THEY do to the Mil

  5. I suspect the first arrests under the new law will become the test cases in court as to whether the law stands or congress really did block it. I don’t think that’s been established in court yet.

  6. Of course we have to keep taxes on cannabis in check if we seek to get rid of the black market. Thats an important point i think. All the states that have legalized have introduced tax schemes that are way to high. If anything they support the black market. More people realize that weed is good alternative to alcohol. they will soon realize that they can get in for much cheaper on the black market.

  7. This mean nothing, until the law is actually in effect ,we will not know anything. This report is just junk. After the fact are in , you still have to wait for congress to respond to the challenge from the DC counsel .I believe congress will block the will of the people just to show that they can oppose the president .

  8. A nice step forward, but the black markets continues to be the sole controller of moneys exchanged with this law. That does not bode well for those of us who wish to keep weed out of children’s hands, verify quality, and increase local tax revenue.
    However, any win is a good win, right now.

  9. We are the United States what are we united under if it’s not the law??? How can it be legal in 1 or 2-3 states and not across the board in all states??? Js

  10. This will be HUGE for the overall legalization nationwide ….. Question will be asked:

    How come OK in our Nation’s Capital but not the rest of the USA, why it that?

    No matter what the political process was the question remains:

    Why OK in DC but not here, why is that, I don’t get it, why DC and not here, why?

    Let’s see what kind of answer the Silly Rabbits have now!

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